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Everything posted by Mad_Keith

  1. Good stuff, I'm to big of a wimp to play this stuff for myself and figure it out on my own.
  2. The Eye Divine Cybemancy Marvel Heroes Wasteland 2 Contra 3 the Alien Wars Fallout Tactics Contra 4 for the DS
  3. I'm in if you want also give me a Shotgun if you can I'll probably wont last long though.
  4. What do expect, people are still homophobes... I'm not gonna say why though because it would probably start a flame war, but I will say this people like that will die off eventually. Time and Time again as the ages shown that the earth isn't flat, and their are no witches to burn. It not in the slightest gonna surprise me that people will stop caring about Gay Relationship then probably move on to saying eating chocolate is a sin or something.
  5. Never tried that never new you could go cross region either.
  6. Well feel free to friend me I'm on often currently leveling Captain America.
  7. I personally love the game but my supergroup is sorta inactive so I feel like friending a few players here I have a level 60 Hawkeye and a level 60 green prestige Punisher that can do Cosmics and One Shots not sure about raids though. My IGN is MadKeith
  8. Oops forgot the servers weren't merge together like in path of exile sorry about that. :/
  9. If PC my BT is MadKeith#1162 feel free to friend me.
  10. Been stuck on that building Archwing mission forever now I'm trying to grind levels so it can be slightly easier, though it does look awesome though.
  11. Glad it coming to states it been a while since I had a good old fashion monster beat down.
  12. Just out of Curiosity how many people here have been getting errors when playing Smash I get it on occasion even after I routed my DMZ and open up all my ports.
  13. Steam, all hail Gabe Newall are lord and savior.
  14. Wow that cheap I'll be sure to pick one up later this holiday.
  15. I would love to Join but I'm already in a Guild sadly and I feel Obligated to stick around that guild since it has been kind and courteous to me but if your up to friending me my IGN: ShotgunRogue.
  16. I mostly play Bow Marauder.
  17. Yeah because apparently (Everything Offensive Now), man whatever happen to freedom of speech this just make me sad... As a Kid I was taught words don't hurt and overtime I learn everyone can use a little criticism no matter how good or stupid it is (it gives you a laugh at least).
  18. Well this is Stupid just because you disagree on someone political agenda does not mean you blacklist them or shut them up...
  19. Eh wouldn't really boycott any game company once in a while a game company puts out a diamond in all the rough and I usually don't pass that up.
  20. I Just recently order a new computer so I'm going to have to wait to get my copy.
  21. Look Good to me, Hail to the King.
  22. Pigeon Hype? still seen weirder though.
  23. 3 words Pay to Win, just saying I really hope it isn't though, being a lover of D2, D3, and Path of Exile
  24. I haven't been screw over too often by EA, Ubisoft, or Activision, but I have been screw over pretty often by Capcom...
  25. From the looks of it so far it seems very lengthy the story also seem to be improve greatly and the difficulty has been amp up I say the answer is probably yes.