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  1. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Kicked/banned from AJSA Discord?   
    So I've been having some major issues with Discord lately, on my phone and PC. My language keeps changing randomly to any language and one time I was randomly a member of 2 servers which I never joined or got an invitation to.
    Yesterday though, a friend of mine complained that "I" kept on spamming calls to him, so he blocked me and got pretty mad. I also noticed I'm not a member of AJSA anymore on Discord.
    I'm not sure if someone hacked me, if it's a bug or IF, I got kicked/banned from the server for breaking some rules, which would mean I was probably hacked then (in case if I spammed chats or posted inappropriate content)
    In case if I was banned, can I get a confirmation here by any of the mods or admins? And if I was, can you tell me why?
    If I wasn't banned, then "I" probably left the server. 
    So I don't know if it's a bug or I'm hacked. As I said, my Discord has been getting me into weird issues lately (language changing, leaving/joining random servers) and spamming calls to a guy.
  2. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in I am being blackmail right now!   
    I don't even know how to respond.
    I guess --- never send nudes to girls?
  3. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in Resident Evil 7's Beginning Hour dummy finger mystery has been solved.   
    Its a dildo. Its o ly purpose is to be a dildo. Every theory is wrong and every easter egg is wrong. It is a dildo
  4. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Seirex in This is how I see the Computer Industry   
    Please note this is ment to be a joke...
    if the computer industry was Highschool
    Web Developers // Artist and the stoner kids
    Game Devlopers // Jocks and popular kids
    Database Management // Mathletes
    Networking // Kids who build robots
    NetworkSecurity // kids who brake robots that the network people built
    Techs // Automotive enthusiasts 
    System Administrators // That grumpy old maths professor who doesn't like that you forgot to label a variable and fails you on your Quiz resulting in your fear of being grounded when you get home.
    Company Management // Your principal, comes up with hilarious casual Friday and looks friendly but your afraid of him, because he can crush your whole existence...with a swipe of a pen
  5. TDKSparda liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in Where is everyone?   
    The TS is gone, join the discord. The link is on the banner and its pretty active.
  6. TDKSparda liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in Where is everyone?   
    The TS is gone, join the discord. The link is on the banner and its pretty active.
  7. TDKSparda liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in Where is everyone?   
    The TS is gone, join the discord. The link is on the banner and its pretty active.
  8. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Seirex in Multi-Monitor setup   
    Quick question about multiple monitors. If I have 3 small display adaptors and one large display adaptors and set them up like
    large card => disp0
    small card => disp1
    small card => disp2
    small card => disp3
    will this cause conflicts? The plan is to have disp0 run the gui and disp1 run TTY1 and disp2 and 3 as additional work space. 
    I know if I bought a big gphx card I could set all the displays on one card but that's expensive. A couple of old gphx cards and old recycled displays are cheep. The larger card is to run more graphics intensive applications but then how are the resources distributed. Could I only run resource heavy apps on disp0?
  9. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in UFC 207: Nunes vs Rousey. Who will win?   
  10. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in Desktop update   
    So maybe a build like this? 
  11. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Velocirapter in New System Build   
    Just curious, what went wrong in your last build?
  12. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in New System Build   
    You dinosaur pirate 
  13. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in So I recently watched "Zeitgeist"...   
    This isn't another documentary about how the Illuminati is secretly controlling everything with Reptillian Shapeshifters is it? Because I'm so sick of those.
    Everybody knows humanity is secretly ruled by...

  14. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in So I recently watched "Zeitgeist"...   
    As with Crab I'll keep my opinions to a bare minimum. I have not seen the movie, but personally I think anything that tries to paint Christianity as a power grab and manipulation tool is mostly hogwash (or perhaps jealous they didn't think of it first?).
    Yes, religions can get really messed up, tends to happen whenever you've got an invisible deity who doesn't appear to get directly involved that often, if ever. However, I personally believe that the tables are reversed: it started with this pretty simple God-and-Man relationship and someone somewhere said "hey, people really eat this up, it wouldn't be too hard for me to manipulate it for my own gain." Because that's pretty much the nature of man.
    Anyway, short answer: the world is messed up, but I'm comfortable enough in my own faith to believe there's a better life beyond death. *shrug*
  15. LiquidArea liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in Happy Thanksgiving   
    How dare you offend me and my other turkeykin brethren sistren and otherenen
  16. StraightUpMelon liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in New Friends   
    Do you have battlefield or GTA or destiny or halo?
  17. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by MinnesotaMythic in New Friends   
    The weekend before last I joined my first AJSA Event for Overwatch & Rocket League on Xbox One and boy did I have fun. I don't talk very much but I always have a good time (: Thank you all for hosting such a good time and allowing me to join in the fun.
  18. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in Fallout 4 vs Skyrim mods   
    I really want a mod for Fallout 4 that adds evil options to various quests and dialogues, the return of the "Terrifying Presence" perk, voice modifiers on character creation or just outright silent, with a reworked dialogue box to compensate. 
    Fallout 4's biggest downfall in my opinion is the lack of a personalized character. Which is ironic, because it also brought the most detailed facial customization I've ever seen.
  19. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Fallout 4 vs Skyrim mods   
    Is it only me or are the Fallout 4 mods absouletely trash comparing to Skyrim's?
    Skyrim to this day gets giant overhauls every once in a month after 5 years and Fallout 4 is barely a year old and the mods for it are already 70% retextures, 10% horrible armor imports from other games and rarely a high quality one and other 20% is just small things like rexture of posters and only once in 2 weeks, a DECENT mod comes out that's barely worth to get.
