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  1. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Doshka17 in Please welcome your new Xbox One Commander, RuneX!   
    Just over one year ago, myself and a few others gathered together for a singular purpose. To take the scattered gamertags within the AJSA and unite them under the Angry Joe banner so that they may find each other to enjoy video games together. Since our initial success in acquiring Official Status, the Xbox One Community has grown in ways we never predicted. Soon it became impossible for me to manage on my own, and thus the Xbox One Staff came to be. 
    With the ranks filled by chosen gamers in the community, the Staff has worked tirelessly to provide as many experiences as possible for the AJSA to unite and conquer across many titles on our platform. 
    It has been a roller-coaster ride of success and not-so-success, many ideas we pushed proved to be positive learning experiences on how we as the leaders of this community could do better. 
    And today I am sadly announcing that, due to developments IRL for myself, I am no longer able to give the time and dedication needed to provide the community with the leadership it deserves. I am stepping down as the Xbox One Community Commander. In my place, I would ask that you all welcome RuneX as he steps up to fill the role I have had the privilege to receive. He has my complete confidence in the ability to grow the community further.
    It has been an honor to serve the community in this role, and I look forward to seeing how far it will continue to go. 
  2. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Vault of Glass Raid Night [XBOX] - Nov. 9th, 2018   
    AJSA Xbox One - Destiny Raid Night - Vault of Glass 

    To observe and celebrate the 5th Year Anniversary of the AJSA Gaming Community, the 'Angry Guardians' are returning to the front lines once more to defeat an old foe. Together we will be entering the Vault of Glass with the goal of finding and eliminating Atheon, Time's Conflux to stop the Vex from taking over time as we know it. Our Raid Night and journey back into the Vault will begin at 7:30pm EST on Friday November 9th in this explosive trip down memory lane.
    Early attendance is encouraged as space in each raid group is limited. Please note that Raid groups are limited to six players. None of the Destiny Expansions are required to participate and no particular Light Level is required to do the raid. There will also be a sign up post in the AJSA Club for those who wish to register in advance. Please look under the 'Multiplayer' section of the Club to find it.
    The Vault of Glass Raid difficulty will be set to ‘Normal’. This will ensure a relaxed and fun Raid experience. Coordination will still be important and participants must be ready to listen to instructions by the hosts in attempting to complete the Raid. We expect the Raid to take up to at least 60 to 90 minutes to complete.
    Event Summary
    Start Times:
    Universal Time Coordinated
    12:30 AM UTC
    North America Times
    7:30 PM ET
    6:30 PM CT
    5:30 PM MT
    4:30 PM PT
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    12:30 AM GMT
    Host: MasterfulJoe [Gamertag: MasterfulJoe101]
  3. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in AJSA Code of Conduct   
    The AJSA Community was created as a way to organize and bring together both fans of Joe and those who are looking for a community. We want this community to be a friendly and welcoming place for anyone who wants to play and talk about games, ideally in a positive and/or constructive way. It is not a problem if you do not watch Joe's content, we will still be happy to have you as a member. Currently, the AJSA consists of this website, the AJSA Discord, Youtube channel, Twitter, Subreddit, Twitch channel, official clans and groups in a variety of PC games, and our active PS4 and Xbox One communities.
    If you have just joined, after reading the Code of Conduct check the New Member's Guide to see how to get involved with the community.
    Due to laws regarding the storage of information of minors and Joe's own channels being listed as being for users of 18+ years of age, we do not allow minors to join this community. This rule applies to this website, our Discord channel, and any official AJSA console or individual game groups/clans. Users wanting to participate in Twitch chat must comply with Twitch's stated age guidelines.

    In order to stay a member you must abide by the following rules, which will apply in all the previously mentioned areas, and anywhere you are representing the AJSA. Members will be expected to maintain a mature and respectful attitude as your behavior fosters our reputation.
