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  1. CorioHD liked a post in a topic by Tripp in RECENTLY UPDATED: Recruitment Page USE THIS PLEASE!!!! :D   
    IGN: XTrippX
    Looking forward to join the ranks of the Angry Army in the game
  2. CorioHD liked a post in a topic by crazykidsbite in AJSA movie   
  3. CorioHD liked a post in a topic by agosparti in AJSA movie   
    to the movie suggestion
    but what is the narrative to the ajsa movie
  4. CorioHD liked a post in a topic by VonRyan in AJSA PC SMITE Community Update (Archived)   
    Hello, Friends!
    I'm just making this post to let you all know that I am the new leader of SMITE, and we will need help. I don't know if its temporary on my end. I'm still undecided on what my plans are on all that jazz, I'll be on the hunt for new blood just in case. Trust me when I say we won't leave SMITE dead in the water. It's been 6 months since I've last been here so I'm a bit rusty so bear with me. I have recently learned that RuneX is the new Point of Contact for SMITE. He is here to make sure things are getting done, and hes here to lend a hand if needed. There is a lot of job openings so if you are interested come speak to me/Diehard to see what is still available. Events will be on Sundays but this time they will be more of a meet and greet there will not be a set time. Just ask for an invite in game or if for a speedy response ask in Team Speak. You are not required to speak in TS and "everyone" is welcome.
    For anyone who is wondering yes this means Burbles has stepped down from his position as leader. I have no idea why so if you are interested then ask him. I know he had a lot of people who really enjoyed playing with him my self included. Even though we had a completely difference in opinions, and butted heads about it a lot I still consider him a good friend of mine. So I wish him good luck.
    ++Note your AJSA ranks do not reflect your in game ranks or vice versa.++
    InGame Officers
    Your Job is to keep the peace within the clan then to report back to me with details.
    You are to defuse the situation not make it worse.
    If its getting out of hand.. If myself, or DieHard are not available and there is no one else in charge on. You should talk to a Commander immediately.
    Event Staff
    You run events for Myself, or the Second in command when either of us is gone.
    The show must go on as they say.
    Recruitment Staff
    Your job is to check the recruitment forum, invite anyone who posted their IGN.
    Also accept people who have applied in game.
    Graphic Design Staff
    Your job is to make Custom SMITE art for event posts or forum posts outside of AJSA for promotional purposes.
  5. CorioHD liked a post in a topic by VonRyan in SMITE Past Events Time Capsule   
    Event Time!
    Just what I've always wanted!
    Sunday April 5th
    11:30 PM PST, 1:30 PM CST, 2:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM GMT
    If you wish to participate please be on TeamSpeak. (You don't have to talk just listen.)
    The event will be chosen by majority vote. (Medusa is banned.)
    I will be hosting this event with Burbles, and CorioHD. (If you have any issues contact us on SMITE, or on TeamSpeak.)

    This post has been promoted to an article
  6. CorioHD liked a post in a topic by VonRyan in Vacation Time   
  7. yokishimaru liked a post in a topic by CorioHD in Clan update in SMITE   
    What do you think of this.

