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  1. The multiplying villainies of E.A do swarm upon it Well we all heard of it. Need for Speed Payback. Some of us tried it, some of us did not because it's E.A so there's an immediate chance that they are going to screw it up. And shocking or not... they did. After a friend shared me his account so I can play it (he won it from a bag of Lays Krax since there's some promotion here in Romania) so after 21 hours (yes. The story takes only 21 hours or less depending on how quickly you get through the story bits while grinding for parts- ehem I mean cards-) I want to talk about this game since I was really hoping for an improvement over Need for Speed 2015. Let's begin shall we? Need for Speed Payback is the most recent game of the sadly dying Need for Speed franchise developed by Ghost Games and published of course by.. E.A Games. (don't call them Electronic Arts. Call 'em more like Early Access Games) 2015 had a real roll of a cheese in form of a story, with characters that tried to be friendly and such. I personally was amused by Manu. Here... well the characters are not really that great. And I'll soon explain why. The story of the game is like this: You play as 3 characters, depending on what races you do: Tyler Morgan, Sean ''Mac'' McAlister and Jessica ''Jess'' Miller. Tyler is the leader of the trio, with a strong desire to win races and bla bla bla. He loves racing, for short. After being betrayed by the game's antagonist Lina Navarro who joins The House, a crime syndicate which deals in races and cars and car technology (I'm still flabberghasted by the ''Cars that drive themselves'' tech), has the police under its control, and proving to be such a greedy and outright arrogant bish, Tyler calls in the other 2 so he can take down The House, humiliate Lina and bring Fortune Valley back to its former glory. The story... it honestly feels like Need for Speed Undercover but done much better. I was actually ok with the story in this game. It's not great (because... come on. It's a Need for Speed game. Even though Underground 2 and Most Wanted were so good with their stories but E.A completely forgot what NFS was about after Carbon) but not awful either. Tyler and his crew uncover what The House does during the story, you sort of get attached to them (well, at least with Mac who's a pretty cool dude) and actually feel like humiliating Lina after proving how frigging arrogant she is. There are however, other crews from The House that you must beat, for me the most infuriating one being The One Percent Club and its stupid-ass leader Natalia Nova, who's like an infuriatingly worse version of The Kardashians. She actually got me angry at some point due to her shit-talk. I'm not kidding. Her narcissism is beyond infuriating and I felt some real satisfaction after beating her and her Huayra. If anyone else felt this and humiliated her, I'm proud of you good sir or madam. The voice acting... it's passable. It's not god-awful. The actors actually did put some effort here if you ask me. But for some reason Manu and Spike were a lot more memorable for me. Not really due to the photorealistic graphics that made me feel like they're really there or something but because they were pretty nice. Here, our protagonists sometimes make weird remarks when it gets sunny or dark. It feels kinda weird honestly. But whatever. Graphics? Well for some reason this one decided to not go for the photorealistic graphics of the 2015 one which were actually really sweet to behold. I'm not sure if Ghost went for worse graphics to bring some nostalgia or because they were a bit lazy. The graphics honestly do not really match the 2017 standards if you ask me. 2015 had a really good idea with the photorealistic graphics but here they go back to Rivals-like graphics? Oh well. The detail on the cars though is quite good. The detail is there. Even the open world is pretty nicely detailed. It's nice to see a car getting dusty the more you drive offroad, the damage detail is allright even though it takes quite a crash to see some real damage on your car. One such example being the back windows breaking after a hard crash or a really long jump. I do wish this game decided to still go for the photorealistic graphics though. I'm honest with you. Even if the detail is there, the overall look makes it look outdated. If you ask me, 2015 had superior graphics because... yeah. Photorealistic graphics. Unfortunately though... EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A 2017 RACING GAME IT STILL DOESN'T HAVE INTERIOR VIEW. EVEN THE CREW DID IT AND THAT GAME WAS LESS ENJOYABLE DUE TO THE GAMEPLAY THAT WOULD MESS YOU UP QUITE A BIT SOMETIMES. The customization options for your cars are pretty neat btw. Allrighty, now for the gameplay. This one honestly decided to go full arcade. The driving feels like Most Wanted. Or Undercover. Can't really tell. The idea is that it returns to its older roots. It doesn't force you to go mostly for drifting like the 2015 one did since if you try to go all grippy you feel