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  • Birthday 10/14/1987

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  1. im finally on Northern Shiverpeaks Cid.8906
  2. cool ill make the transfer right now, i spend alot of time whit my characters so im not going to delete any Dx ... after the transfer whats next to enter the AA guild?
  3. Cid.8906 server: gate of madness (america) i wanna go to NSP but, stil no one answered my question about the transfer. all my stuff goes whit me?
  4. hi, i have a question about the trasfer, if i do it all my stuff gos whit me? im lvl 80 and i have alot of things, so i wanna to be sure xD
  5. AJSA chat room is open guys. NA region, if you are not create 1 in your region, lest play together =)
  6. think the same
  7. +1 ps: i love your adventure time Gif =3
  8. Summoner name: cidluigi region: NA [north America] Areas: all xD
  9. yeah i think the same as Toxplosive, especially in the 'pay' part, most of the people don't put money in a free game xD we should just pick a default icon, if you want to.
  10. wow i'm surprised to see a lot of people whose main lane is support O_O i'm also a support. Sona - Nami - Lulu
  11. 3 in line? i don't have any specific time, i can't on saturday, sunday and monday [working all day] i'm living in Connecticut, so that is EST Zone Time. summoner name: Cidluigi
  12. Summoner Name: Cidluigi Rank: silver III Level: 30 Hours: Been playing this since S2 Region: North America i play in any role, pref Support, adc, Mid... i really like team work, thats why i play support xP
  13. so this are my best chanpions Top: vi - Shivana Mid: AHri - Veigar Adc: Caitlyn - Jinx Jungle: Vi - Shivana Suport: Sona - nami - lulu [this is my especiality] about the s4, they have awesome things, the trinked, the new jungle, and other things, what i don't like is the change for sona [my best support] they are making a sona less agresive, the range of her Q is short, also of the ultimate. i dont know, i have to play to make a final verdict. cant wait for the new Season.
  14. hi guys i'm luigi, and i play Pc games more than everything, right now i'm into diablo III, Lol, Dota, and really excited for assassin creed 4 [pc version]