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  1. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by OdenShard in DESTINY 2 - BETA CONFIRMED PLAY DATES WITH SCHEDULE & SOCIAL SPACE 1 HR VISIT BELOW!   
    I kinda like what the beta has so far. I know it's not overflowing with content, as it is a beta. But I'd like to ask, why all the destiny hate? I've seen lots of youtube videos and comments and other posts about how "destiny 2 sucks". Is it really as bad as they say? Am I just looking at it through rose colored glasses? Or is it just the popular thing to look down upon, like whenever call of duty releases a game? Not really complaining, but I am curious on everyone's thoughts on the subject.
  2. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by panther826 in DESTINY 2 - BETA CONFIRMED PLAY DATES WITH SCHEDULE & SOCIAL SPACE 1 HR VISIT BELOW!   
    By the meaning alone of it being a BETA,  This is more for Bungie's work than for our enjoyment.   They're still fine tuning the system.       Do you really believe that they would allow duplicate weapon / armor drops that horribly as a LOOT win?        They're also limiting PvE because they don't want people to "explore" their other systems they have locked away.   People are nurfiing the Inverted strikes and hacking through un-charted areas to find secrets, possible ghosts, etc..    
    Pertaining the "movement" speeds,   if you noticed you can adjust that via the ARMOR perks via their new 3 system ( Movement, Recovery,  resistance  )   which obviously there will be many add-on perks later on to strengthen them also per different ARMOR you get during Sept launch...
    I know that on one of the guardians there's a perk that when your in the air as much as possible,  you can regen  Melee and Grenade slots faster.... 
    NOVA BOMB -  It's suppose to be slow....      Your suppose to SHOOT at it, and it explodes into a crap load of  faster moving Tracking-Nova particles which hurt more than an average Axion Bolt..
    It seems like everything will have adjustable PERKS as add-ons...  how to obtain them and etc, will yet to be seen
    I agree its small,  so they will deliver a HUGE Vanilla D2 to us later...     
    even the Social Space is only 1 hour on July 23rd, 1pm/EST...  again.. stress test...
    D1's prob is they gave TOO much at BETA which left little at launch... 
    Don't give up yet dude :)...   There were like 14 PERK Spots per ARMOR/SHADERS/ETC...          
  3. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by panther826 in DESTINY 2 - BETA CONFIRMED PLAY DATES WITH SCHEDULE & SOCIAL SPACE 1 HR VISIT BELOW!   
    Bungie gave us a head of time stern warning.   
    This is a BETA.  It will have crap in it and weapons and powers OP.   
    Seems like everything has a muther-Dunkin perk.  
    Hell even the new Titan has a perk for the SUPER!    2 SUPERS built into 1.   Genius!!!
    For those that don't know what I'm taking bout :   Yeah you can go captain America... if you want to   BUT,   If you jump in the air and keep holding down L1+R2 firmly and continuously until IT happens... well,   I won't spoil it  ...   because it's a perk that you can adjust prob even to other stuff!  But it's in there lol    
    This I give a strong point to BUNGIE   
  4. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Destiny 2 Beta Inverted Spire Strike Boss   
    I took a recording of my first time killing the Inverted Spire Strike boss in the Destiny 2 Beta, here it is.
  5. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Destiny 2 Content Reveal Dates   
    Interesting read. Thanks for sharing!
  6. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Destiny 2 Content Reveal Dates   
    Hello everyone, today's info drop is about a topic that in the past (pre-taken king Destiny 1) has been very touchy for fans and haters of Destiny alike, the story. Specifically how Bungie went about creating the story of Destiny 2, enjoy.
  7. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Destiny 2 Content Reveal Dates   
    If it's a daily or multiple news posts a day let's keep the Destiny 2 information to one thread. Also, these were previously in the wrong spot as this is both a multiplatform title and the Xbox Event Center is more for information regarding event times and ways to join other players in the game.
  8. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Destiny 2 Content Reveal Dates   
    Hey there guys, in this video destiny youtuber DPJ talks about the dates on which more content, gameplay, and information will be revealed about Destiny 2
    I hope you guys like the video and if you like it feel free to sub to DPJ, he makes plenty of great content for Destiny on a weekly basis
    Anyways keep an eye on this forum, on Bungie's twitch channel and on the youtube channels of most larger Destiny youtubers for more information on the upcoming Destiny 2
  9. StraightUpMelon liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    MasterfulJoe101 but people mostly call me Joe
    I tend to play a lot of Destiny, GTA, Overwatch and most other big FPS games
    Oh, and The Witcher 3, totally Witcher 3
    I live in the eastern time zone and I'm up to play with people almost any time I'm on
  10. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Rozsaszin in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamertag: DEUS V0LT

    Games I like to play: Destiny, Battlefield 1 and 4, Doom, Dark souls trilogy, Dying light, UFC 2, Fifa, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall 2, Rainbow siege, Overwatch, and GTA

    Timezone: UTC +0 

    My real name is John and I'm usually on between 8am - 9pm. I'm willing to stay up a lot later on Saturday and Sunday nights.
  11. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Angry Army - Xbox One Division Gamertag List