like you're driving a car with bricks for wheels. So it's a welcome change, at least in my opinion. Your car still relies on drifting during corners but only if you want to keep your speed up, which is not really that much of a loss. The physics... allright. Not much to talk 'bout here. OH WAIT, I aaaaalmost forgot. The way you get your frigging car boosted is not.. you know, car parts, but instead CARD parts. Yup, after every single race you don't get only cash and XP for your level but also... 1 out of 3 random cards. Throw the dice and see what you get. The card can be: Head, Block, ECU, Turbo, Exhaust and Transmission. From the next brands where you can match 3 pieces together to get a Brand Bonus: Americana (Nitrous + Air), Carbon (Acceleration + Air), Chidori (Acceleration + Brakes and a few Sasuke jokes), Nextech (Speed+ Brakes) and Outlaw (Speed + Nitrous). Since you have 6 parts you can have 2 total Brand Bonuses so have fun, with the most obvious being Chidori with Outlaw for high-tier cars, Carbon with Americana for Offroad vehicles and so on. Choose what you like. Oh did I mention the fact that you still don't have interior view for your cars? Oh I did mention it above? I'm doing it again because E.A and G.G just won't do it even for the next one. The activities you have to do in this game are not that interesting. You have your standard Circuit and Sprint but heeey Drag makes a return. Along these you have what I call ''Sprint Pursuits''. Remember when open world Need for Speed game like Most Wanted, Carbon, Undercover, Most Wanted 2012, Rivals and the 2015 reboot had cops you can engage in pursuits by going at high speed near them or even smashing 'em? Yyyeah, this game DOES NOT HAVE THAT. What the hell??? You can only engage in so-called ''cop chases'' if you either locate a crate on the map or decide to play one of the story missions where you must escape from the cops. Why the fuck did Ghost or E.A take such a decision is something that I cannot understand. Were they too lazy to have police cars randomly drive around but instead let crew members of the rival crews roam around?? Where's the logic? In fact, I see that they didn't even bother to add a Pursuit System. Even during these so-called 'chases'' where you can surprisingly still wreck cops, there's no real reward. Maybe if you count in the cash you get at the end of it, with or without a bet you're given at the beginning of the race which can give you a bit more cash, which NEVER ACTUALLY GETS BETTER? Now let me complain about this one bit: You know this big race Tyler and the others mention during the story? The Outlaw's Rush? Well it should give you quite a lot of cash at the end since it's the final frigging race and it's also pretty long? Well PISS OFF. You get still 12 500 cash, along with a bit more of a bit less cash if you succeed with the respective bet ! THE BIG EVENT, THE ONE YOU WORKED FOR 21 FRIGGING HOURS, IS TREATED LIKE ANOTHER STANDARD SPRINT GODDAMN IT. Not giving you... I dunno. 500k at the end of it, or even 1kk, SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU FEEL REALLY FRIGGING REWARDED. You feel satisfied for humiliating Navarro and ruining The House's business but niuuuup, when you see how much cash you get from the very last goddamn mission that takes quite some time to do that feeling of achievement is immediately ruined. Like taking a huge slap over the face. Good, done with my rant. The other activities you can do include Speed Traps, Drifts, Jumps, Derelicts (aka ''Search for the part of that car''), smashing through Billboards and... and this is just bizzare... collecting poker chips. Woooooooptedooooo. These activities quiiiickly get boring especially when you play alone. And I mean really quick. I was actually getting frustrated when accidentally going through some Speed Trap. It's like they are forced down your throat. You just can't avoid them. Nooow let's talk about 2 things here: The customization (excluding the ''cards'') and THE MICROTRANSACTIONS. Because of course Need for Speed needed that. It's back in this game for your cars and they are quite vast. I'll be sincere about this. You can make your cars look pretty sick either by doing your own wraps or choosing wraps done by other players. P.s: The BMW M3 GTR wrap is already in, so if you want the good old BMW and make it like the M3 GTR, go on. However, the customization feels a bit weird here. The bodykits are gone, instead being replaced by parts that match. For example combining the front bumper with a rear bumper will give you a specific bodykit sort of. As I noticed on the BMW M3 E46 while searching for the GTR bodykit. Yeah, I love that car ok? Along these you can also customize... and you'll understand why I decided to mention the microtransactions here... the tire smoke, the horn, even the underglow of your car. But these parts drop only from ''Shipments''. You get Basic ones by leveling up, while the Premium ones... require Speed Points. What are Speed Points? The currency you pay real money for. Yes, even if you already spent 60 bucks for