    Good or Bad

    this comes in the new update


    Clan System

    “With this patch we are starting an overhaul of the Clan system. Players in clans will now earn Honor, and clans will level up over time (outlined below). This is the first stage of the clan implementation, as we wanted players and clans to start earning Honor as soon as possible. In a future patch there will be achievements for players earning honor, as well as special unlocks for clans leveling.”
    Joining Clans
    “Open Joining” is now supported. Clans set to this join status will auto-accept any invitation request.
    “Allows Application” is now supported. Clans set to this join status accept applications from players, but those applications must be approved.
    “Invite Only” is now supported. Clans set to this join status can only acquire new members through direct application.
    Searching Clans
    There is a new system for searching clans that supports system “Recommended Clans” as a default option.
    Clan Member Limits
    Clans now start limited at 30 members, and gain the ability to add more members as they level.
    Clans currently in the system are “Grandfathered” and can stay over the member maximum, but cannot add new members until there is space available.
    Leaving Clans
    A member must leave their current clan before applying to another.
    A member leaving a clan retains all Honor Points they earned while in that clan, but will not start gaining Honor again until they join a new clan.
    If the Clan Leader leaves the clan without manually assigning a new leader, the next highest ranked clan member who has been in the clan the longest is made the new Clan Leader.
    A clan leader who has not been online in 21 days will automatically be demoted, and a new leader will be assigned as per the above rules.
    Earning Honor
    All honor earned is awarded both to the player, and to the clan they are in. You can only gain honor while in a clan. If a player leaves a clan, both the player and the clan retains the honor they gained. There are 4 ways to earn honor:
    Winning: Every time a player wins a Normal (PvP) match of any game mode, they earn 10 Honor Points. Every time a player wins a League match of any game mode, they earn 20 Honor Points.
    Party Bonus: Playing partied with another clan member increases the number of points earned:
    Party of 2: 1.5x
    Party of 3: 2x
    Party of 4: 2.5x
    Party of 5: 3x
    1-Time Level Bonus: A player earns 10 Honor Points every time they gain a player level (max 300).
    1-Time God Mastery Bonus: A player earns a 1-Time Honor Point reward each time they gain a mastery level on a god.
    Mastery 1: 20 Honor Points.
    Mastery 2: 40 Honor Points.
    Mastery 3: 60 Honor Points.
    Mastery 4: 80 Honor Points.
    Mastery 5: 100 Honor Points.
    Mastery 6: 120 Honor Points.
    Mastery 7: 140 Honor Points.
    Mastery 8: 160 Honor Points.
    Mastery 9: 180 Honor Points.
    Mastery 10: 200 Honor Points.
    Clan Levels
    As a clan earns Honor from it’s members, it will gain levels. In the future the were be special unlocks assigned to these levels.
    Clan Quests
    Each week clans will be given a quest their members can accomplish to earn bonus Honor for themselves and the clan.
  8. ReyElessar liked a post in a topic by CorioHD in RECENTLY UPDATED: Recruitment Page USE THIS PLEASE!!!! :D   
    invite send welcome to the clan
  9. CorioHD liked a post in a topic by Jyk in Traning Tuesday of the 16th of September   
    I kinda goofed, I'm not supposed to be doing Air. I'm supposed to refer you to Flying Fridays for that. It will be a recurring event so show up next time!
    Last time, the overwhelming consensus was that we should do Tactics. Therefore, we will go to the Test Server. This server has very low population, normally. There's an average of 5 people across the entire server, all four continents, at any given time. This means we can do pretty much whatever we want.
    The Test Server is available here. The link will begin downloading when you click it. It will get you the launcher, which will look a lot like the normal launcher. That launcher will begin updating your game, which will take about as long as the first download of Planetside did. 
    The operation will begin at 6pm CST. If you wish to be a squad leader, show up about 30 minutes early. If you're a European who wants a more local time, step up and volunteer to lead.
    I suppose that this particular session requires a bit more explaining than the others. In previous Training Tuesdays, the format has been somewhere between lecture, demonstration, and free practice. Yesterday we even did a talk show, where I asked two knowledgeable players questions, and they did most of the talking on aircraft, a topic which I am only qualified in as far as shooting them down.
    This time, you will be both student and teacher. We will be breaking our group down into groups of three, perhaps four. Every group will have a squad leader, and two or three guys for that leader to command. Each squad will be ordered to a base, at which another AJSA squad from another faction may attack or defend from your attack. You will be given about fifteen minutes to fight, which should be more than enough time to get bored of that particular fight. After each fight, we'll move the combatants from both sides into the same TS channel. You will be given five minutes to discuss the fight. As you discuss, I and any helpers I may have will be working on getting you guys a new base with new opponents.
    This part is for all participants. I strongly advise you to get your test server profile on as soon as possible, and then play on it to the best of your ability. Every character on the Test Server is awarded 100,000 certs on creation. You probably won't want to be allocating those certs on Tuesday. Getting the correct Implants, in particular, may take a while.
    Further, and Squad Leaders take note, You must reach BR 10 before you are allowed to purchase a Spawn Beacon. Therefore, I would suggest grinding up the level required before the event. You may even coordinate with a few others to set up controlled combat where you can all grind experience.
    You will be at a disadvantage against a squad who does have a beacon if you do not have yours.
    As a further incentive to get on the test server before Tuesday, all cosmetic items are available for the cost of 1 cert on the test server. Seeing as you will have 100,000 certs to play with, you'll probably have more than enough to fully customize your soldier and vehicles.
    To explain what I mean by being both teacher and student. Soldiers will be teaching their squad leaders mainly through their gameplay. Leaders will be encouraged to observe and analyse before requesting a change. Squad members may even have a chance to explain the reasoning behind their class and playstyle decisions to their leaders. Members will also need to learn how to be significant when every man counts. In a squad of three, the weakest link will be readily apparent. The weakest link will not be singled out for abuse, but instead for additional attention and care. 
    The primary benefit this will have for members is that the weakest one will be readily apparent, and everyone else in the squad will notice and try to help. If by the end of the training, any leader feels that a squad member is simply not up to par, the leader may refer that squaddie to me, Jyk7, and I will be more than happy to do remedial training with that player and anyone else who happens to be referred. That training will probably occur on the Thursday or Saturday following the training.
    Referrals are not a mark of shame, but of potential. Your squad leader thinks a referred player can improve, or he wouldn't take the extra time to refer.
    Squad leaders will need to learn primarily by observation. If you really want a medic/engineer/MAX setup, but one player would really prefer light assault, perhaps you can allow light assault focused play for one fight, with that player taking a leading role. There is value in specialization and in generalization in squad tactics. After all, your MAX support setup is probably better in direct fights, but you may find that a lighter, more mobile setup is constantly able to pick off your medic and engineer.
    Squad leaders will also be expected to explain in great detail what they plan. I have found that persuading someone to do what I would like results in more commitment and effort than simply ordering without explanation.
    Note, some of you are going to get wrecked. I've already taken into account that certain squad leaders will be much more effective than others, and I will take steps to handicap them. In fact, if any one squad wins two fights in a row in a convincing manner, I may put that squad up against two squads.
    One final thing, This operation will be primarily focused on infantry gameplay. We shall do some work with vehicles next time. Thank you for reading, I hope it isn't too rambley.