    Harassment and Discrimination
    The AJSA will not tolerate any form of discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or harassment towards anyone. Members will respect others of any race, sexuality, gender identity and expression, nationality, religion, age, gaming ability, and community rank and will refrain from insulting anyone as having physical disabilities or mental disorders. Failure to do so will lead to you either being suspended or, more often, permanently removed from the community. Offensive stereotypes and generalizations towards the communities, countries, or organizations of others will result in moderation action against you. Making unwanted or random sexual or suggestive comments towards other members will lead to moderation. Insulting comments towards marginalized professions, such as sex workers, will lead to moderation or removal. Do not share or repeat phrases, actions, icons, or memes that have been created by, co-opted by, or that are frequently associated with harassment or hate groups, doing so can lead to removal from the community. Creating or sharing content made with an intent to lead to harassment of others will lead to moderation. Creating or sharing baseless or obviously slanderous content and hit pieces will see the content removed and will likely result in moderation or removal from the community. Attempting to start fights or to use the AJSA as your own personal army to attack other communities or individuals will lead to your removal. Threatening others will lead to your removal from the community. If you are representing the AJSA (have AJSA tags or an AJSA avatar, are a ranking member of the community, a member of our Stream Team, are sharing our content or event news, or are telling people you are a member) on social media, a different forum or Discord, Youtube, Twitch, etc and you are partaking in any of the above you will face moderation or removal.
    Sharing videos or articles from people and websites who frequently engage in any of the above or that use their fans to do it for them will lead to the content being removed and moderation action against you, at the very least a warning not to post that kind of content again if there is reason to believe you were unaware. We have no desire to provide a platform for abusive people or to attract their fan-base here. In almost all cases, it is very easy to tell whose content wouldn't be allowed here due to the above paragraph. If their posted content involves frequent mentions of conspiracy theories, advocating for nationalism or war crimes, harassment and slander of others, frequent use of Chan /pol style memes, attempts at selling their audience brain enhancing pills, has an obvious focus on complaining about SJWs, snowflakes, feminism, the "gay agenda", virtue signaling, non white people being in or doing things in media, or if their social media or in person actions include the above then they are someone we don't want to provide a platform for. If you really enjoy and want to share their content then it would probably be best if you just left the community before you are inevitably removed anyway.
    If ever you are subject to personal abuse by another AJSA member in the form of a personal message you are able to add a Moderator or Admin to the conversation, this will allow them to see what was done. We encourage you to do this as we take our members being subject to abuse very seriously. If someone is harassing you on the forums or AJSA Discord report it to a moderator or admin, ideally with attached photo or video showing the conversation, do not retaliate in public.
    Attempts to create a hostile and unwelcoming environment within the community will see you removed from the community. The Angry part of the name does not need to be taken literally, we are here so people can enjoy games and to talk and learn about them, not to be overly aggressive or outraged about everything, reactionary content and fans of it are not what we are looking to amplify here.
    Disallowed Content
    Illegal Content: We do not allow the posting of illegal content. This can include linking people to places where they can pirate games, posting links to full movies, telling people where to download bios files for emulators, asking about the use of or how to acquire drugs, etc. Posting illegal content or admitting to illegal activities can lead to your removal from the community. Admitting to video game (or any other media) piracy is not allowed, apart from the legality, it could negatively affect the reputation of Joe and other community members that actively work and interact with developers and publishers. Discussing the concept of piracy and the ways that it has positively effected the industry is allowed, but the above rules apply in those discussions. Partaking in or attempting to justify your admitted use of piracy just because you thought a company selling a newly released game was mean or that their games were bad is not going to go over well with moderators or admin.
    Pornographic Content: We do not allow the posting of pornographic material, real or animated, on our forums or Discord, nor do we allow links to porn to be posted. We do not allow linking to content on a site with primarily pornographic content and advertising, even if the content that you wanted to link does not directly contain any (don't link to that funny video if it is hosted on pornhub). Discussion of sexual content in games is allowed, as is linking to something like a video game bundle deal that includes games with adult content is also allowed, just mark any such links as being NSFW (not safe for work).
    Real World Violence/Triggering Content: We do not allow posts that contain bloody or graphic real world violence or content that can be sensitive to certain viewers. Do not post anything containing real world shootings, stabbings, racist tirades, abuse, sexual harassment, assault, graphic injuries, etc. Do not post random images or videos with rapidly changing images or patterns that may trigger epileptic seizures. Warnings can vary depending on what you posted.
