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  1. Hey guys last night I made a Teamspeak Theme for Ajsa for those that are tired of seeing the defaut looks of teamspeak. Screenshot: Download: https://www.copy.com/s/AweMmEQitN0N/Ajsa Instructions 1.Download and open the zip file 2.Put the "AJSA" folder and "Ajsa.qss" file in C:\Users\COMPUTERNAME\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.Restart Teamspeak 4.Start Teamspeak go to settings<options<design<theme<AJSA 5. Enjoy
  2. you can change the display name by going to My settings then going to display name. it will change the display name but not the login name.
  3. it is up to you if you want to make a name right now or not. We just don't want any vulgar names in the guild.
  4. http://www.jamellahouse.com I found this while browsing the archeage subreddit and thought you guys might enjoy planning out your class and armor while we are waiting for headstart/launch.
  5. yeah eastern faction and it will be the third server if they happen to change the name of the server on launch.
  6. Archeage Guild Organization Charter Guild Leader: commanderbeef Commander: (AJSA Forum Officer Rank)moVefuzzypanda Officer: (AJSA Forum Sergeant Rank) kodanBanditcorpskullheadmermenDanFaction:Haranya(East)(keep names clean) Server: Kyrios(3rd Server) Housing:We have houses in several locations. Right now the largest clump is in Archeum Iris General Rules:1.No stealing from guild members. 2.No killing or putting hits on guild members unless they broke the law or it is mutual 3.During combat, No vulgar speaking about the enemy or your other guild members. 4. We are not a pirate guild so no TKs or harassing other friendly guilds. Lets keep the AJSA name clean guys.Future Goals: PvE Become a Merchant/Trade/Merc Guild Edit by MoVe: To get into the guild:1. Login to Kyrios2. Whisper to an officer (example:/w Move Hey I'm dying tog get into the guild) We can not invite offline characters, so there is no point leaving your nickname in this post.