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  1. This poll is missing an option. For some people playing for stats is playing for fun.
  2. Used to have Dark Souls on Xbox 360, thinking about getting it again. I have Dark Souls on Steam. Never played Demon Souls. I plan of maybe getting Dark Souls 2.
  3. Not sure how overlooked it may be but I hardly if ever hear or see anything dealing with Kingdoms of Alamur: Rekoning.
  4. I find it funny how console players have to buy a disc to play this and it won't require Xcom: Enemy Unknown but on PC it requires Xcom: Enemy Unknown at least through Steam. Oh well it'll be fun anyways.
  5. Favorite game on the Xbox V1? I'd have to say Either Brute Force or Halo 2. Hard choice, I can't really pick between the two. Then Hunter the Reckoning was a fun game as well so that'd be after those two.
  6. Yea the comments overhaul seems kind of annoying.