    Religion and Politics: Do not create threads or discussions about religion or politics. As basically everything has or can have political elements this is referring to things like starting a thread to promote a political candidate, asking who everyone is voting for or what their party is, support or rants about current officials, trying to convert people to your religion, etc. Mentioning that you are a certain religion, discussing economics of the game industry and laws effecting games, or discussing political and religions elements of a game when talking about it is allowed, so long as the rest of the rules here are being followed. Posting a disallowed thread about religion or politics will likely result in a warning but offensive statements and content aimed at an entire religion, group, or attempting to treat the morality, lived experiences of, and person-hood and existence of people as a political debate subject will fall under harassment and discrimination and will likely lead to you being removed from the community (this is not going to include things like disliking cults or saying something like the Nazis were bad). Do not put marginalized people in the position of having to defend or explain their existence, attempt to share or promote reprehensible ideas (nationalism, race realism, xenophobia, fascism, imperialism, racism, anti-feminism, eugenics, homophobia, transphobia, war crimes, genocide, white genocide or other false flag conspiracy theories, etc), or mock or trivialize historic and ongoing losses of life due to the former ideas listed.
    Advertising: We do not allow members to attempt to sell things on the forums. We have no way to verify if someone actually has a product, what condition it is in, if the seller will actually send it, if the buyer receives it, if the buyer will pay for it and not try to do a charge back, etc. Threads attempting to sell something will be removed, if you sell something in private and it doesn't work out we don't want to hear about it. Any account linking to gold farming websites for MMOs or EA Sports currency will be banned, they are also likely bots and the links should not be clicked on. Accounts that join just to promote a product, link to a survey, ask for money, or link to another community to join will be banned (there is an exception for accounts sharing video game crowd funding projects in the appropriate section of the forums). As we have a relevant forum section for crowdfunding people can use those to link to Kickstarter/Indiegogo/Fig/etc projects there. If you are someone who creates content and you have something like a Patreon, you are free to link that in your forum signature or in the community content sections of the forums along with the content that you create.
    AJSA Branding: The AJSA name and logo are part of a business and how they are used influences our reputation. They are to be used only in official AJSA groups, Discord channels, servers, wikis, merchandise, or as a clan tag for AJSA members. If an online group using the name was not created by Joe, one of the AJSA admin, or as part of an official AJSA group that has been approved of by staff and Game Officers then they are not something that we support and not something we are involved with. If a member is found to have been creating these things without our knowledge they will be told to stop and to remove the creation. Do not use the AJSA name or logo in an attempt to sell products or to show our support for things that Joe and AJSA staff were not informed about.
    Languages: We require that everyone write in English on the forums and in our Discord, both because posting in another language is unlikely to lead to many people understanding what you said and because admin and moderators need to understand what you are saying or linking people to. Obviously, we don't expect everyone to have perfect grammar and to spell everything correctly all the time, but if a post has so many mistakes that it is nonsensical it will likely be removed and on the forums the post may even be flagged as spam or automatically hidden as potential spam. If you have a gaming event where everyone speaks the same language that is not English, we have no problem with you using it.
    Alt Accounts: Alternate accounts will be banned and users who create them risk the banning of their primary accounts and any other accounts found to be associated with them. If you are having trouble with your primary account and are unable to access it please contact a moderator on the Discord or create a new account and immediately let a moderator know that you are using the new account to contact them for help. Once you have received help with your primary account and are able to access it again the secondary account will be deleted.
    Usernames and Avatars: Do not create a username or upload an avatar that breaks any of the CoC rules or includes profanity, this applies to the forums, Discord, and while playing games.
    Forum and Discord Rules
    Trolling: Treat other people with respect. Do not post flame-bait or personal attacks, attempt to derail another member's thread, or post in game or console specific threads just to complain about the gaming preferences or hardware of other members. Disagreements on games and topics are fine but we don't expect to see our members insulting people for liking different kinds of games or systems or making people feel unwelcome over their gaming preferences. Wishing harm on developers for making a game you didn't like or working at a company you don't like can lead to your removal or moderation, it not only makes us and Joe look bad and invites attitudes we wish to avoid having here and that kind of content damages the image of gaming communities in general. You can be a member of the AJSA even if you don't watch or like the content that Joe creates, but joining for the sole purpose of creating threads or going into existing ones to complain about him will see you removed from the community, this also applies to people that are doing nothing but complaining about the AJSA. Attempts at gaslighting (pretending like you didn't say something you obviously did, that your obvious intent was misunderstood, making an attempt to accuse other people of doing the thing you did, etc) either to try to cover your actions up, confuse people, or to try to get people to respond aggressively towards you will lead to moderation. Attempting to bring previous fights or grievances into new threads can lead to moderation. We don't mind some minor ribbing between members that know each other but unless moderators/admin are familiar with the people involved it can be easy to mistake it for trolling if it starts to go too far.
