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  1. Thnx
  2. I'm in! Just bought the game yesterday.
  3. Nice! About time it should have happened! AJSA will fight For Honor! Count me in!
  4. Hey Foxheart, I was looking for AJSA members a year ago or so. But to no avail. Good to hear from fellow AJSA. Glad to come back and hang out with fellow AJSA member. My GT is TimurPanzer.
  5. networking

    Gamertag: TImurPanzer Games I like to play: Destiny, Paladins, Rainbow 6: Siege, Halo Wars 2, Division, Dead By Daylight, For Honor, Injustice 2, CoD BO3 Zombies, World of Tanks, Battlefield 1 etc. Time zone: Eastern European Time UTC +02:00 Open to suggestions
  6. Hey there, For me both apps working just fine. Beam looks more neat and userfriendly, but I usually stream on Twitch. Me and my brothers have a channel there. It would be nice if they could make stream through Beam to Twitch also. And yeah snap an app loss was a bummer.
  7. Had the same issue. Was the only one roaming the Dojo. Invested some time and money in that game, but... it is lonely to play alone. If somebody is down for it I would download it again.
  8. Well... I played it through the weekend, but. Didn't see much in the MMO part of it.(if any exists) As for the gameplay it is quiet good for such fanboy of Star Trek as myself. It emerges you in the atmosphere of the universe. Jolan tru! Long live The New Romulan Republic!
  9. Forum Handle GamertagTimkax2k TimurPanzer
  10. Looking forward to it!
  11. Hey there AJSA members! Me and my brothers(LethalKakkarot) created a channel recently to stream all kinds of games on XB1/PS4/PC on diffrent time frames(still to decide the schedule). Here is the channel itself: http://www.twitch.tv/brothersplayin We will try to have a daily coverage of the channel as there are 3 of us )) We are having an idea of having a poll for deciding on the game of the week during the weekend before. Also thinking to have some lottery going with some kind of award system in place to keep people motivated. By the way if someone can help us out to give some best practices or Tips&Tricks on the layout, Streaming software etc. we will appreciate this indefinately.
  12. Always up for a SIEGE!!! Add me
  13. Got it through pre-order. Hate lottery. Always loosing
  14. Wow interesting. I mean that sucks that you got banned. But I didn't know that it can be done. How is it in a procedural way to ban the players who harass, ruin the gameplay on purpose and violate the code of ethics? My keyboard will get very hot if I will start filing those to Microsoft Not mentioning racism I am getting from time to time.
  15. Well Joe's video was decisive for me. I pre ordered Will try to keep hopes low as advised ))