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  1. Never thought I'd see the AJSA return to Planetside 2 again. I am so in. Rev up those Galaxies!
  2. If you've watched YouTube closely over the past several years, it would be clear this sort of thing is nothing new. It's been going on at least since that business with Viacom a bunch of years back. I think the only reason it's getting more attention now is because it's getting more frequent and the people getting hit by BS flags get much less of a response than in years past.
  3. Banned for talking about the undercover operation. That was classified as top-secret, you know.
  4. ...you can't beat it on easy so you have to use cheat codes. You know you're a traitor when....
  5. Why must they crush my dreams? First they screw up Battlefront, now they wish to screw up the Republic Commando sequel? I don't know why Disney decided to give the license to EA. Any number of other studios out there would have been better, especially given the business practices EA has adopted more and more over the past few years.
  6. The outfit's had hiatuses in the past. If there was sufficient interest, it could be brought back, but so far as I know, there hasn't been enough to get any regular events going.
  7. Holiday-themed events, perhaps.
  8. I nearly drowned several years ago.
  9. Ah good, I've been looking for a new MC server to hang out in.
  10. It feels similar to Battlefield. Fortunately, from what I've been hearing, there won't be any battlepacks or any of that nonsense. All the unlockables, you unlock in-game, which is good. It's definitely fun, I'm just not sure how much staying power the game will have, though I've only played the two game modes they've released, so who knows.
  11. General consensus seems to be in favor of doing this. I say we utilize the testing server for training unless we need an actual combat environment for training for whatever reason.
  12. Banned because metal toys are nothing compared to the power of the force.
  13. -To join the outfit, you will need to contact an outfit staff member. -Joining the operation simply requires you to be in-game and on Teamspeak on the designated time. -We have different channels for different squads of up to 12 people and can add additional channels as needed. -Squad leads and platoon lead communicate via whisper lists. Let me know if you have further questions.
  14. Banned for not using that on Yavin IV when the rebels were trying to escape after they blew up the Death Star.
  15. Vanu removal must be undertaken in any game where they may present themselves. That's what you get, whoever's truck was painted in VS colors.