    Drama: Intentionally trying to cause trouble and create dissent is not allowed, problems can be privately discussed with AJSA Admin. Officers going on power trips will see them removed from a position of power. Do not create threads or make posts to publicly complain about moderation actions that were taken against you or about a post being deleted. Do not create threads to complain about another member of the community. Attempts at grandstanding by creating "goodbye threads" when something upsets you will result in your account being banned and the thread/post will be deleted. If you have a legitimate reason for leaving there is nothing wrong with letting people know, but if you try to make a spectacle of it or convince people to go with you we will help you find your way out.
    Spam: Do not bump threads just to get them to the top of the list. Do not post in discussion threads that are over a month old to bring them back from the dead (if months or years have passed and you want to talk about it again just start a new topic on the subject). Do not create chat threads (chatting can easily be done in our Discord or through private messages). Do not quote reply to massive amounts of text and images or quote chain to the point that each post starts taking up huge portions of a thread page. Do not make double posts shortly after your previous one as a form of editing or to quote and respond to multiple people, an edit button can be found at the bottom of each of your post and you can change or add to your post as needed. If you have found new information about something and some time has passed then you can make multiple posts in a row in the same thread.
    Swearing: We allow swearing within reason but try to keep it to a minimum, we have people that just want an environment where they can relax and unwind while talking about and playing games. If you create an entire post that is next to nothing but swearing, are constantly swearing in chat rooms, or are raging at a video game the community is playing and are making it difficult for other to enjoy themselves you will be asked to tone it down or you will be removed from the game. Profanity directed at other members can result in a warning.
    Thread Creation: Use the search feature to check to see if a thread with the same subject matter as the one you want to post has already been created, or at least do a quick look through the recent topics, duplicate threads are frequently created only a few posts or hours apart. Do not create threads with profanity in the title, with misleading titles, or ones with no discussion or informational value.
    Personal Information: Do not share the contents of private messages with other members, if you receive a message that is breaking the CoC, harassing you, etc let a moderator or appropriate admin know. Do not post the private information of other members, breaking either of these rules can result in moderation or removal from the AJSA.
    Discord Settings: The admin and moderator rank is clearly listed on the forums and their role clearly listed on the Discord, obvious attempting to block their private messages to you when they are attempting to warn you about recent CoC breaking behavior will likely result in your removal from the community, do not block all private messages from the AJSA channel as this will also prevent mods and admin from messaging you. If you have all messages blocked either by your own choice, a bug, or a mistake you will be asked to turn it back on in the normal chat, if you are obviously ignoring those messages you will be removed from the community.
    Impersonation: Do not attempt to impersonate another member of the community, either by creating an account with a similar name or by quoting a post and changing the text to make it look like something else was said in a way that is clearly malicious.
    Source Content: If you are posting the work of someone else please post a source if one is obviously available (don't copy and paste an entire article instead of just linking to the site or person that wrote it), attempting to pass the work of others off as your own will lead to your removal from the community.
    Etiquette: Do not participate in flame wars or post in threads that are clearly against the rules. If you see something against the CoC just report it and move on, drawing more attention to things that are clearly against the rules can lead to you getting in trouble as well. Liking posts that are clearly against the CoC may lead to you sharing the warning or punishment of the original poster. Do not post spoilers for a recently released video game or movie in the title of a thread and if you wish to discuss spoilers on our Discord use the appropriate chat room (spoilers_chat), if you are in a thread about a game or movie that won't obviously include spoilers based on the title then use the spoiler button (the eye icon in between the quote and emoticon button) so that your text is not immediately visible. When you join Discord you should have your account automatically set to move you into the AFK channel if you are in a voice channel without speaking for 10 minutes, please keep that on so that a game officer or moderator doesn't have to move you from channels if you accidentally remain in an active voice channel when you are away.
