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  1. I have been wanting to give the new editon a try since the base game was a mess but it's a HUGE download! I'm glad they fixed the bugs but do not think just that is worth the long download. Does anyone have anything good to say about it???
  2. Would have made more sense if he was actually a part of his own website... Does this imposter actually talk to his fans or have his own site? Cause I would be interested in that!
  3. This game has lost a LOT of it's players because of all the hacks, the APEX scam most of all is why I quit. I was in laughing coffin guild and most of them used the hack and many others, they all have delph gear now and only got banned for 1 day.... So yeah it's dying, they even tried to lower server caps to make it look like ppl still play the game, It used to be all servers showed low pop now they say heavy all the time....did they really think ppl would not notice???? I moved on to Final Fantasy online and life is good.
  4. From start to finish this has been quite the experince. Kingdom Caligula is now on Desura a major gaming website. I think it's important to show everyone that they can make games to and the feedback I have gotten is always important. What I think most applies here is when I would watch the angry joe videos with him getting mad about the DLC moves of big game companies. These had a huge impact on how I see things. I would encourge anyone that is interested in learning game making to ask questions and get started today. http://www.desura.com/games/kingdom-caligula
  5. Good questions. Since there are so many more RPG maker games on Kickstarter these days when some people see the default graphics they are instantly turned off. Also the default graphics do not have assests for a Roman style game so we had to create them ourselves. As far as people liking our other games we always offer them in the rewards so that is never a problem. And for saying they are ulgy that is just a personal pref, some people like a retro DOS style. And the money was clearly stated as being used for the char art, facesets, busts. It might not sound like a lot of money to you lol, but it is a lot of money to us, and to all the asian artists we hire it is a LOT of money. Some more info is needed about the story, it followes history but I will add more for those that do not know about it.
  6. So we at Seraphim Creations have launched a new game project called "Kingdom The Republic" Take a look. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1311105626/kingdom-republic-spqr Why is the game interesting and what sets it apart you ask? This game is our biggest project yet and uses 100% custom retro graphics, a retro Roman world, once again we are doing something that has never been done before. This is not a fantasy game, far from it, you play as the great general Gaius Marius in his war with the Chimbri. True RPG game, you have a war to fight, you must equip your men, feed them, and lead them into battle. But most of all just take a look at the games we have done. How we have managed to make so many good games with such a small budget and still offer the best rewards on Kickstarter!
  7. Are you kidding me? This is the Angry Joe website so I thought we would be more informed gamers, the news/facts about a game matter. This "Game" is backed by Square Enix! So why is it on Kickstarter! They already have the money to make the game. If Square Enix wants to fund the game, then fund it. There are actual real indie developers on Kickstarter like myself that would like to make games to.
  8. Ok now let's try and make this fair and as simple as possible. I am not saying anyone should go view/play the BioShock Parody game. However if you want to talk about and reply to this topic I think it would make sense. I was watching a youtube video and was surprized to see that the developer of the last game Ken something was mad that there was so much porn based on his main female char for the game. I couldn't care less what he thinks so I looked it up and played the game. Now it is a adult game, at first I was interested in the game and then I very quickly became angry. Why did this game make me angry you ask? The quality of this game puts most games being put out today to SHAME! This parody has better graphics, smoother gameplay and voiceovers then most games I see being sold now! Are you serious? This guy that made it doesn't even have a large budget and he is making better games then these big companies. So I would really like to hear some thoughts on this because it's just sad how good this game is.
  9. Yes:D those chicks are sweet!
  10. I stopped playing it about 2 months ago but I think my view is still fresh enough. The main thing you need to know is this. One of the best stories in any MMO, I would say Guild wars 2 is about the same. The really bad thing about this game is the company that made it, they marketed it so bad! There are a good # of ppl still playing it but it suffers. They lied about having no levels, they just replaced them. Combat is good, pvp is just sad. You will want to play this game for the story, it's weird!
  11. When you already have the tools it is the skill and time that makes the game. These people didn't seem to have any of that. I would use RPG maker ACE as the base tool and add in my custom pixel art tileset along with the art and voice work that has already been done cutting costs greatly. I have released 4 games and have keep the budget on all of them. A few graphic and music packs will need to be bought but that is not going to go over $300. If people are actually interested in this I can show all the tools and custom pixel work that would make this game possible. Once again when you have the experince to do the job it helps.
  12. Sadly I think the only way you don't get burned is to invest in a PC. You can do so much with a PC, upgrade it, out preform consoles and have a larger variety of games at lower prices. Simple really.
  13. Love this series! WB is my fav, with fire and sword was ok but seemed to cut way to much content out, like being able to marry. The mods are great but really do add too much to the game and it often just makes it look messy.
  14. I am not seeing this anywhere do you have a link? -Update edit- I googled and are you talking about the Kickstarter game that made over 500k?? I'm not sure what the point was. And the Angry Joe game would only cost about $300 to make depending on what features everyone wanted in it. Please explain in more detail.
  15. We are a gaming website without our own game? With all the custom art assets on this site showing Angry Joe much of the work is already done. I have made a few games myself and could really make this work. Can we have a vote on this? The story could be voted on to. Now I didn't see a good place to post this so I posted it here. But you could always sell it to help support the site for like a $1. Let's talk about this! Lato