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  1. As far as PS2 goes, I haven't heard any more new rumors, but the game was supposed to be slated for release alongside the PS4, so how could it possibly take them this much extra time to fix the game? I understand that they really want it to be a finished product, and I respect that, (as well as think I the better thing to do) but it feels to me like they just tried to announce it as coming out alongside the PS4 to sell more consoles. Which I can not respect. I just want the dang game already :'(
  2. Welcome to the Angry Army! I know what you mean I've always tried my best to be good at the games that I play, but sometimes I just can't do it. We're all just waiting for that one game we can me magically amazing at Some already have, but for me... Well, here's to paddling the same boat, I hope to one day meet you on the battlefield! We'll beast it up!
  3. Welcome to the Angry Army! I just joined yesterday, but from what I've seen so far, the Angry Army is just the place you and I are looking for Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  4. Joe just posted a video up on his YouTube channel a couple days back explaining all the basics about Planetside 2, I only started playing it a couple days ago myself, and I found the video to be extremely informative I do have to warn you, it's just over an hour long, so be ready! Welcome to the Angry Army!
  5. Welcome to the Angry Army! I myself haven't participated in any events, (just joined yesterday) but I plan on doing so in the future. I have an above average understanding of the English language, and would be more than happy to help you out! I myself am trying to learn Spanish right now Hope to one day see you in TeamSpeak!
  6. Well, looks like you are Welcome to the Angry Army!
  7. SwordOfTheMasons Reporting in! I'll be playing the absolute hell out of both Destiny and Planetside 2! I am a pretty proficient player, and prefer to play supporting roles. I dedicate myself to being good at whatever it is I do, I don't really care what class I play, whatever the Angry Army needs I guess I look forward to playing with a great many of the amazing community members on this site! I'm also a pretty decent sniper, so if the need should ever arise, I'll be able to pick 'em off at long range
  8. Just want to say thank you for your service, also that you have a pretty impressive background
  9. Hello out there Angry Community! I recently received a PC and am starting PC gaming, I've been a gamer for several years now, and now that I finally get to play on PC I figured it'd be a great time to enter a community of like minded gamers. (especially one as awesome as this one!) I dedicate myself to being good at every game I play, and I plan on continuing to get better. I look forward to meeting fellow Angry folks out there on the field!