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  1. Hello, I'm looking for any willing to trade a Froakie or its evolutions with the Protean ability, if there are any who do have a free one, please let me know what you want for one.
  2. Has anyone watched MMO Grinder by ChaosD1? Any opinions on this Free2Play MMO Review show?
  3. Well, what do you think of him now?
  4. So I'm stating this up to gather AJSA opinions on Robin (Tim Drake) as a melee support for Infinite Crisis, so give me your thoughts, opinions, and anything else about him, his kit, and how he well you think he is in the game.
  5. That's pretty darn cool! Have they said whether it's F2P or not?
  6. So far Cyborg is the only is the only pure Attack Marksman, but Mecha WW /does/ look good. I'm just hoping they make more pure Attack ADCs soon, like Deadshot or Green Arrow.
  7. I'd like a pure Attack Marksman, or better yet...SUPERMAN, get to work Turbine....
  8. What do you think of her kit though? It seems like they want another Hybrid ADC, which I'm not a big fan of.
  9. Just starting this to get a general idea of how people feel about individual champions of the game, first off is Mecha Wonder Woman, the first Crisis champ released from the Mecha Universe. So let the community know how you feel about her, her lore, in-game abilities, and how you think she'll play.
  10. I think Kingdoms has the potential to beat Fable at it's own game, we just need a dev to polish and add good features, like perhaps meaningful multiplayer and a combo system for weapons and spells. Just a few thing I think would be cool for it.
  11. Needs more guns.
  12. I might if I can find a dependable party.
  13. Also I do like the VERY short load times.
  14. PS, my name here is my name there too if I forgot to say.
  15. Oh! Forgot to say that my name here is the same on Dawngate if you want to add me.