    Welcome to the new and improved AJSA Xbox One Gamertag list! Here in this thread, if you are OK with sharing your Gamertag and being added by other members of the community, reply to this post with the following information:
    Gamertag Games You Like To Play Time Zone If you just have an Xbox 360 (but are looking to get an Xbox One) or play on Xbox One via Windows 10, don't hesitate to add your Gamertag to this list. Please out of courtesy when adding someone from the list simply send the recipient a message introducing yourself and saying you're from the AJSA so folks know who you are. Thank you!
    This will be an easy and effective way for you to meet new friends in the Xbox community. Adding your Gamertag to this list is a good first step to get yourself involved in the community. We offer Weekly Events across a variety of video games and other activities that will keep you engaged and gaming with your fellow comrades in the Angry Army. We additionally have an AJSA Xbox One Club that serves as a key activity hub for Xbox One Division members. 
    Any questions? Please contact me on the forums at @RuneX.
    All Gamertags will be updated to the original post to this thread to generate one, easy to view list.
    AJSA Xbox One Gamertag List
    Chaz Pounder
    Skippy McDuck
    Shad0w St1ckman
    ND pio 24
    Free Loader86
    GunDaM AnGeL 13
  12. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by AJSA Valkyrie in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    AJSA Valkyric(e). Game's I like: destiny, overwatch, fallout games, Paradox games, and to say the least, most of the GTA games.
     I live in the East time zone. 
    Glad to help out with new members.
  13. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by StraightUpMelon in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Hello I am StraightUpMelon, but you can call me Melon. 
    Gamertag: StraightUpMelon
    Games I Like: Call of Duty,  Battlefield, Rocket League, Skyrim, GTA, Battlefront. You name it I might have played it.
    Central time Zone

  14. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Domannaa in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Outrightnest, I gotta change it sometime but Nest will do.
    Division is ok with mates, happy to play some Ghost Recon Wildlands or For Honor with any of you.
    ...unless I'm playing skyrim
    (oh hey this is my first post)
  15. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Foxhart in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Foxhart, can call me fox. 
    The games I tend to play are battlefield, gta, for honor, over watch, eso, dcuo, wildland, division, etc. If you need a player and I'm on feel free to hit me up.
  16. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Deezyfesheezy in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Been here a minute, no introduction needed
    Timezone Eastern Central
  17. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by Chaz_Pounder in New Recruit   
    Hey all
    Just thought i would say hi as although i have watched the show on you tube for a while, in fact the only one i really pay attention to, i have only subscribed today :/
    I was born in London but now live in Chester (very close liverpool but no one knows it even though was the roman capital of britaN HA HA)
    I work in IT, I am a data engineer and i also have 2 little girls, if one of them isnt taking my time, then i will be gaming
    I use mixer not twitch but because i have amazon prime i now have twitch prime and ofc the only channel to sub to is the angry joe show
    Looking forward to getting involved a bit more and talking to you guys
    Oh and i play on PC and XB1, more PC as its more powerful lol
  18. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in New Recruit   
    Hello and welcome to the AJSA forums, Chaz.
  19. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in New Recruit   
    Welcome to the Angry Army! 
  20. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in Megadeth9811 has Enlisted   
    Welcome aboard 
  21. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in New Recruit   
    Hello there
    Welcome to the AJSA forums, nice to see you signed up.
    If you have not yet, make sure to head over to the Xbox section of the forums, and get up to date on all our community activities. Taking a look at our Code of Conduct would also be worth while.
    I look forward playing with you on Battlefield. Cya soon,
    - Rune
  22. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by LimblessReaper69 in New Recruit   
    Hey everyone Im Limbless I play Battlefield 1 I also have 4 but mainly stick to battlefield 1. Feel free to add me on xbox one LimbLessReaper69
  23. RuneX liked a post in a topic by MasterfulJoe101 in CrusaderJeppew reporting for duty   
    Welcome to the Angry Army 
  24. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by CrusaderJeppew in CrusaderJeppew reporting for duty   
    Hello I'm CrusaderJeppew. I hope i will have a good time in the glorious Angry Army and meet new friends.
    See you on the battlefield
  25. MasterfulJoe101 liked a post in a topic by TheClemularity in Am new! Hello!   
    Hello! I have been a fan of Angry Joe for a couple years now and just recently (somehow) saw that he had a website. From his ODST review. I only watch on Mobile so that's probably a factor, I never see the descriptions but that's not why I'm here. 
    I am looking for people! People to play anything with! To be apart of the Community! Friendship!
    I have a clan already in just about everything I play and I have grown attached to them, and the people I have met in them so I will not be joining Joe's Clans but I would love to make friends, especially people who feel as I do about the art.
    THE ART. It's so widely overlooked that it's art. Even Developers, not all of them but there is a great deal of developers and publishers who just don't care.
     "Oh you just drone mindlessly when you play video games" "You're wasting your time" "That won't get you anywhere in life" NO inVALID they are SOLID OUTLETS and are truly MORE than art!
    Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing where this thread goes.
    The tags I included are the games I play most frequently, in order. Though I have over 100 games I picked my top 7, logically.
    One Love all!
    and one last thing;
    (More Clem, not made by me.)
    "YOU CANNOT STOP THE CLEMULARITY" ~ My Warframe apprentice