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  1. I agree with most of your posts except for the Hunter being UP in PvP. I play the Titan subclass and it's super can be countered by every single other super because the shield has a damage threshold in PvP. I don't think saying "It's a 10 year project" is a good excuse for how void it is. Their advertisement and their budget and they came out with this? I payed 60 bucks for this game I'm not dishing out 10 years of expansion money to get the game that should have came out last week. I'll play it for a couple weeks and move on to much better games.
  2. Any company would want to buy the most popular game in the world. Stop treating Microsoft like they're the worst people ever for wanting it. (please)
  3. Not to mention the little bits of story are purposely leaving out plot details so they can force paid dlc down your throat. So much potential lost...
  4. Seems pretty glitchy and the combat is clunky and doesn't feel very polished either. It also crashes constantly. Not my type of game I guess.
  5. my gamer tag is cleverly titled adampower14