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  1. My biggest gripe with your opinion is spoilers. And for correction their was no Tatooine or Hoth in this movie. But beside that the I enjoyed the movie alot but acknowledge it could be improved.
  2. There's bound to be someone. But to me personally it looks "fun".
  3. I agree The Game Theorist has some very good content, usually.
  4. (Current) Gold nova 2, (Highest) Gold Nova master. I'm probably at the rank i'm supposed to be at, But I do make simple mistakes that i could improve on. but the one of the biggest things is that i don't have a proper working microphone at the moment.
  5. congratulations, prepared to be ranked up and deranked numerous times, but still congrats.
  6. Cool to see the AJSA getting a server.
  7. I'll apply for spy on highlander.
  8. Cool well I did not know that. Well if anyone wants a Coupon for Euro Truck simulator 2 add me (baronrouker).
  9. Well when I make a badge out of cards. It gives me a coupon for a game im never gonna play. Unfortunately not tradeable. Like euro truck simulator 50% off(Which would save me 11.50, DLC not included), Not hate on the game. That's just a example i literally got that coupon.
  10. Well if Valve bothers y'all that much you can always vote with your wallets, It might actually get something done.
  11. Then you weren't keeping up to date with Angry joe's interview and other sources.
  12. t does not matter what i like or don't like. Because no one gives a dam and I am fairly aware to Twitch's policy's, I agree with you, I wouldn't want the future of Twitch being just another site to stream cleavage and other unnecessary things while they have a "game" as screensaver. But being a company its directly not profitable to remove such channels because each channel brings income. But in the long run...... well have to just wait and see.
  13. Why do you watch Twitch? Is it for gaming and other game related things( competitions, speed runs, giveaways). Or is it for the cleavage? If its for the latter they have better websites, and they should stay there.
  14. Dam maybe next time i can make it.