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  1. I bought games from them for 2 years and I never had a problem
  2. Not trying to make publicity here,but Watch Dogs is also on G2A for 3 bucks
  3. I would like to join to! Account name:Serret.2817 In-game name:Seeret
  4. I don't mean anything by saying this,but you don't need to pay to watch the movie
  5. As an old man once said:'' Ass 'n' titties ''
  6. Yhea,my bad there,but it's not on vista or xp
  7. Windows 10 is free for Windows 8 and 8.1 users not 7,vista or xp
  8. I was kidding to don't worry,I have nothing against fat ame.....nothing
  9. I don't know,the moderators here are unpredictable at best ( I don't mean anything if they are here...pls don't ban me)
  10. I don't know but...can I say rude words on the forums because that phrase puts my calmness to the test
  11. At least Europe has....uh.....unity?
  12. I was so happy but then you ruined everything with that last sentence
  13. don't not doesn't but yes I agree,the AJSA should play horde because you know...they are red
  14. Looks cool,can't wait to see the final product
  15. Ok so we scare the enemy with our posters,brilliant! (In all honesty tho it's awesome)