    In-Game Behavior
    Cheating and Glitching: If you are playing against human opponents the AJSA absolutely does not allow cheating, third-party tools, or glitches to be used to win games. In addition to ruining the game for others, it damages the AJSA's reputation and will result in you being removed from the community. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with doing these things in single player game or co-operative games if the other players are ok with it.
    Language/Raging: As was previously mentioned, try to keep it to a minimum. Constantly swearing to the extent that you are ruining the mood of other players or becoming hostile to others can lead to your membership or ability to participate in game events being reconsidered. Rage quitting can also lead to your membership being reconsidered. No personal attacks or offensive “shit talking” to our opposition, competitiveness is fine but keep it friendly, trying to starts fights with other people will see you removed from the game and possibly the AJSA.
    Guilds/Clans/MMOs: Many games limit the number of members that can be part of a guild (or the game's guild equivalent), therefore it might be necessary for us to remove inactive members to make room for new players. If you were removed from a guild for this reason, it is nothing against you, it is just something that needs to be done sometimes to make room for new active recruits. If you are part of a group that has these limitations and you plan to stop playing the game please let the guild leader know and leave the group to make room for new people, if you plan to return at a later date they will try to add you to the group again by replacing other inactive members.
    Leadership: Official AJSA supported games with frequent events are typically lead by Game Officers. One time events are typically run by AJSA Admin, streamers, Moderators, or Game Officers. Follow the person running the game or event's instructions, don't attempt to publicly fight with them over their decisions or the way that they are doing things. If you have a problem or ideas you want to share calmly contact the ones in charge of the game or event and work it out or contact a higher up member if you believe that they need to get involved or if the person in charge is breaking AJSA CoC. Suggestions should be welcome as we like to make sure the people we have running games are mature and capable of allowing for constructive criticism. Do not try to start fights between members, publicly complain about leadership in front of other members, or attempt to split off AJSA members into separate factions or communities, doing so will to warnings or your removal from the AJSA.
    Represent the AJSA well by playing fair and having respect for the opposition, your team, and yourself. Help new players to get used to games or to get involved in the community and work well with the people you meet that aren't part of the AJSA to give people a positive impression of us. A better reputation in games will lead to a better and more respected community that will be easier to recruit for.
    Admin and Moderation Team
    Member must respect the decisions of AJSA admin (Council and Commanders) and moderators (General, Discord, and Twitch). If you disagree with something they have said or done you can privately contact them, making your problems with them public or insulting them on the website, Discord, during game events, or within the PS4 Rooms will only add to previous punishments or cause one to be issued. You may receive a verbal warning in the form of a private message about a specific incident or trend of behavior, these verbal warnings should be respected the same as one through the warning system, to ignore a verbal warning can lead to harsher punitive action.
    Admin are able to curate the community as they see fit and reserve the right to remove people and content that, while not specifically mentioned by name in the CoC, has a history of or is currently used in a way that either breaks rules listed here, would lead to the kind of membership that we want to avoid, or that would lead to the community having a poor reputation. Not every single thing that can get a person into trouble is going to or can be explained here, nor do we expect everyone who joins us to be both extremely worldly as well as "online" enough to be aware of every single thing that may have a past or present offensive connotation to it. If something happens that isn't listed here or there are special circumstances surrounding an issue we follow the spirit of the law over the letter in attempting to foster the positive community that we want this to be. If a member is clearly acting in bad faith, obviously expressing desires to post offensive things that are against the CoC ("I'd post what I think about this game having a lesbian Muslim character but the rules say I can't get political"), or are constantly trying to "walk the line" they are certain to be removed. The natural benefit of not being a soulless immoral corporation (Youtube/Twitter/etc) is having actual people able to discern intent and modern language use and to respond to that usage accordingly.
