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  1. AnCapDalek1 liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Is anyone in the Angry Army into Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency?   
    Wahay! Bitcoin users! I'm massively into Bitcoin and have an account on Bitcointalk as well, I regularly chat on there.
  2. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Is the gaming market ready for serious games?   
    I thought spec ops the line was a fantastic story even if the gameplay was fairly generic, but here's the thing that people get pissed off about in my view, it's not mature themes etc. that bother people ( Why else would The Witcher and Game of Thrones be so popular? ) when you promise a multi-choice game you make it fucking multi-choice. You don't give people dialogue trees and then over the course of the game funnel people into one particular ending so you can churn out your next sequel and then promise them the same bullshit about your choices 'mattering' because if your forced to pick a particular ending then it's not a fucking choice is it?
    For example, since you cited spec ops the line, I took what most would see as the honourable path where I did my best never to kill civilians and such but then that scene came along where you were forced to use phosphorous shells or whatever they were against the U.S soldiers even though you didn't want to and I was pwning them regardless.
    So yeah mature themes are totally fine with me, in fact I encourage it, but don't force me into endings I don't want just because you want to churn out more sequels and DLC because your game got so popular, that shit makes me rage quit and it's what happened to Mass Effect 3 too, they totally abandoned multi-choice for the sake of their fucking DLCs.
    If you're going to go for multiple endings, go all the way, don't screw over gamers you promised things to just to boost your sales counts.
  3. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Anyone else not like using a mic because of your voice?   
    Here's what happens to me with my voice and unfortunately I'm 24 so I don't have the puberty excuse anymore:
    UK: LOL! You sound like Alan Carr/David Mitchell
    Everywhere else: Oh hi! ( Reacting perfectly normally )
    Americans: Oh hi British dude!
    American Girls: ZOMG! British accents are hawt! < To be honest, this one freaks me out more than the Alan Carr/David Mitchell comments O_O
    ^ Exaggerated but totally true, this kind of thing happens to everyone, we all have our quirks that some people take a lot of notice of, also, I don't mind people noticing my voice, but if you make a big deal about it constantly I'll rip you to pieces because you're just being a deliberate asshole.
  4. MegaSonicGeo liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Greatest game ever on Steam   
    I woke up to this and now I'm rather disturbed, IS THIS HOW WOMEN SEE US?! AS PIGEONS?!
  5. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Why would EA develop the same game twice?   
    Because gamers are suckers, look at the Sims, they'll buy anything instead of supporting indie developers.
    .... *glances at his Sims 4 torrent download*
    Also, speaking as someone who is messing around with the stuff, it doesn't matter how much you mess with a games engine and upgrade the graphics if the art assets stay exactly the same. A lot of the time rather than actually basing their decisions on the data and features behind a piece of software used in development people are sold by the marketing and raging fanboism.
    I will actually give you this article about OpenGL and Directx that I once found, which explains this sort of thing perfectly.
    Very recently I have begun to use the Blender game engine and the amount of hatred I've seen it attract from mainly Unity 3D users is staggering to look at on the internet and what their main complaints can amount to is very basic/trivial things like "I don't like the interface" you will see this kind of arguing over Maya and 3DS Max. I definitely prefer Maya and don't like 3DS Max but that's just due to personal preference I don't actually go out of my way to attack it because I know 3DS Max is suited for different things and people like that interface more and so on.
    I also did some research on Directx 9 and Directx 10, in reality Directx 10 does very little different from Directx 9 and it's really only due to the Microsoft marketing machine that anybody thinks differently and looks at the numbers, same for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, when you actually investigate and compare the numbers and the components very little is different, it's all an illusion.
    That said, I could be just completely biased because unless the professional version is superior to an open source version of some kind of software I will always pick open source
  6. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Anita Sarkeesian leaves home due to death threats   
    Why do you think I was complaining about AJSA having a member map that tracked your city? That would be more than enough for someone to track people down here if they knew what they were doing and yes, not kidding.
  7. Gone too liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Anita Sarkeesian leaves home due to death threats   
    Death threats? Just buy a tank or learn explosive making, that'll keep the cunts away they're a bunch of cowards, yeah, I'm not a fan of the MATRIARCH movement ( they're not feminists you guys ) but going around threatening to rape people etc. is just fucking low and the people who did this should be ashamed of themselves.
    There are people I think who are genuinely dangerous and psychotic because of their political and religious beliefs but I'm not so pathetic I'll go making death threats to them over the internet.
    The interesting thing is it's not because of anonymity but because these are probably the same assholes everybody had to put up with in school, there was actually a guardian article about this that was mentioned to me awhile back and I'll see if I can find it. The people who do this don't change and the only difference is now they have the internet to do it to random strangers that they decide to attack.
    So basically the same bastard who's trying to harass you through the internet is probably the same prick someone had to deal with in their school days and because they don't have anyone to target anymore they switch over to the internet.
  8. Lethn liked a post in a topic by General Bravo in Celebrities Get Their Secret Pics Stolen   
    Well, that just begs the question of why the hell people feel the need to take nude photos of themselves.
  9. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Member Map spying is not cool, how do I disable it?   
    No script works beautifully, thanks! Didn't know about that one, for the record I have nothing against member maps in general, just make sure it's optional.
  10. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Lethn in What is the Worst fighting game you have ever seen or played?   
    You haven't played one must fall have you? HERETIC!

    scuse me while I just dance to this music
  11. Lethn liked a post in a topic by DrizzTiaN in How many of you have been banned from the Star Citizen forums?   
    I have extremely little patience for large forums. Its a waste of time to read through hundreds of short posts or long rants from people that have no idea what they are talking about. I do not even bother trying to explain things in those types of forums because for every person that appreciates my input (which does make me happy), regardless if they agree or not,  there are 100 that flame.
    In this case, in the RSI forums, last post I read was about "balancing" ships in arena commander.  Ppl are so focused on AC that they forget the larger picture. There are so many reasons for me to just go bananas and get into the "balance" discussion but I stopped myself cos its a waste of time. My point being, its so early in developement that half of the community cant grasp the whole vision yet. Help find bugs, post ideas and enjoy what we have got so far, but stop crying about hornets being better than 300is, really, they SHOULD be better fighters in straight up battles.
    Asymetric gaming paves way for so much more interesting game mechanics and tactics. I sincerely hope they place in other parameters to make the game fair than destroying the persistant world game for the sake of AC by making all ships a level playing field in AC. cough*WoW*cough
    Sorry went off topic there. But thats my 2 cents.
  12. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Lethn in Member Map spying is not cool, how do I disable it?   
    It's amazing there are people like you still around after Edward Snowden leaked all that information lol! Keep up that denial though