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  1. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Moar_Rawr in New member for Xbox and PC   
    I decided to join the AJSA to meet some new friends to play with.  I love Joe and OJ’s videos and thought the community sounded cool.  I go by Moar Rawr whenever available. I tend to play shooters on my pc and other games on my Xbox. I enjoy shooters, rpgs, and some strategy games.
    I just picked up PUBG and Monster Hunter World on Xbox so will be playing those when I get the chance.
    Hope to get to know you all soon!
  2. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Moar_Rawr in New member for Xbox and PC   
    Thanks for the warm welcome and I will try to make some of the events. We have a 7 week old baby so I’m just happy to be playing at all right now. Lol
  3. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by SickShock6 in Fighting game voting for upcoming Game Night !   
    Sorry Dragon I have the game on my PlayStation. 
  4. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Mythical in Fighting game voting for upcoming Game Night !   
    Injustice 2?
  5. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by SickShock6 in Fighting game voting for upcoming Game Night !   
    The following Poll is for an upcoming Game Night on Wednesday January 24th 2018 at 7 PM EST. On the 24th of this month Game Nights is once again having another Fight Night ! For this month members will get to vote on which fighting game from the list provided will be showcased for our Fight Night ! The voting process will end on Tuesday January 23rd 2018  at 10 AM EST !!  - Thank You !
  6. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Warframe [Xbox Clan Info]   
    After the last Warframe event, I'm still getting more messages on Xbox asking about the clan on Warframe. So here are some guidelines and rules for our clan:
    How to Join
    Simply message me and let me know you wish to join the clan, my Gamertag is "Foxhart". I will add you as a friend on Xbox and I'd recommend doing the same for me for better communication in the future. I will ask that you leave any clan you are already affiliated with as you can only join one clan at a time.
    The other thing is I ask you join the AJSA Xbox Club if you're not yet a member, this is because as a community I feel it is important to keep together and while anyone can join, I would like to keep Angry Army in the Angry Army. 
    A few other notes-
    1. If your're looking to squad up, send me a message or one of the other AJSA members.
    2. All AJSA rules and actions are applied.
    3. If you have a problem or need help come to me or one of the other members and we will do what we can to help.
    4. While clan colors aren't a requirement if you are looking to sport your ajsa pride its black, red and white. 
    5. In order to freely come and go from the dojo you need to make a clan key. It will pop up in your foundry after joining the clan and takes up to 12 hours to make.  Adversely a clan member with the key can pull you into the dojo without you owning a key yet via a squad.
    If you have any questions, send me a message.
  7. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Raid Guides   
  8. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Raid Guides   
  9. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Destiny: Vault of Glass Raid Night [Sept. 2nd, 2017]   
    Angry Army Xbox One Division - Destiny Raid Night - Vault of Glass

    Squad up with the Angry Guardians this Saturday night for our very last Destiny event and Raid Night. Let us close Destiny with a glorious bang and show of force as we gather one last time to defeat Atheon in the Vault of Glass, the original Raid of Destiny! For many, this was our first ever Raid. This Saturday, it will be our last!
    We will begin the program for the event this Saturday night [9.2.2017] at 7:00pm EST with hosts MasterfulJoe101 and RuneX.
    Early attendance is encouraged as space in each raid group is limited. None of the game's Expansions are required to participate and no particular Light Level is required to do the raid.
    The Vault of Glass Raid difficulty will be set to ‘Normal’. This will ensure a relaxed and fun Raid experience. Coordination will still be important and participants must be ready to listen to instructions by the hosts in attempting to complete the Raid.
    This will be a fun trip down memory lane. Join us as we sunset Destiny and set our sights towards the sequel. Hope you can join us this Saturday night as we exchange stories, adventures, and kick ass together!
    Any questions? Contact the hosts on Xbox Live or on the forums:
    Gamertag & Forum Handle: MasterfulJoe101
    Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya
    Forum Handle: RuneX
  10. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by SkippyMcDuck in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    My gamertag is Skippy McDuck I play overwatch rainbow six battlefield 1 mw remastered. Looking forward to cod ww2 battlefront 2 and sea of theives I'm central time zone I work nights so mostly play mornings or the weekend
  11. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by AJSA_D3M0NL0RD in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Whats up guys,
    my gamertag is DMRG D3M0NL0RD
    Games I like to play: Minecraft, Crossout, Forza 6, Skyrim,  and Battlefield 1 & 4
    Time Zone: Central
  12. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Rozsaszin in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    I haven't played it much but the gameplay and soundtrack is just amazing
  13. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Sunsetting Destiny & August 2017 Plans   
    Honoring The Past & Looking Forward

    Hey there, Angry Guardians! We’ve got some big plans in store for Destiny in the month of August leading up to the release of Destiny 2 at the beginning of September.