this thing it ain't giving E.A any fucking satisfaction. (like it did for other studios. I'm looking at you Activision and 2K Games) This... is so gross. Prices for 'em? Well they range from 5 bucks to the price of another goddamn game. Yes, they actually had the audacity to go there. You can get Speed Points if you are really desperate for pink tier smoke or high-level card parts. I noticed that this is becoming an absolutely disgusting trend. And I mean literally disgusting. I usually don't swear but when I'm angry I do. AND I AM. E.A want to jump on the goddamn gravy train too. All this goddamn greed today's TRIPLE-A studios have is beyond vicious. No wonder Joe snapped when he saw 'em. It's gross. It's really gross. I was thinking about buying this game on Christmas but... honestly, screw that. Oh, did you know that more cars and story bits will be added to the game in the future? Yeah, I found this out too from someone. Explains the PC port which many people say it's bad. Need for Speed PayUsMore could've been a decent Need for Speed game honestly. It had the potential. But E.A doesn't want to understand that people just want the franchise to return to its roots. This one kinda does it but not enough. I wanted it to have those photorealistic graphics honestly as the 2015 reboot looked pretty neat with it. I wanted this one to be more of a Need for Speed Carbon sequel so we can know what happened after Darius got beaten since the protagonist in that game actually had some history there before going to Rockport City. Or hell, even a Need for Speed Underground 2 sequel would be frigging amazing if done right. (too bad E.A killed Black Box too...) But nop, E.A just don't want to listen. They think people are okay with their new games when SO MANY PEOPLE SCREAM AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS THAT THEY WANT A PROPER UNDERGROUND 3 GAME. This really gets infuriating. Seeing microtransactions starting to crawl in the Need for Speed games too is becoming pretty gross honestly. It's another by the numbers NfS game honestly. It's pretty enjoyable only if you play with someone, repeat the story or try customize cars for your pleasure so you can actually have a reason, but if you don't play for these 3 reasons well good luck trying to squeeze the fun out of this one. For all that it offers... it's barely worth 20 dollars honestly. Not frigging 60. You really think E.A that asking people to pay 60 dollars for a game that lasts 21 hours because nobody wants to do the boring stuff is of good value? NO. A 60 DOLLARS GAME HONESTLY SHOULD GIVE YOU MORE THAN 60 hours. AREN'T GAMES SUPPOSED TO HAVE A BALANCE OF QUALITY AND QUANTITY? This game seems to favor quantity. And it ain't great quantity. Don't even think 'bout spending 60 dollars on this game. Just don't. Ok? Good. Glad I made this clear. If you got it from a Lays Krax bag it's even better. My final verdict for Need for Speed Payback (PayUsMore) is a 5 out of 10.
  2. Hope they do more HORROR R.E in the future. Since yeah, the series took quite a beating from all the Michael Bay explosion action-filled R.E 5 and 6.
  3. This game may get at least 8 from Joe. We'll see what he thinks of the FIIIIIVE HOOOOURS mark. And, nope. The horror-themed music for bosses is perfect. Afterall, this is a Horror game.
  4. I've been... thinking for some time. I ask myself how could this abomination be created. I feel like taking this giant boulder off my chest. I just need to. How can one man make one of the most iconic superheroes along with some of the most iconic villains, look this stupid? Well gentlemen, let's discuss a bit about Batman & Robin. The movie that made Batman, Robin, Bane, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy look... little said bad. What to begin with? Ah, yes. The intro. With the infamous exchange of words between Batman (oh George Clooney... you should've refused this role) and Robin (played by Chris O'Donnel) which already makes you cringe or laugh out loud: ''Robin: I want the car. Chicks dig the car. Batman: This is why Superman works alone.'' What a lovely way to start your movie. But oh wait. Before this we have the ''suit-up'' scene. How could good gay sir Joel Schumacher think that people would be entertained to see butt, nipples and even crotch shots? And omg the suits. Bat-nips? Bat-ass? W...why? Just why? The Batmobile? It... looks like a giant plastic toy with lights. Next we have the scene where we meet Mr. Freeze played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. His presentation is... IS... ARE YOU REALLY THAT SURE SCHUMACHER THAT YOU WANTED TO ENTERTAIN? This only live version of Freeze is just atrocious. Not only his suit looks like plastic but his character is so cringy! This version tries to be ''funny'' by saying lots of puns related to ice. Poor Arnold's acting literally left me frozen. And I'm pretty sure every person that had the morbid curiosity or lack of self-awareness as a kid to watch this movie and see this version of Freeze later regretted it. A LOT. But oh wait, Freeze ain't the only wrong