    Appeals: There are higher up members to contact if you are having an issue with moderators or admin. If you are having a problem with the moderation team on the forums or Discord you can contact Legolas_Katarn, if you are having a problem with Xbox One staff you can contact RuneX, if you are having a problem with someone running PC events you can contact Conan, if you are having a problem with a Commander you can contact another Commander if the problem area falls under their job description or you can contact Council members DoctorEvil or Tons0fun. We are currently looking to appoint people into leadership positions on the PS4 and are taking applications. If a warning or punitive action was found to be a mistake, or was not justly issued, the punishment will be over-turned and the warning removed, if someone was found to have acted inappropriately the situation will be dealt with by whoever is in charge of that area. Acting hostile and insulting staff members during these appeals or showing no understanding of why an obvious rule is in place can lead to further actions taken against your account. Things that can lead to strong penalties against your account tend to be pretty obvious rules found in most every functional community, if your messages to us show a complete lack of self awareness, empathy, inability to understand why certain rules are in place, or some weird reactionary "debate me bro" logic then your membership will likely be reconsidered. Appeals are for mistakes or misuse of power, not for arguing against rules you don't like. Joe is not an appropriate person to file complaints with.
    The “Angry Joe” Policy
    If the sole reason for you joining this community is to “talk to”, “play with”, or “get personal time” with Joe, please DO NOT APPLY. It is possible to run into him in a game, on the website, or on the Discord, but do not be offended if he declines your friend request, game invite, etc. @ing Joe on the Discord will not get a message through to him. If Joe does join the community for an event, please conduct yourself in a civil and respectful way when interacting with him.
  4. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by O0PP34 in 7 months....   
    Cant believe its been 7 months in the AJSA Xbox one Community. 
    its been a crazy 7 months, too bad work has me less active in the group but 
    when I am able to play its AMAZING. 
    Thanks everyone for being so friendly these 7 months, On to a year next!
    and this kinda sounds like a goodbye post weird. ( Its not )
  5. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in 7 months....   
    Thank you for being such a awesome friend and member of the community!

  6. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Angry Fleet: elite dangerous   
    Ship: Oathkeeper
    Ship Type: Anaconda
    Pilot: Foxhart
    Kills: 997
    Trade rank: 91
    Combat rank: 58
    Exploration rank: 50
    Federal Navy: Petty Officer
  7. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Angry Fleet: elite dangerous   
    This will be our forum post showing our AJSA fleet in elite. This is like our fleet roster or hall of fame if you prefer. 
    *personal accolades will now be added. Send me a message and i will add some requests (though proof is needed) and i will ad some to those who hold top ranking and such
  8. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Angry Fleet: elite dangerous   
    Ship: Cimmera
    Ship Type: Anaconda
    Pilot: MasterfulJoe101
    Kills: 548
    Trade rank: 76
    Combat rank: 45
    Exploration rank: 47
    Federal Navy: Cadet
  9. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by VolatileShoke in By The Claw Of The Lynx   
    Hey everyone!
    I'm... still not entirely sure whether or not I actually introduced myself or not yet to the site, but I am a massive fan of AngryJoe's reviews and let's plays! Not to mention soon I'll hopefully have access to a brand new gaming PC that'll let me play right along side all ya'll boys and girls!
    As a Canadian who doesn't quite win at much when it comes to gaming, I do try my damned hardest to get better to improve at every game I can from Civ to Cuphead!
  10. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Blade_H in New recruit, and happy to join   
    Hello, I'm Blade,
    I've been watching Angry Joe for a couple years now and never joined the real army and I finally decided to take it up a notch and join. I've never been apart of one of these communities before so I'm happy I decided to do Angry Joes community first. I play pc and Xbox but recently mainly pc since on Xbox I don't really have a lot of people to play games with. I never thought I would find a community with my taste in games and want to be a real community. I'm proud I am able to say I'm now fully apart from the AngryJoe Army.
    Steam: Silverblade0406       Xbox: Silverblad0406     Origin: Silverblade0407
    Yeah I know I use a lot of Silverblade its just been my thing since I was younger. Can't wait to really be apart of this community, Thanks
  11. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by O0PP34 in Kinda late for this, but why not.   
    Hey everyone, i've been in the club for around 5 months now, and just haven't posted this yet.
