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  1. ARK

    It sounds like you're trying to inform interested parties of your server. This isn't the right location for this so I will go ahead and move it to where it will get more exposure.
  2. I do respect your passion for Brawlhalla, as it is a solid game. This section is for making official requests for the AJSA to support games for internal events and such. Obviously anyone can play anything they want but in cases like this we would make a month long event structure with the EF, which is upto that team, or create a community channel for those interested in playing the game in their free time. Otherwise, this is more of a general forum post for information purposes. Thank you for your time put into this and I do hope you find people interested in checking it out to play with. I will move this post later this week.
  3. If you would like to make an request for us to dive into Warframe as a game supported with events and such I am all for it. If you goto the main request page you can find the requirements and an example post of what we require as our minimum to move forward. We've had a few Warframe attempts through this process that have burned out rather quickly so while we won't stop anyone from wanting to play Warframe we will be a bit more cautious in how it is handled. Regardless, once you create the required post we will move forward.
  4. league of legends

    Moving this to complete. Points are quoted for further inspection.
  5. league of legends

    Tons0fun will be the Point of Contact going forward however you can still contact me regarding any issues. I will leave this here for another week while the various points of support have been applied and to allow for any further comment. Have fun!
  6. Once you reach the appropriate rank within our community you may resubmit this at your leisure. I am closing this thread and archiving it.
  7. Welcome to the AJSA!
  8. Welcome to the AJSA~
  9. I have several friends well involved in the Vain Glory community, pro and non. It is a solid game and the devs ARE good. Fantastic post and if you gather 4 others together I will move forward with the unofficial process. One of the main issues however is that you're currently a recruit. I overlooked this earlier. You're not currently able to lead the effort to make a game official or unofficial as per our policies.
  10. https://forum.skysaga.com/t/ajsa-community-guild-is-formed/13828 The AJSA has founded a guild in Skysaga! For anyone that has access that would like to join in feel free to leave a message either at the link above or here. While there are few active features yet for guilds we're definitely supporting this game. This isn't a game in our official process as it is still in development. However, I believe the dev team for Skysaga should be commended for their incredibly stable builds. In order to get access you need to register on their site and await you Alpha access. Here. I will leave below the Skysaga youtube link so that you may view a few things about this game and perhaps see if its something that interests you. https://www.youtube.com/user/SkySagaOfficial ------------------------------------------------------ I will be updating this post over time as more information becomes available.
  11. Enjoy your stay and welcome to our community.
  12. This is the wrong section for this, moving it to off-topic.
  13. Another thing is that ESL has a specific rule against sponsors belonging to the pornographic industry as they want to promote a certain image. Bud Light is not a pornographic entity. This is a non-comparison.
  14. This game is currently in the process for unofficial at this time. I will be moving this thread to completed.
  15. There hasn't been any traffic here since February so I will proceed to close this thread and move it to completed. If at a future date you would like to resubmit this game feel free to do so as a new thread.