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  1. PSN: ArchC want to play some planetside 2 and maybe some black ops 3. Would love an invite to the rooms.
  2. Just seeing how many wii u owners out here own Splatoon and might be interested in playing together.
  3. Hey everyone, just picked up a ps4 with the Uncharted Bundle and also Bloodborne (it was 20$, great deal). Any other games you could recommend? You guys gave great choices when i asked the same question for when i got a PS Vita (Still love that underloved device.)
  4. Hey i saw a PS vita for relatively cheap and decided to pick it up. Any suggestions for what games physical/digital that i should keep an eye out for? I heard the vita has a lot of games port from psp and a lot of rpgs but i am pretty open to most genres of games.
  5. Disconnected, and hopefully will find time to update the thread tonight. Been swamped the last few days so haven't had much time to play besides quick single-player missions.
  6. yesss group starting to build steam! Added you to my friends list my code is 2595-2431-8455, I will do more work on the thread tomorrow and see if we can get a game night set up!
  7. sorry for the late reply, i think i have you on my friends list already but yes lets hunt, what HR rank are you at currently?
  8. Monster Hunter you say, you know what you have to do now! http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/27072-unofficial-ajsa-hunters-caravan/
  9. Mine is shameful because i am too obsessed with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate atm.
  10. Welcome to the the NGA (Nintendo Gamer Anonymous) here to help you get your addiction under control@ JK- glad to see you are having fun!
  11. Unofficial AJSA Hunter's Caravan Hello fellow AJSA soldiers! I am looking to gather together some people for group Monster Hunts on the newly released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, so i am putting together and UNOFFICAL group. I would more AJSA members to play together and also have a weekly or bi-monthly game night where we help new players get into the game or try our hands at tough monsters and do upcoming events. SO if you are on the fence about this game or looking for a new game for that 3ds you own pick this up! MH4U is a great game! More info to come later as we get more members and get organized. Sign up 3ds Friend Code: Weapon Type: Time zone: Skype or TS?: (not required but i also play with a group of friends and when we use skype it makes fighting monsters easier and have some fun banter!)
  12. So if i made a monster hunter group could i call it AJSA Hunter's Caravan?
  13. http://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13995/~/microsd-cards-that-have-been-tested-to-work-with-the-new-nintendo-3ds-xl
  14. If only I owned Mario Kart.