    Ive been playing with RuneX, melon, dylmah for about the same time, aswell as many other amazing people. I really enjoy playing and participating
    in the Game nights and Events ( Xbox one ). Everyone is so friendly and willing to lend a helping hand in this community ive noticed. Ive been a part 
    of a couple other gaming communities, but never one this friendly. Thats all I really wanted to say, to come on
    and introduce my self, If you are ever reading this and have Xbox one 
    and need help with anything im always on
  12. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Askari2017 in Total War Games?   
    Empire TW is my favorite in terms of settings (I'm a big fan of post renaissance history), although I think they stripped off all the good meat in the game and left us with a pile of bones. Medieval 2 and Attila are my 2 favorite games in terms of features (I really liked Medieval's RPG-like settlement building and its POW system, but like all early TW faction variety and diplomacy was lackluster. I think Attila made some great improvements in the family politics and campaign special effects features among other things, but the warscape engine is just slaughtering the fun out of battles).
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    MasterfulJoe101 but people mostly call me Joe
    I tend to play a lot of Destiny, GTA, Overwatch and most other big FPS games
    Oh, and The Witcher 3, totally Witcher 3
    I live in the eastern time zone and I'm up to play with people almost any time I'm on
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    Welcome aboard Moar Roar! Hope you make it out to an event sometime and meet the crew! Maybe we can get in a few PUBG games sometime too! Trust me, we're a lot of fun! Cya around!
  15. SickShock6 liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in New member for Xbox and PC   
    Welcome aboard Moar Roar! Hope you make it out to an event sometime and meet the crew! Maybe we can get in a few PUBG games sometime too! Trust me, we're a lot of fun! Cya around!
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    Welcome to the AJSA!
  17. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Im new and not shore what im doing   
    Hey there Crusher, welcome to the AJSA! Hope to see ya around soon! Rune'll definitely help you out with anything you could need. 
  18. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in New Recruit for the AJSA   
    Welcome to the AJSA!
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    I never played any of the ones before Empire, though I do own them. So far I've liked Shogun 2 and Warhammer the most and it had some good extra conent like the Rise and Fall of the samurai expansions. Napoleon felt like a better version of Empire but it was always easy to win due to artillery and poor AI. I played Rome 2 earlier on when their was more problems with the game, apparently a lot has been fixed and some good improvements were made but I never played it after that as I don't own the game. I've been enjoying the varied armies and units of Warhammer and I'm a fan of the setting, but the game does put a lot more importance on your generals who can potentially do massive damage to enemy armies alone, and then there is the magic, so if you want something more realistic it isn't the one to get.
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    Thanks for you're input Commander.
  21. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in is gaming dying?   
    We've had some of the best years in gaming in a row, thousands of games are released every year, genres of games that were practically dead in the earlier 2000s have come back in recent years, more people than ever are playing games, there is a wider variety of games than before and people playing them, the number of people playing and developing games continues to grow in countries and regions where it wasn't as big before (or where they didn't have as much access to it due to products not being available or language), the tools to make games have gotten easier to use and learn, games writing has improved (typically both in games themselves and people writing about them), streaming is massively popular, and Esports continues to quickly grow and to reach more mainstream audiences. As much as Youtubers and Reddit with no actual knowledge of the game industry like to have tantrums and build their entire audience and persona on constantly complaining about the same company, people, imagined enemies, or thing week after week, slightly changing the names of their videos to ask the same dull questions over and over about how everything might be ruined, it's clearly not.
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    I use Window Movies Maker. As noted, it gets the job done and is simple.
  23. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by SickShock6 in New member for Xbox and PC   
    Welcome to the AJSA Moar Rawr ! Hope to see you soon at an XB1 Event and come meet your fellow members !  Maybe sometime we can also Monster Hunter World ! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask ! 
    - Sick 
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    Hey there Crusher, welcome to the AJSA! Hope to see ya around soon! Rune'll definitely help you out with anything you could need. 
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    HEY ALL,
    I'm new to any kinds forums.  I have a passion for playing games and have been watching  AJ and OAJ since Borderlands 2 review came out. 
    I also decided to join the forum and to maybe at least get to know other gamers that also have a passion for video games as much as I do.
    I do play on the PC, mostly enjoy strategy games, RPG's, and now and then some FPS (in that order).
    I do hope at least to meet some of you and have a good time playing games!!
    Thanks for accepting me.