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  1. Its a dildo. Its o ly purpose is to be a dildo. Every theory is wrong and every easter egg is wrong. It is a dildo
  2. Fucking hilarious
  3. The TS is gone, join the discord. The link is on the banner and its pretty active.
  4. It's worth it but, if you don't want to spend 30$ just go to a site like g2a
  5. I remeber thay we used to have an app but it was paid so i have no clue what was in it or about...
  6. Im too poor to buy any game in 2016
  8. Considering you said any help... If you really want to play it on PC it won't look that much better so... Upgrade your pc get a 1050 (110 at its cheapest) or a 460/50 its even cheaper and marginally worse Get a skylake i5 (its about 160) and a mobo to support it as well as ddr4 ram And well you'll probably be getting a new PC But if not Play it on xbone because F.S. and it will look and play better If its wd2 isn't in 4k it probably will be And xbone has a large and active player base as far as the ajsa goes compared to the other divisions (as far as I know) If that makes any sense
  9. So maybe a build like this? https://pcpartpicker.com/user/kakira/saved/XxPVnQ
  10. What case? And why a 250$ card there are better or marginally worse for less Like the 1050ti Or the 470
  11. You dinosaur pirate
  12. 55£ disc player thing? 100£ OS? Are you insane? Just go on g2a its like 20$ there Also the rest is
  13. How dare you offend me and my other turkeykin brethren sistren and otherenen
  14. I havnt seen it but read a very brief synopsis Anyways That sounds completely ridiculous but please share with us the things mentioned in the movie