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  1. Mermen will be the tribe love maker!!
  2. I like this idea!
  3. Mrbeef the peeping tom!
  4. http://s27.postimg.org/45j5b8jtf/Screen_Shot0032.jpg
  5. woot
  6. still need stuff to grow seems im only growing for move!
  7. LOL you better give me that land ill hold it til your back mofo
  8. hahaha its not for other people to plant on its for people to tell me what the need and ill grow stuff for the whole guild and make a chest full of crops people can use if needed
  9. This post is for anyone that needs goods (mostly crops for craft/trade packs) I am taking farming to max skill i need orders on what people need i am hoping to get donations from everyone to put a chest and set it to guild so if people need crops they will always be at hand for the whole guild i know not everyone has time to tend there land but i plan on getting a 16x16 at some point so keep in mind I am working with a 8x8 so post your orders here make sure you leave your in game name and the crop you need i will rotate crops everyday or every other day depending on what I'm growing at the time and for the love of all that is Mr.beef dont ask for lumber or leather it will not fit on my 8x8
  10. i seem to always be out of town when we do the fun stuff