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  • Birthday 08/11/1997

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    I like playing strategy game like the total war franchise, ck2. I play dota 2 casualy as a support of offlaner. I like sports but i dont play sports game. I like music too but only to listen cause i cant play an instruments. I'm a casual gamer, i'm serious when i play game like dota but i like to have fun when playing game.
  1. Steam Name: TheRadicalOne how many hours/games played: 210h ish MMR: dont play rank yet Timezone: EST availability: weekend, and sometime weekdays (still at school) what roles you can fill/you are most comfortable with: offlane, support, maybe jungle a bit any heroes youd like to play on team/Most comfortable : Centaur, Timber, SD, bane, i can play a lot of different heros I learn fast and watch a lot of dota so even if my game time is not that high i know well the game.
  2. Hello everyone, im looking for people to play with. Im a casual player who mostly play the weekend (because im still in school). I have maybe about 200h into the dota 2 and i know its not that much compare to people who have 1k + hour but i watch a lot of dota so i have pretty solid base but im lacking in experience. Im verry friendly and i dont mind playing any posotion in a team. Im in Canada (quebec) so english is not my primery tongue but im alright at it. Im looking for people to play from time to time or to do a team (casual since im in school and dont have 10h a day to practice). Message me on steam or in the forum for my steam name. I wish you guys a good day and thanks for the time you took to read my message. And see you in a game !
  3. Hi everybody i'm looking for player to play with in dota 2 it´s been a while since I play but with a litte practice I will be top shape to play. I mainly play either support or offlane and i main timbersaw. I domt know everything about dota and i want to learn more about it. I'm not a goof ball playin and i dont troll. If you want to play with me ad me on steam and lets win some game as a team !
  4. I wanted to take part of the event by I wasnt sure if ot was a good game, now im trying it and its alright
  5. Hi, I'm from Canada. I am new in the community and being part of the AJSA is a super awsome for me since I love the ideas of Angry Joes and what the community represent. Anyway I played Dota 2 a little bit, playing support with pleasure, I just stoped because I was tired of playing alone so I'm looking for other player to play again. (Btw english is not my primery language so sorry if I make mistake when my talking or writhing.