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  1. lol well, fuck this forum already seen how this is going to play out judging by the reaction on the Star Citizen thread I made, I actually had hoped to become a part of this community but considering the ban hammers are clearly ready to be out in force for the tiniest infractions, I'm out, see ya! Have fun talking about Destiny!
  2. Seems like they're one of those typical hypersensitive people that like to make a melodrama out of absolutely anything that I really hate to be honest. I don't give a shit about them posting just as long as the moderators don't side with them I learned you shouldn't do that kind of reporting abuse because it doesn't solve anything or let people speak freely. Accusing people of racism on the internet seems to be the new Nazi because Nazi was too ridiculous before, I remember when even the U.S Congress went through a phase of calling everyone they hated Nazi's lol.
  3. There's only one response I ever need for someone who blatantly accuses me of being a racist/Nazi for no reason: ....................../´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( ..............\.............\...People like you are why censorship exists.
  4. I'd rather that than have them force me to buy digital items in order to compete with gamers or be forced to grind several weeks otherwise.
  5. By the way I got temp banned off the Star Citizen forum for making that joke so no wonder, some people seriously need to get over themselves, I'm not surprised you can't say anything without offending anybody anymore because people read way too fucking much into what someone is saying.
  6. Well done, you are exactly the kind of sucker games developers love, because they can sell textured models to you rather than actual gaming content and you'll be happy.
  7. The only way you will genuinely be able to make money is through sponsorship deals and advertisements, that's how all professional gamers of any stripe even those in football ( No not soccer you damn Americans >_< ) make money. I realise It's ironic from somebody who gets bitched at about getting a 'real' job but I can say safely unless your producing something people will want which is a basic rule in economics you won't make any money doing this. People who do this will likely already have gained sponsorship and so on or will be entering those tournaments that have cash prizes and you'll probably be squaring off at them anyway, I don't understand how people could do this kind of thing myself as I only play games for fun but there you go.
  8. No there aren't and no, before you say it I don't consider Planetside 2 a good game, I consider it a fantastic game idea, but not a good game, also we hear this bullshit all the fucking time from developers saying they'll only ever put micro-transactions in for cosmetic items and then of course when the game releases it's something like Planetside 2 where you can pay to get weaponry instantly, get exclusive guns only available to paying users or pay for easy exp gains. Fucking devs just ruined my fucking enthusiasm for a new game in about 5 minutes after I read through the website, that's a new record.
  9. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! MILK FOR KHORNEFLAKES!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAA!!! Okay, seriously a multiplayer third person shooter with space marines? I'm sold, I just hope it's going to be balanced. YES! I CAN PLAY AS THE NIGHT LORDS! MWHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAAAAA!!! Edit: Oh no guys, I just found something that immediately killed my enthusiasm https://www.eternalcrusade.com/join-the-war Shit, they are selling something digital, this isn't going to be the game we hope it will be and wtf is all this other bullshit like founders lounge and rogue trader points? It smells of cheap item shop bullshit to me and I'm not falling for this again.
  10. Because gamers are suckers, look at the Sims, they'll buy anything instead of supporting indie developers. .... *glances at his Sims 4 torrent download* Also, speaking as someone who is messing around with the stuff, it doesn't matter how much you mess with a games engine and upgrade the graphics if the art assets stay exactly the same. A lot of the time rather than actually basing their decisions on the data and features behind a piece of software used in development people are sold by the marketing and raging fanboism. I will actually give you this article about OpenGL and Directx that I once found, which explains this sort of thing perfectly. http://blog.wolfire.com/2010/01/Why-you-should-use-OpenGL-and-not-DirectX Very recently I have begun to use the Blender game engine and the amount of hatred I've seen it attract from mainly Unity 3D users is staggering to look at on the internet and what their main complaints can amount to is very basic/trivial things like "I don't like the interface" you will see this kind of arguing over Maya and 3DS Max. I definitely prefer Maya and don't like 3DS Max but that's just due to personal preference I don't actually go out of my way to attack it because I know 3DS Max is suited for different things and people like that interface more and so on. I also did some research on Directx 9 and Directx 10, in reality Directx 10 does very little different from Directx 9 and it's really only due to the Microsoft marketing machine that anybody thinks differently and looks at the numbers, same for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, when you actually investigate and compare the numbers and the components very little is different, it's all an illusion. That said, I could be just completely biased because unless the professional version is superior to an open source version of some kind of software I will always pick open source
  11. No wonder I haven't gotten a girlfriend, I need to act more like a pigeon, I must study them and know why girls are attracted to them so much.
  12. I woke up to this and now I'm rather disturbed, IS THIS HOW WOMEN SEE US?! AS PIGEONS?!
  13. From what I've heard they're releasing it on the PC but later, this is becoming a common tactic to force people to get consoles so that they go out and buy the game for an early release, too bad I'm not the slightest bit interested in Destiny because I just know I'm going to be disappointed by it.
  14. I wasn't even aware there were any angry army members going around attacking people over this? I think the majority of us recognise bullshit stereotyping and troll bait when we see it which is basically all this is, maybe we've all been around the internet a lot longer than most people, I know I have. As I've said elsewhere, giving in to these guys' provocations is just what they want, so they can enforce their stereotypical view of gamers and the internet also, going onto these websites and picking a fight with them will increase their view and click count and it's funny everyone should mention click bait sites because pewdiepie has apparently gotten tired of the youtube comments section because of the way the algorithms work in listing comments. Also, so people understand where I stand politically when it comes to women, I love feminists, I hate matriarchs, the matriarch movement is what the modern day feminists are like Anita seems to be, they are NOT feminists because feminists care about equal rights not women's rights.