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  1. Thank You For Congrates my birthday and giving answer guys. you guys right. joe is joe and i am i, metacritic is metacritic. For me, CoD : AW is best cod, and joe is perhabs not so like it. And My old cod friends also said this cod is good game. Well not always game fan's opinion is same. I know that thing, but i just give my opinion that's all, and i love joe also i respect the joe's reveiw and i will always support him. And Of course, i hate activision, but sledgehammer doing great job this time. It's not bad to joe is not saying this is garbage game. and giving 6 score is not bad though. I'm surprised to you guys seriously answer about my question. Thank you.
  2. Well, i like joe, and believe him also support him. However, This new review of CoD:AW is not acceptable for me. It is too low score for me and give me hurt. But Joe is joe, and other fan is other fans. that is true. Still i want to support him and believe. But This review is not acceptable, personally. Compared to Ghost and MW3, It is much harder better, also AW itself is progressive and achieve the improvement. If Joe and other guys see this, i want to their opinion about this. Thank you for specific and good reviews, joe. Just this time is not so acceptable for me. That's all. P.S :: I send the 3times same word at twitter, but he don't see that... 11.15 is my birthday but i spend my birthday at college so i'm not congrates by my friends and family. Just want to hear his congrates, but that is much wish i guess. Joe, if you angry for me, sorry about that.