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  1. 3 days ago it was working fine, atleast in EU.
  2. Sadly, those times are gone......
  3. There are always Faceit and ESEA....
  4. I nearly reached LE when the update released. I log in - I'm MGE. Right now I'm Gold Nova 4. I don't know how they can mess up the game even more. This is just ridiculous. A reverse will probably never happen and most of the community (including me) is going nuts about this update. Ranks may not matter, but its still frustrating af.
  5. Aren't you supposed to have nicer people in NA?
  6. Well, I just got to DMG now, I can try to play with you....
  7. Greetings! Solo Queue is just annoying, boring and even frustrating sometimes. (Trolls, Teamkillers, AFKs or just Toxic people) Ranks: Master Guardian Elite and/or higher (no Globals/Supremes/LEMs pls) I tend to rage from time to time but I calm down fairly fast. And I don't scream at my teammates, neither I curse or try to humiliate them. I'm a friendly player and can get along nearly with everyone. I'm consistent most of the time, but like everyone else, I can just have shitty days. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/AJSA47/ CS:GO stats: http://csgo-stats.com/ajsa47/ Looking forward to playing with some of you!
  8. Its not a glitch guys!!! A Fusion Core has Energy of 100. A Gatling laser has 500 ammo, that means there are 5 shots for 1 pt of FC energy. If a fusion core depletes, its still stays in your inventory, no matter of charge. If you have 44 FCs and you shoot one empty, you'll have 44 cores until you drop the empty core from your inventory. That's it.
  9. East summer time / Central America
  10. Corporate Commander strikes again..... DAMN YOU CORPORATE
  11. I don't think that anyone knows this. Its random most of the time.
  12. They changed their mind. Why? To quote Joe: F you, GIVE US MONEY!
  13. 60$ for a multiplayer only game??? And they even said earlier that its going to be free. I don't think that I'm interested in this game at the moment. That is some high level Bullshit right there. There was even a poll on the Overwatch website about the game's model- 1.FreeToPlay 2.Subscription based 3.60$ or 4. Option 1 as long as its not free to play. And you know what? Number 3 had the least votes. I mean - Its a multiplayer only game and 60$ is just too much. 40$ is hardly even pushing it. And I bet there are going to be like character skins or map packs 7$- 15$ each. I don't even know what to think now.
  15. Well, if it will happen eventually, you'll have to wait until somewhere around 2067. Because the first model (T-45D) was first used in 2067. And here is another thing: At that point in time, the US was still culturally stuck in the 1950s - 60s, so I think it may take over multiple decades to develop such technology. If we in 3067 will be stuck in the 2050s culture worldwide, power armor may eventually happen.