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  1. so like me you guys are experiencing problems with psn and same goes for xbox live and who's responsible for that? Lizard squad so i looked went to their twitter account to rant and found this gem courtesy of everyone's favorite Joe When i saw this is instantly just said: Lizard squad needs some water for that burning diss eh? On the plus side there is another group named thefinest and they are fighting against lizard squad (and have succeeded before) to prevent the attacks and are trying to get the servers up again Lets hope for the best this because this Christmas is getting wackier by the minute,
  2. i downloaded injustice a couple days ago All i have to say is this *Ahem* SHAZAM thank you for your time.
  3. I got this idea from smosh game's honest game trailers. Now we all know how game titles are just a couple of words that lure you into knowing more about the game or they have no connection to the game whatsoever. what if all the the video games of the world had HONEST game titles? let's start off with destiny for i think it should be renamed to What are you thoughts about other game titles and how should they be changed
  4. EVERYONE FREAKIN GO HOME THIS WINS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! also wolfspawn and orpo make excellent points!
  5. *Ahem* PC:blah blah blah GRAPHIX blah blah blah SPECZ blah blah blah Steam blah blah blah MODZ blah blah blah FRAMERATEZ blah blah blah Torrentz CONSOLE:blah blah blah EXCLUSIVZ blah blah blah PLUGIN AND PLAY blah blah blah CONTROLLER OPTIMIZED blah blah blah BETTA MULTIPLYAH blah blah blah 4 PLAYER FUN blah blah blah You understand how ridiculous this is? arguing about the hardware instead of enjoying what their meant for? Glorifying your hardware won't get you anywhere, we should all be simply refered to as ''gamers'' not ''pc gamer'' or ''console gamer''. i personally hate the fact that this STUPID argument is driving gamers apart from each other instead of them enjoying gaming TOGETHER! I'm not choosing sides im just saying this pointless argument needs to stop because its driving us against each others throats and i dont like that and neither should you!
  6. Hit a stop sign and it's like you hit a wall this gives me a NFS underground kinda feel.
  7. is that good or bad?
  8. Thanks for sharing guys!
  9. i can't believe i forgot about good ol' johnny cash im sorry man PS: one of his many gems
  10. What surprises me the most is that BETA a freakin testing phase is running better than a fully launched game that's been around for sometime yet still buggy and broken. GO LOGIC! HIP HIP!
  11. Hi So i wanted to know what my angry brothers and sistas listen too while they game. i usually listen to anything motivational because it's like your rallying call to keep moving on and not quitting. But my favorite artists are: (THESE ARE NOT IN ANYWAY A SPECIFIC ORDER!!!) EminemHopsin (look him up on youtube he is awesome)2Pacariana grande50CENTMicheal jacksonaerosmithMetallicaNirvanaERB (yes the youtube series and i know they are not that motivational but sue me)Maroon 5Snoop doggKarminmany are rappers but that's because i find rappers more motivational atleast for me. Tell who do You listen too while gaming? stay weird,stay awesome,stay happy,stay you
  12. really the title says it all who's running the new clan?
  13. Sadly going to miss the event since it is there is 4 hours left and i haven't slept till now *sigh* well here's hoping for future events.