    August will mark the final 5 events of the Destiny 1 era. Every Tuesday night in August we’re going to have a scheduled Destiny game night. This will mark an end of an era within the Xbox One Division. We want to make sure send it out with a bang and lay a solid foundation for us leading into the sequel.
    We have a lot of awesome activities planned for the coming weeks including everything from mayhem filled Custom PvP Games to the Daunting Challenge of the Elders. And of course to compliment it all, a metric ton of loot!
    As the Angry Guardians look towards their future, we must look back and the honor the past. The AJSA Xbox One Division has a long and storied history with Destiny ranging all the way back to the game's launch in 2014.
    September 2014 to November 2014
    Our first journey into Destiny was marked by community activities like ‘Around the Galaxy in 20 Levels’ (who can become max level in the shortest amount of time?), Xbox One vs PS4 Crucible Competitions (which console teams can perform the best?), and several Raid nights which saw Angry Army squads complete the Vault of Glass.
    This phase would end before 2014 and Destiny events would cease, but Angry Guardians continued to play on. This wasn’t the end of our journey...
    October 2015 to January 2016
    The next time the Angry Army on Xbox One would head back to Destiny was around the time of the launch of Destiny’s first big MMO style expansion, ‘The Taken King’, in the Fall of 2015. The Angry Guardians would re-enter the fight to take down the Taken King himself, Oyrx.
    The events were restructured and reorganized to meet the needs of the community at the time. When we finished the fight against Oyrx, the Angry Guardians returned to their rest.
    August 2016 to Present
    During the Summer of 2016 the Xbox One Division overhauled their Destiny operations from the ground up. In preparation for the Rise of Iron expansion, the Angry Guardian clan and the event structure were reevaluated to secure long-term sustainment.
    Since we relaunched support for Destiny last year, the game has risen to be one of our flagship titles in the Division. A popular community game, members rally up each week to complete various challenges and earn gear together as a team.
    The Angry Guardians have taken on some of the hardest challenges the game has to offer. Activities such as the Weekly Nightfall Strike, Challenge of the Elders, and the Weekly Heroic Story and Strike playlists became standard at nearly every event with squads running all of these activities multiple times each night. And when an Angry Army squad goes into PvP, nobody can stand in our way.
    When the Age of Triumph came earlier this year, it began the time came to tackle the most difficult and challenging activities in the game, the Weekly Heroic Challenge Mode Raids And we conquered them too. With a combination of teamwork, coordination, and just plain shooting everything in sight we have completed every single one of the hardest activities Destiny has to offer and were rewarded with more loot than we know what to do with!
    Now with this final series of events we are finally ready to send off Destiny and begin a new chapter for our community by going straight into Destiny 2 full tilt and show Gary what happens when he blows up all our loot!
    August 2017 Plans
    To commemorate the end of Destiny 1 and the beginning of Destiny 2 at the end of the month we will be hosting a final run through of Destiny’s first Raid the Vault of Glass as a way of sending off the first game and welcoming the new. More details on specifically when we will be having this will come out later in the month but anyone will be welcome to join us and finish out Destiny 1 with a bang!
    We hope that everyone who came out to last night’s event and are coming to the other 4 events the following weeks has a great time and we hope to see you next month as well for the launch of Destiny 2.
    See you Starside, Angry Guardians.
  14. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Astro0915 in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamertag: Astro0915
    Games: Destiny, Halo, titanfall 2, Shadow of Mordor, Rocket League on occasion
    Time Zone: Central Time Zone U.S.
    I'm a friendly guy, and i am willing to play with others and help people out.
  15. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Wangle in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamertag: Cordwangle
    Time Zone: GMT
    Games; BF1, BF4, Halo, Gears, Titanfall 2, ESO, and a bit of COD/FIFA/Rocket League/Injustice 2.
    Whatever really when mates are on.
  16. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by AJSAWOOKIEJEDI in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    hey whats up everybody my gamertag is the same as it is on here AJSAWOOKIEJEDI
    i live in the eastern standard time zone
    and as for games i like to play oh boy where to begin with that im the overwatch game officer so of course overwatch gigantic is another good one umm i like alot of rpgs especially dragon age series lots of shooters and just a wide variety of others if you want to know anything else whether it be about me personally or the games i play dont hesitate to ask im always here for my angry army brothers and sisters if u ever need me ill be there
    i look forward to playing with all you guys peace out
  17. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Blurmania53 in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamertag: awakeningrager1(you can call me Rager or guy with creepy voice and creepy jokes hehe but Rager is fine) I am the Halo Game Officer.I play some RPGS like the Dragon Age Series but mostly FPS and third person shooters.
    Time Zone: CEST(+02.00 time difference in GMT.(I mostly use EST myself)
    Games I have and/mostly play are: Halo,Gears,Star Wars Battlefront,Halo Wars,Overwatch,Destiny on Xbox One.I play some games solo and with AJSA members for fun and some games competitively as well.
