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  1. PSN: CardinalBigglz Ingame name: Schultzy89 Region: US
  2. Try updating your graphics driver. I have the same card and had the same issues till they released beta drivers specifically for GTA V issues.
  3. For some reason I can't add you on steam. It can't find your name.
  4. http://comicbook.com/blog/2014/08/16/exclusive-original-unaltered-cut-of-star-wars-trilogy-to-be-rele/ After re-reading it I saw that it said "reliable sources" rather than "Disney announced." My bad. I was so excited when I read it the first time I miss-quoted it.
  5. Not sure why it posted it the first time as a guest....very odd.
  6. I just started this game, but I figured I would add my tree fiddy. In my experience with MMOs it's not the housing or crafting that gives a game its longevity. These are great features that enrich a game, but without a competitive community in either PVE or PVP the game starts to fade away. Now while it does have PVE content, Archeage is primarily PVP focused(at least from what I have seen). Why would you want to handicap yourself on a server that is likely to quickly depopulate after a month due to its primarily F2P community? Now I understand people were impatient to play the game and therefore started characters on other servers. I did the same thing, but I knew that the restrictions wouldn't last for very long. Therefore, I did not look to buy housing, start crafting, or begin power grinding to 50. The fact that this was done was an unfortunate lack of foresight. The Kyrios server has the most experienced players and the best developed network. To ask the long term players to pack up and move to Lucius is both unreasonable and short-sighted. It's not fun, but the obvious solution is to just suck it up and move to Kyrios...or stay on Lucius and split the guild. Those are the only two possible outcomes here.
  7. Uncharted....I always wanted to play Uncharted, but I could never justify getting a console to play one game series.lol
  8. Guns of Icarus online is coming to PS4! There's nothing like running back and forth patching up your ship like a steam-punk Scotty while under heavy fire! http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/08/21/gun-of-icarus-online-coming-to-ps4/
  9. Yes, that's right! Han shot first! And finally, after years of pining away on increasingly terrible "special editions" from Mr. Lucas, the original films we have BEGGED for are finally on their way. Disney is rumored to be remastering the original versions of the trilogy. An official release date has not been given, but it stands to reason that they will be released right before Disney's new Star Wars film.
  10. I decided to get a fresh aspect on it. I was ruining the game for myself by constantly comparing it to other titles. When I went back into it with zero expectations and forgot the hype, I started to actually enjoy myself. The game stil has all the glaring problems and repetitive PVE that I mentioned above, but I was having a blast in PVP. I don't think it's worth $60 in its current state, but with some balance fixes and a few free DLCs this could still be a great game.
  11. I can't see the Destiny subforums so I'm posting this here. I cannot begin to describe how dissapointed I am with this game. For starters it seems like half the game is spent in pretty loading screens. I didn't mind it that much at first, but after the first twenty times I got rather tired of watching my ship hover in space. After the 16GB transfer that you have to make when you first start up the game I would have thought that loading time would have been substantially shorter. However, compared to my other compaints about this game the loading screens seem rather insignificant. The story starts off in the most generic manner possible. Enjoy it though, because that will be the most exciting part of the story. After the intro, it's just one dissapointment after another as each "story quest" seems to usually entail you fighting wave after generic wave of the same enemies over and over and over again as your ghost hacks, scans or decodes something. There are also boss fights every now and again, but do they look cool? Do they have fun and exciting game mechanics? NO! The bosses are just larger versions of the enemies you've been fighting for hours. The game feels so lazy and half-assed that the "epic" storyline you were promised feels basically like playing zombie mode in COD. You never feel legendary at all. You just feel like a generic foot soldier in yet another generic shooter. Now the voice acting is done well, but sadly the actors didn't have a script worth reading. It feels like they deliberately shorted us on the game release story in order to make us want the DLC even more. Corporate Commander has definitely had a hand in this game. Now to be fair it isn't all bad. The visuals are gorgeous and I've found myself just standing on the moon looking at earth, the game world they have created really has potential. The guns are also really fun to use. They have a destinctly Halo feel to them that never gets old for me. Now we come to the part of the game I was most looking forward to, PVP. I went into this expecting a lot from Bungie, but sadly this too has fallen short. Now it's not as bad as the PVE this game offers, but it has some glaring problems. First off, the aimbot, also known as aim assist, is the worst I have ever seen. Most aim assist features offer no more than a gentle suggestion on where to point your sights, but Destiny takes it to a whole new level. Once your gun crosses over a player it almost takes over for you. I tried taking my thumb off the right stick a few times once i started firing and the damn thing almost tracks completely on its own. This needs to be toned WAY down. The class balance is also a little off at the moment. Hunters are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to using their super skills. While the other classes abilities are instantly available, hunters have to go through an awkward animation that leaves them completely vulnerable before they can use the golden gun. Warlock blink is also slightly overpowered for the PVP scene. That being said, the multiplayer is definitely the best part of this game. The high amount of damage players can take means headshots are extremely satisfying and coordinating with your team mates is rewarded. In conclusion, I wanted to love this game. I really did. But when a shooter leaves me thinking the storyline in BF4 maybe wasn't so bad after all, you know something is very wrong. I haven't been this dissapointed in a over-hyped game since Homefront.
  12. I work nights and as such I keep unusual hours. This means that most of my game time will be after I get off work in the morning or early afternoons. I am looking for people who keep a similar schedule to do crucibles in Destiny and matches in COD or BF4 while coordinating through party chat.
  13. While I am excited to see this game come to console, I am uncertain about how we will be coordinating large scale actions. Now I know that there won't be nearly as many of us playing it on console as there are of our PC brethren, but I do know that there will be more than 8(which is what I think the limit on party chat is). So my question is how will we be coordinating with the multiple parties or "squads" ingame? Will there be a requirement that all squad leaders will be in TS to coordinate with each other?
  14. I believe Advanced Warfare will finally seal the coffin on COD. The series has become progressively worse since MW3. Ghosts was definitely a disappointment, but at least it still felt like COD. AW looks like a terrible Titanfall ripoff(even down to the mech suits). The exo suits also seem broken. This will take "bunny-hopping" to a whole new level of annoying. And now....the worst offense this game commits...CLOAKING IN MULTIPLAYER! WTF! If you thought the camping was bad in previous titles just wait until they start using this. Pre-orders are at a record low for this COD. When this game releases and falls flat on its face(as I have no doubt it will), the franchise will be finished unless they release some news that COD fans can actually be excited about(I.E. re-release of COD4, World At War 2. etc). I, for one, am so tired of the modern/future shooter. Unless they were to re-release COD4(my all time favorite COD) or give us a WW2 shooter, I think I will be done with the franchise after AW. And yes, I will be getting AW. I'll give it a chance even though I think it's going to suck.
  15. PS1: Crash Bandicoot Intermission: PC master race! PS4: BF4(hopefully going to be Alien Isolation when it comes out)