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  1. Good luck, friends! I hope to see you on pc someday, so I hope that EF comes out of this stronger, leaner and fiercer. Never give up, never surrender!
  2. free

    It should be said that there are free-ware graphic design programs out there that can use the .psd format, so you don't have to purchase Photoshop. Use GIMP or Inkscape if you have no access to Photoshop.
  3. Hey guys, just downloaded path of exile, I was wondering if anyone still plays this game on PC, or if there were any groups open. What server should we use? Thanks!
  4. Welcome, Good Knights! Gems of War is a free to play game available on the PS4 and XBone, iOS, Android and Steam. It combines Match 3 with deckbuilding, and its a lot more involved and engaging than it sounds. You power up your allies and yourself by matching mana gems that match the colors on your cards, while attempting to deny the enemy mana to power theirs. It's actually quite fun if you enjoy puzzle games, it's definitely worth a try. I've set up a guild, The Noble Kingsguard, to serve as the AJSA's unofficial guild in the game. Let me know if you want an invite!
  5. stick, yup. No matter what, if you want it, you got to drop a fiver.
  6. Soo they just released the Eververse Trading Company for us to use. Below is the emotes available, with their silver prices. Enthusiastic Dance: 500 Slow Clap: 500 Pumped Up: 200 Blow a Kiss: 200 Safe: 200 Swing: 200 Booyah: 200 Formal Bow: 200 Bring it On: 200 Victory Cheer: 200 Come at Me: 200 Congrats: 200 OH, Please: 200 Evil Scheme: 200 Cower: 200 Sorrow: 200 Tantrum: 200 Watch Your Back: 200 Silver is sold as $5 (500 silver), 10 (1,100 silver) , and 20 (2,300 silver). to buy them all you pretty much have to drop $35. You get 400 free silver, so even if you want a top tier one, you have to spend, at minimum, $5. I personally think this is kind of ridiculous. I want the Carlton, but for $5? Fuck that.
  7. I'll definitely be down for the raid if you guys need another. level 40 light level 285
  8. compared to you all, mine is pretty terrible. but I'll take the title Swarm Culler, The Hivesbane with me to TTK.
  9. Hey guys! I used to be more active with destiny near when vanilla launched. Then I got busy. Now I want to do all the new content. Is it possible I can get in on the raids? I haven't done any since vanilla. level 32 titan with gjallahorn.
  10. PSN DoctorPainMD I think I used to be in AJSA room 2, but i havent been active for a while. Looking at the room looks like it hasnt been used for a while. Is tehre a new one? Getting back into destiny after quitting it a few months after launch. I want to do the new content. I am down for anything else too. Thanks!
  11. Danny of Gamespot talks about the addictive nature of random reward systems. Thoughts? Seems kind of diabolical when put in that context.
  12. Playstation ID DoctorPainMD PS2 ID Backstabuu Region US I'm new to the series. I'm down for whatever class, but I've been doing a lot of HA, seems fun.
  13. Any word yet about how to get into the beta?
  14. Sup guys, I am a part-time amateur graphic artist. I have a good amount of experience in photoshop, doing photomanip and comic art, etc., as a hobby. Recently, I have started doing twitch overlays and emotes in order to finance a replacement laptop for my now dying one. The experience has been pretty fun. I've done Angerbeard's new overlays as well as Saldytuwas' channel art. I've also done some emotes for Angry Joe. Here's some of my work: Twitch.tv overlays Twitch.tv emotes My twitch profile (i've done all the art there) let me know what you think! I'm also very open to helping any of the new streamers on this site get some new and unique artwork of their own. I'm gonna try to get into after effects, to see if I can do animated overlays, because that seems fun. Thanks!