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  1. We would if they fined us like in basketball.... I think that is how they dooze it.
  2. I hope they keep this so we have to use polite insults. "I DON'T APPRECIATE THE MANNER IN WHICH YOU PLAY DEFENSE!", "YOU SIR ARE NOT A FRIENDLY PERSON!", "I DISLIKE YOU VERY MUCH!", "You remind me of left out party dip that has separated and is watery on top..... Good day sir."
  3. Would love to join in. But I do not get off of work until 530pm EST.
  4. You know your playing a great game when you don't want them to fix the bugs,
  5. Well good luck, I'm in support of you playing Skyrim. There is violence but not anything that is going to warp your brain or make you a wacko.
  6. I can't say I agree with all of your points, however, they are your's so they are valid. But as a "founder" level member I do feel the need to say that people are going to act better than other people no matter what. Also I do feel that when it comes to it being a donating member should have its benefits. The main ones being that you know you are helping the community. I hope that when other members look at paying members they don't see elitist but they do in fact see something different. Hopefully they see members who are willing to go above and beyond for their fellow members and know that they are willing to help in any way that they can. Which is why I donate monthly
  7. Wow until this post I didn't realize this applied to games that are downloaded and not on disk.........I feel very silly right now.
  8. I liked it. I don't know how the comics are supposed to be but it was a good movie.
  9. I haven;t looked through all of Angry Joe's videos but if he hasn't done this it would be very interesting to know more information about him.
  10. I feel that the games that are most enjoyable to play are the ones where your money makes you look cooler. If it makes you win you lost the feeling of accomplishment. Now are those the most successful business wise I have no idea.
  11. As some have posted already, stop playing. There have been a few times where gaming was just not interesting and I would find myself just watching Youtube (gamers mostly) and that was amusement enough. Sometimes we just don't have the time to justify sitting down and playing game. Which could be the other reason why you aren't being fulfilled through gaming anymore. Maybe your career or lack there of is not enough and you need to go find a new one. Maybe you need to start making healthier decisions. I know that I personally find no enjoyment from games if there are other things I need to take care of.
  12. Update: (like anyone will notice) I am going to increase the budget to probably around $3,000. Just can't settle for anything less than GTX 780m sli.
  13. Your best bet would be to look up the recommended specs for the games you want to play and try to find those in a laptop. A laptop with a dedicated graphics card is a must if you want to be able to play the majority of games. Most dedicated graphics card laptops start at around $500 so it's going to be a really tight budget.