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  1. interduction

    hello friend
  2. this place was big in 2013/2014 what happend ?
  3. that clan is just dead tho
  4. but can it just stay in the smite forums for the smite players to see. we dont need to so strict about it lolz
  5. what.... .-.
  6. my IGN is: AnomanderRake91 are you in the clan or are you in a nother clan ?
  7. you are a member of a clan. So you have to quit your other clan then I can send you an invite to the AJSA clan
  8. you can give me your`` in game name`` and I will add you to the clan and you can get on team speak3. here is some info on that: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/13-the-ajsa-teamspeak-video-tutorial-instructions/ or https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/tsip.ajsagaming.com:1347/
  9. I am going to invite you to the EU Clan
  10. I am sorry but after the update we cant add more player to the clan
  11. What do you think of this. Good or Bad this comes in the new update Clan System “With this patch we are starting an overhaul of the Clan system. Players in clans will now earn Honor, and clans will level up over time (outlined below). This is the first stage of the clan implementation, as we wanted players and clans to start earning Honor as soon as possible. In a future patch there will be achievements for players earning honor, as well as special unlocks for clans leveling.” Joining Clans “Open Joining” is now supported. Clans set to this join status will auto-accept any invitation request. “Allows Application” is now supported. Clans set to this join status accept applications from players, but those applications must be approved. “Invite Only” is now supported. Clans set to this join status can only acquire new members through direct application. Searching Clans There is a new system for searching clans that supports system “Recommended Clans” as a default option. Clan Member Limits Clans now start limited at 30 members, and gain the ability to add more members as they level. Clans currently in the system are “Grandfathered” and can stay over the member maximum, but cannot add new members until there is space available. Leaving Clans A member must leave their current clan before applying to another. A member leaving a clan retains all Honor Points they earned while in that clan, but will not start gaining Honor again until they join a new clan. If the Clan Leader leaves the clan without manually assigning a new leader, the next highest ranked clan member who has been in the clan the longest is made the new Clan Leader. A clan leader who has not been online in 21 days will automatically be demoted, and a new leader will be assigned as per the above rules. Earning Honor All honor earned is awarded both to the player, and to the clan they are in. You can only gain honor while in a clan. If a player leaves a clan, both the player and the clan retains the honor they gained. There are 4 ways to earn honor: Winning: Every time a player wins a Normal (PvP) match of any game mode, they earn 10 Honor Points. Every time a player wins a League match of any game mode, they earn 20 Honor Points. Party Bonus: Playing partied with another clan member increases the number of points earned: Party of 2: 1.5x Party of 3: 2x Party of 4: 2.5x Party of 5: 3x 1-Time Level Bonus: A player earns 10 Honor Points every time they gain a player level (max 300). 1-Time God Mastery Bonus: A player earns a 1-Time Honor Point reward each time they gain a mastery level on a god. Mastery 1: 20 Honor Points. Mastery 2: 40 Honor Points. Mastery 3: 60 Honor Points. Mastery 4: 80 Honor Points. Mastery 5: 100 Honor Points. Mastery 6: 120 Honor Points. Mastery 7: 140 Honor Points. Mastery 8: 160 Honor Points. Mastery 9: 180 Honor Points. Mastery 10: 200 Honor Points. Clan Levels As a clan earns Honor from it’s members, it will gain levels. In the future the were be special unlocks assigned to these levels. Clan Quests Each week clans will be given a quest their members can accomplish to earn bonus Honor for themselves and the clan.
  12. invite send welcome to the clan
  13. I invite you to the clan