    Skyrim in it's first 8 months or so was fuckin' exploding with mods. I remember every week the Nexus site in the hot files had at least 5 mods I was interested in. After trying Fallout 4 again since 4 months ago, mods are still shit. Out of a 100, I found maybe 5 that are worth to get. Not to mention the quality of the mods seems to have dropped after the release of Creation Kit. How the hell is that possible? Mods before it were more better and interesting than now...WITH THE CREATION KIT!
    Do people find this game boring or what so they don't feel like modding? I don't get it. I can play Skyrim right now and by tomorrow I'm already gonna have a 100 mods that were released within 6 first months of the game's release. Fallout 4 it would take me a whole freaking day to download at least 20 that I think are worth it.
    I see that mods for Fallout 4 right now are as "good" as Skyrim's. Skyrim for it's first 2-3 years almost every week in the Hot files had at least 10 amazing mods to download. For Fallout 4 once in 2 months I barely see 3-5 mods that are worth it.
    Armors are shit for people who like to play in bikinis, weapons are crap or just imports from other games, other shit is just uncessary retexutres of fuckin' fish, seagulls and posters.
    Skyrim by this time of release was already filled with tons of overhauls for gameplay, combat and levelling and had mods which contained 100s of custom high quality weapons and armor, animations and even quests. Fallout 4 is not even CLOSE to what Skyrim was like in the modding scene.
    Not to mention many of the modders are from popular Skyrim mods so they have tons of experience so I doubt the issue is anything with that.
    Anyone feeling the same way about it?
    I came up with this question because a friend downloaded Fallout 4 after 5 months now and he expected awesome mods. He came to me and said he didn't find even 10 mods since last 5 months that he thinks are any good. He said most shit he found was rextures, stupid slutty armors and horribly textured weapons with only a few mods that are worth checking out. He said he spent 4h modding the game and only has 10 mods. I checked out myself now and I completely agree. I haven't played in 3 months or so and mods since then aren't anything special worth getting. 90% are just some humoristic crap and uncessary and completely lore-destroying
  20. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Mexiguy in [PSA] FOSSHUB COMPROMISED WITH MALWARE DON'T DOWNLOAD OR UPDATE ANYTHING FROM THERE   
    Earlier today the open source software hostin FossHub was hacked and several program downloads were compromised and replaced with a malware that makes your computer unable to boot normally, popular projects hosted in FossHub include Audacity, Classic Shell, qBittorrent, and MKVToolNix. If you use any of them do not update them, since their primary download is from FossHub and will install the malware isntead of the update.
  21. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by StraightUpMelon in AJSA and Xbox One Division Appreciation.   
    It was 1 year and 2 days ago that I began getting completely bored because all my friends were switching to PC. My favorite game was (and still is) BF4. So I took to the Battlefield forums and began posting about how I needed a squad. Now when ever you post something like that the usual responses are from these clans that have stupid rules and restrictions. That's not what I was looking for, for goodness sake I just wanted some friends to squad up with! After I made the post I had some clans post with a link to a sign up sheet with a box to check, that signifies I have read the terms and conditions. I believe a few hours later I received a reply from this dude with the forum name of AScapeRunePlaya. At first I thought it was just another dumb clan post. But in the post was the acronym that looked really familiar, it was AJSA. I realized that this was Angry Joe's community. I had been watching his videos for awhile but never really thought about joining his community. So I clicked the link and ended up signing up. Little did I know I would be getting the friends I wanted to squad up with and then some. As I look back, never in a million years would I have thought there would be a gaming community like this! If you told me a year ago that there was a community out there that had gaming events every single night I wouldn't have believed you. The past year has been the best year of gaming for me. The AJSA is great. So here's to the past year and the next. Thank you, and see you on the Battlefield, the Smite Arena, the Rocket League field, and all the other countless games we play.
  22. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Konami want to "Win back our trust".... Bitch you for real!!!!   
    So AlphaOmegaSin posted a video about a rather interesting article.  It seems like Konami have appointed a social media manager called Ben, who now has quite possibly the most difficult (most would go as far to say impossible) job in the history of gaming......  Getting gamer's and the gaming industry as a whole to trust them again!!!!

    "Ben" has been on social media and reddit defending the company and trying to damage control and even teased that a new Metal Gear Solid game for consoles will be announced next year on the franchise's 30th anniversary.
    This really makes me laugh because as far as I and I'm sure many of us are concerned the damage that Komani have done to their reputation is way beyond repair for the foreseeable future.  There is absolutely no way I would even consider buying another Metal Gear or any game from THIS Konami for that matter, even if it does somehow turn out to be good I don't care.
    It does make me feel a little bit sorry for Ben, I mean this guy is wearing a pair ice skating boots and looking at an uphill slope the size of Everest.  He is just doing his job but in all seriousness Ben, the company you represent is a complete cunt factory and you know it.  Feel free to share your thoughts but in the mean time here are the thoughts of a loud, hairy, gaming metalhead.
  23. Bamboe liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in Changes to Conquest for BF1   
    Finally, conquest makes sense
  24. Bamboe liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in Changes to Conquest for BF1   
    Finally, conquest makes sense
  25. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Bamboe in Changes to Conquest for BF1   
    Level Cap has recently uploaded a video sharing his opinion of the changes Dice have made to the much loved Conquest game mode in Battlefield One.  Apparently tickets will no longer count down.  Instead, players will receive points for capping objectives towards a team score.  Points count up and the first team to score a given amount of points wins.  This was described by Dice as a way to make Conquest in Battlefield more accessible.  I want you to watch Level Cap's video and share your thoughts of whether this is a good or bad change.
    Here is the video: