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    Games duh! but movies and tv shows are a close second.
  1. Can't wait, I have been playing GOW since the beginning with my father and we both love the series but I can only hope for this next one to be GREAT!
  2. You are right in pointing out these flaws and I agree but everything in between is what really makes this game a 9/10. The short list of cons is unbelievably destroyed by the abundance pros and that's how several of us feel including AJ & OJ because the game really does captivate the player into this amazing world. As a side note, it seems to me that you have not played and or finished the game and if that's true you really need to enjoy this amazing game and YES it does hold up to other games such as Skyrim!
  3. Best part was AJ in the zelda costume
  4. sounds cool
  5. Wow this looks cool i'll need to try this out since the only thing holding me back from playing was how old it was.
  6. I totally agree and don't forget the games we have no idea about! Plus E3 should have a few surprises for us in 2017 but I really hope we can get a few gems this year that blow us and the game industry away.
  7. If 2017 starts off this great I hope it will sustain itself all year! Let's just hope it doesn't disappoint us in the end 👍
  8. Welcome! That is the hard truth and it's perfectly fine because I and many others would love to hear your views and relate to them Just don't expect Joe to do the same but you seem to want to engage in discussion with the whole community so more power to ya!
  9. Exactly and it seems it just might reincarnate itself.
  10. Joe is filling up his channel with what he enjoys and I don't think he should stop what he loves but he needs to remember that his community wants something else. Not to say that he has not already compromised with us in the form of the new schedule even if we don't want some of the content, in fact I really enjoy the movie reviews and other content that seems to be bashed right now but I think he needs to slow down on the movie reviews and reactions and cut out all these "side" videos that are taking up wayyyy too much of his time in my opinion. Wasting time for example would be videos such as "Injustice 2 Story - AJ Reaction & Roster/Gear Analysis"(22 min), "Angry Joe Plays Star Wars Force Arena"(20 min) are both amazing enjoyable videos that take up time that could be used on more key videos on the channel. I want to make it clear that I don't wish for any of these videos to stop being produced but it would be nice to see them less on the channel in order to keep our focus on what we love AND what joe really wants his channel to be and that's all up to him but it needs to be a total compromise. To conclude for anyone reading this my solution to this "content problem" is to focus more on your game reviews, give them more time and meet your goals of 2 reviews a month maybe more if you can slow way down on all the other content, although more focus on movie reviews is fine BUT Joe really needs to decide if he wants to become a game/movie review channel (and i'm ok with that) or focus on his game reviews and have everything else be a smaller part of the channel. This way we don't see a feed of reactions and 1 or 2 game reviews/movie reviews and a ton of reactions, instead we would love to see mostly game/movie reviews and the reactions to fill the gaps. One final comment to wrap this up and that is that honestly at the end of the day I really don't care if the channel stays as it is because I truly love joe and the channel and will always stand behind what he puts out for us because everything he makes is great 95% of the time (nothing is perfect) and that is what it means to be a true fan. (please take this as my opinion feel free to disagree or agree with me)