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  1. I liked it a lot, the story and the world are interesting, there's a lot of skills and classes and you can change your class if you get bored. The combat is awesome, kinda like God Of War or stuff like that. On the bad side, the side quests are mostly boring, but there's some that are decent and the monsters are kind of repetitive after a while.
  2. That's not true, you can still buy cars by winning in-game money (like in all other GT games), buying cars with rel money is only an option for people who wants to get the cars faster.
  3. Even if I started playing way back in 1984 with the Mattel Intellivision, for me the best console ever was the SNES for sure, games started to look like the arcades, it had the first joypad with 6 buttons, 2 of which were the first shoulder buttons ever made and it had awesome games, still worth playing nowadays like super mario world, super metroid, zelda a link to the past, final fantasy III (VI) and many more.
  4. can you win credits by winning races or are you forced to pay real money for the cars? If you are forced to pay is just bullshit. If you can still get credits by winning races it's pretty much like all the other GT and Forza games, where you had to win dozens of races before winning a car, so the option to buy it would be a choice.
  5. no, not achievements, I talk about the 100% game prgression in single player, for doing that you need access to you fleet, but you can't access it unless you access your xbox live account, which I don't have because I never connected my xbox to the internet and I can't do it since my router is way far from it and it does not have the wireless adapter since it's the ol model and only has the LAN cable connection.
  6. I don't know about belgium, but here in italy it was like 200€ cheaper than a PS3 when it came out and still a good console. The problem here is not about the console but the game, because I guess it does the same thing on PS3, it requires an internet connection to complete stuff on single player, which honestly doesn't makes sense to me.
  7. the detective mode investigtions are relly improved, compared to arkham city, I really liked them, the parts when you rewind looking for objects that fell somewhere are pretty cool.
  8. well, I liked it, there's time when you just want more of the same.
  9. it's a great game, but a lot of people got mad because they gave Samus a voice and a character, and they both suck. If you can get over the poor story, it's a very good metroid game.
  10. too bad I can't connect to download whatever I need to get rid of it pretty much they got rid of it only for people who can go online anyway, so it doesn't help single players like me who can't connect their console to the internet
  11. Last time I played with my PS2 was 2 months ago, Dragon Quest VIII, awesome.
  12. well, in the end it went pretty good, I brought AC4 back to the store where a friend of mine works, and since he was about to buy it for himself he took mine and gave me a brand new copy of batman arkham origins. This doesn't change the fact that developers are shitting all over single players.
  13. thet's not a Microsoft problem in my opinion, it's the Ubisoft developers who decided to put online some stuff needed to complete the the signle player campaign, it's just some assholes decision in my opinion, the only achievement they will get from me is that I won't buy any more Ubisoft titles, unless I find out first if I can finish them. Also in the box it doesn't say anywhere that an internet connection is REQUIRED to complete the single player campaign, so I'm gonna ask for a refund as well.
  14. skyrm, red dead redemptiom, gta v, tekken tag 2, forza motorsport 4 on the Xbox360 super mario galaxy 1 & 2, super smash bros, metroid prime 3, zelda skyward sword, house of the dead overkill on the Wii