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  1. So basically, there won't be an Angry Army clan in AW. Damn
  2. So after long thinking and pondering my options I've decided to purchase the XBOX One (Specifically: The COD: AW Bundle) and I've already set up my XBOX Live so here is the gamer tag Angry Army: SXE4REVer. Add me guys/gals!
  3. I like the idea of Hero Customization, I would like to give it a shot (if my PC can handle it)
  4. Just created my Path of Exile account so I'm still sort of green. But here is my name I used: WarriorDante
  5. Haha convincing! I'm not abandoning the PC MasterRace. I'll be using my home PC for gaming and I'll save up to get a high quality desktop, built or pre-made.
  6. This is going to be epic!
  7. So it's come to my attention my incoming $ may not be what I expect it to be. Might have to "settle" with using my home computer (hope its powerful enough) and I will be getting a PS4 instead. Long term, I will save up to purchase a PC myself. Sorry PC MasterRace members
  8. I'm finishing the tutorial right now but my SMITE name is GetsugaTX. Add me
  9. Emperor's Crest for sure!
  10. Man I apologize for starting such hostility with you guys it wasn't my intention. Also I believe someone regarded why I didn't put WII or the 3DS on my poll. My defense I don't care for the WII too much and I plan on getting a hand held console (3DS) after I acquire a main system. So guys that's it for me, I thank everybody who took the time to vote and reply, I appreciate it immensely
  11. Haha thanks Officer Okito, I suppose by your levels of "yay" deluxe is only better for the golem but its temporary, I'll go with the Heroic then Thanks guys
  12. So, Angry Army, as I'm sure you guys/gals are aware there is this special going on Guild Wars 2 which is a 50% off on the Heroic & Deluxe editions of the game, albeit I don't have a PC yet but I do plan on it I reaaaally want to purchase GW2 before the special expires. Do you guys think I should go with either the Heroic or Deluxe version? Either one is fine with me
  13. Wow 24 votes for PC....well I can say what is recommended by the Angry Army haha...all right, I'd better start teaching myself how to build a PC
  14. Oh wow thanks Cap....See I'm so new to this I don't know what I'm getting myself into. Plus, I've never quite BUILT anything in my life so a tad bit anxious about the whole process
  15. PSN on my PlayStation 3 is down right, can ya believe it Can't watch my Netflix in peace. Do any of y'all recommend a purchase of Alienware X51 with 8GB for $899? I'm really starting to side with PC here