  18. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamer tag: YORKSHIRE1993
    Games I like to play: Skyrim, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Battlefront, Battlefront II (when it comes out), Gears, a bit of Destiny, bit of ESO
    Time zone: +0 GMT
  19. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Chaz_Pounder in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamer Tag: Chaz Pounder
    Games: Fallout, Destiny, For honor was good for something different and world of tanks is always fun
    Time Zone: GMT
  20. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Essence in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamer tag Frostedcheeto21 
    Games I like to play- Minecraft,Destiny,Skyrim,Titanfall,Battlefield,Witcher and Dishonered 2
  21. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Blurmania53 in Stream Schedule Times n small info (Irregular Mostly)   
    After checking out the new AJSA community Members guide regarding video content and streams,I thought i put a little snipet of my stream schedule/games.For this week up until august 14th,I wont be streaming everyday since I mostly play Dragon Age inquisition as my main RPG game.But when I do stream other games and I stream irregurarly  its more flexible and I dont have much recurring viewership to have full set schedule.I usually stream on Saturdays around 6.30 pm est or from 7PM est or any other day either during the week and/or weekend even if that day has an AJSA event and I have the game for that event or not. I usually stream AJSA Xbox One Events for games like Overwatch or any other FPS games or other games genres of games I have and can attend depending on the day/timezone  I always recommend a follow cause I stream irreguarly.In any instance I stream over at http://mixer.com/samshepardgaming
    BTW  this is my best play as Sombra so far during the AJSA Overwatch Event while playing Quickplay. 
  22. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Underfire319 in "Underfire319" has entered the fray!   
    Hey all!
    ive been watching Angry Joe's content for the last 3 years on YouTube and I gotta say, JOE BUSTS HIS BUTT to deliver quality content for all his viewers. I can't believe that all those haters are going nucking futz over him taking a vacation. He has been doing this for longer than some channels have been around. I don't agree with everything he says, but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna downvote a video for that reason. This is his job. This is how he is able to make a living. Any job you take in customer service, manufacturing, hell even telemarketing will give you at least a week paid vacation once a year. Give the man a break.
    Joe, do what you gotta do. All of us who truly support you will still be here when you get back.
  23. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by MajorSphinct in Hey guys! Hang in there Joe!!!   
    Hey Guys, I just got this account just so I could hopefully get a post to Joe and friends to tell them hang in there.  
    Obviously, you have a lot of love from a lot of people.  It sucks to become troll bait.
    I'm one of those guys that never reads comments---like most people.   I think Joe ought to consider just turning comments back on and letting his fans fight for him.  Ignoring trolls is the most effective way to deal with them.  By leaving comments turned off, you are creating a negative buzz about it.  I believe there would be no buzz after too long, if you just turned them back on.  
    Negative people need fuel to thrive.  Stay positive brother
    Thanks for all the great content over the years!!!
  24. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by panther826 in DESTINY 2 - BETA CONFIRMED PLAY DATES WITH SCHEDULE & SOCIAL SPACE 1 HR VISIT BELOW!   
    It's also dumb at this point for anyone to judge the game as a whole st this point.  Considering the crazy perks we can get.   Also some are saying... well this weapon is now in this slot and that weapon is in that slot.     I'm gonna say NO to this hype so far because I have now a sidearm in both kinetic and energy slots so that squashes the thought of certain weapon types to be.  We just scratched the surface on some of the gins yet people already judging.  
  25. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by panther826 in DESTINY 2 - BETA CONFIRMED PLAY DATES WITH SCHEDULE & SOCIAL SPACE 1 HR VISIT BELOW!   

    Through the Destiny 2 Beta, players will have limited access to Campaign, Crucible, and Strike activities. Activities do not require a valid PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Subscription for access.    Campaign: Homecoming When launching the Destiny 2 Beta, players will first create a Character and play through the campaign mission Homecoming.
      Fireteam size: 1 Matchmaking: Unavailable Crucible: Countdown and Control Players will have access to two Crucible game types, each featuring a specific map.
      Countdown: Attack and Defend objective gametype with Elimination rules. First team to 6 round score limit wins the match. Control: Teams compete to control objective zones which grant additional points when defeating opponents. Reaching the score limit or having the highest score by time limit wins the match Fireteam size: 1-4 Matchmaking: Available Strike: The Inverted Spire Players will have access to one Strike activity. Players are placed into a Fireteam to complete objectives and proceed through Beta content on the planet Nessus. Fireteam size: 1-3 Matchmaking: Available Social Matchmaking Test
    On Sunday July 23 at 10:00 AM Pacific, players will have access to the Social Matchmaking Test Activity. This will be available for one hour for Destiny Service testing.