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  1. Right now the Beta is crap on the PS4. Matchmaking is broken. You might get a game in then it will kick you from the squad you just played with saying "your squad is already in a game" or just get right out dc from matchmaking. From the times I get a game in its really fun but I hope they add a bit more randomness in the stage. It gets kinda repetitive but I saw a recent video and there are some other operators that could change the way the game plays out. So thats something to look forward to. As for the story I really prefer no story over a half assed story tbh. Lets be honest the last Rainbow Stories weren't that great. Plus no one started to cry when TF2 had no story. People are just crying crocodile tears
  2. From watching Critical Roll and Titansgrave some of the TLDR tips for GMing were You don't have to go all crazy and make a world. Unless you want to. If you hit a wall check out a premade campaign book and tweak it to your liking. Let the players know what type of game it is. If its a story driven game or is it a Diablo Dungeon crawling game. Also let them know if you are gonna turn it into a GM VS Players. Let the players tell the story they want. If anything Guide them to where you want them to go but allow them to have options. Have Fun. If the players and gm are having fun even if the story falls apart or dumb things happen. I wont matter too much if both parties are just enjoying themselves .
  3. Better off playing the old MGS games. As good as this game is it really didn't do justice to the MGS type of game. Lack of Good boss battles and a "Mad Max Fury Road" snake with his grunts and 2-4 words.
  4. Toxic players are always around in any rank. You need to Bite the bullet if you are under diamond. Elo hell is a thing people think they can escape from just by leaving bronze but no. I have ran into games where I'm ahead but the mid and jungler are feeding and giving up 10 mins into the game and Im in S1 playing with Golds. All you can do is mute and just farm and try to pull ahead but if you team keeps getting stomp nothing you can do. Bad games happen even if you try hella hard.
  5. Played it for a bit. It didn't catch my attention.
  6. I looked around online. I watched a Few videos, looked up reviews, etc I don't want to go too crazy but I do know that I need a pallet or something to mix on. Around 2-4 brushes Spray can of primer xacto knife for cleaning extra Some generic models to practice? Just finding the right set of paints is was trips me up I still haven't found a nice tip on what I should start with. Should I get like a starter pack from the "Main 4" paints or like mixed and Match ( Gonna focus on a Fantasy Setting and not Modern Military stuff
  7. Long run a 3ds will be a better choice. The WiiU has its gems but most of the time it will just be sitting there.
  8. I think I'm looking forward to this then other games. I love to see new IPs come out. Sure I'm excited for MGS5, Ghost Recon, Fallout, etc but most developers are scared to get out of their comfort zone
  9. The thing I didn't like from his kit is that Untargetable ult. I really dislike skills you cant do nothing against. Not sure why riot loves making these types of skills.
  10. Didn't people point out that the doll bleeds the same type of blood like the alien people. The connection can happen since you have to be "Insane"(insight) for her to move around.
  11. So sky dive to bronze. Hella matches lol
  12. I'm hella confused with the odd meta of people rushing to the DDD entrance and fighting. I see it as a waste of time. If you get no kill or anything you lose out on farm or bot jungle creep (top jungle creep) which gives you a level once finished. Even if you do get a kill by the time you get back from there the opponent has re spawned and farmed, closing the lead you had.
  13. Honestly I'm for it with the unknown actors. Not a big fan of the dick riding "A-list" actors.
  14. I just find it odd that somehow some of those girls always have a soft "lily" voice and a camera thats high up. One thing I really don't respect is the people who drop tons of cash on these streamers. Like man come on.