thing in this abomination of a toy commercial. How does Batman introduce himself to Victor? Like this: ''Hi Freeze. I'm Batman.'' Just like that. Why? Because reasons. Even during the movie we see what a joke of a character Arnold's Freeze is. After escaping from the duo, we see him... holding an orchestra. With him in a robe and fluffy slippers. Even when it's shown in another scene that he wants to save his wife Nora we can't take it seriously. Nope. We can't. But wait... why am I talking only 'bout Sir Ice Puns? Let's discuss about Dumb Green Gorilla (Bane) and Pornstar Plant Lady (Poison Ivy). Because these 2 are even worse. We all know even from The Animated Series that Bane was actually a very intelligent Venom-using mercenary that planned to kill Batman. How is he presented in this movie? Ooooh boy.... OOOH BOY. Bane here is a mindless brute. Serving as Pornstar Plant Lady's assistant he is so painful to look at you wish you could gouge your eyes out with a spoon or fork. How the HELL, do you think it is entertaining to make BANE... one of Batman's most iconic enemies, a scary-to-face master strategist with enormous strength due to Venom, who is notorious for breaking Batman's back, THIS? As I said he is a mindless brute in this movie. A gorilla pumped with Venom that just does what it's told that for some reason loves flexing. And not just once. Wow... this is really how you honour one of the most iconic villains Bats faced? Wow... Pornstar Plant Lady aka Poison Ivy is even more laughable. Even her ''origin'' story is piss-poor. (apologies for my vulgar language. Can't help it). Doctor Jason Woodrue, who in this movie created Venom (and unfortunately Dumb Green Gorilla, aka Bane) kills Pamela Isley due to her notice of his plans and she is reborn as Poison Ivy. While before she was nerdy, now she plays like obvious from the nickname I gave her... a freaking pornstar. She kills Woodrue with a venom-filled kiss, takes Dumby Gorilla with her and goes to Gotham after finding out that Wayne Enterprises funded Woodrue's research. (wait.. why did Wayne even fund Woodrue's research? Didn't Bruce know what Doc was doing? Nevermind) During the laughable story we see that Pornstar Plant and Dumby ally with Mr. Ice Pun to get rid of Batman once and for all after the infamous ''Betting on Pornstar Plant'' scene where Batman and Robin now make public appearences and even bid on women. Bat Credit Card anyone? At one point Planty kills Nora by deactivating her pod, convincing the enraged Mr. Ice Pun to transform Gotham in Antarctica. Batman and Robin stop him, Pornstar gets eaten by her own plant after a confrontation with Batgirl (no need to mention her much anway.), Dumby is defeated by Bats, and Alfred (ah. Wait. He has the same disease as Nora) is cured. And for some reason... Ice Pun always had the cure with him. In one of the gauntlets of his suit. Why didn't he just cure Nora? Instead after a change of heart he gives the cure to Bats. Is there anything... ok in this movie? YOU WISH. The characters are laughable, the story even worse, the effects are so cheap it makes you wanna stop wasting time with this joke of a toy commercial (because it can't be called a movie. Not one bit. Seriously? in once scene we see ice chunks on a car that wobble. Like made out of rubber. Is this seriously the best Schumacher could come up with?? At least put some poor CGI for fudge sake... not glue some rubber ice chunks to a car for reasons. Or even better, Robin and other people in the movie getting frozen. That ''freeze'' effect really makes you wanna gouge your eyes out.) IF THIS DIRECTOR REALLY WANTED TO SELL TOYS, HE COULD AT LEAST MAKE THE MOVIE SOMEHOW AVERAGE. BUT THIS? NO. I'm pretty sure Joe saw this abomination and I'm pretty sure his verdict would be the one I am going to give now. The final verdict for this abomination is a 1 OUT OF 10. It's an insult to DC. The worst kind of insult. Transforming some of the most iconic heroes and villains in dumbasses and porn stars dressed in laughable costumes. (Tananananana. Bat-nips and Bat-butt!) How could Schumacher think that making this was supposed to be entertainment is beyond my belief.
  5. The Crew - A racing game worthy, but Ubisoft show greed 2 years have passed, yes. But honestly I keep thinkin' about this game. 149 hours in it and I actually think The Crew is a worth-playin' game. But... Apparently Ubisoft prefers to do what they see as ''fit'' when... it's not the best idea. Even though I have personally posted advises to Ubisoft on Facebook at some of their post with what may really make The Crew better. More free stuff like some cars, more tunning parts, improvements on the physics (I'll talk 'bout it in a moment), more cars specs. But what I received was silence from 'em. But, at least I tried. Below I will put the last message. '' Money money money money.... but where the heck is customer satisfaction and takin' care of a company product? I posted quite some time ago a list with what would be truely best to make The Crew a much more apreciated game. (improvement of physics, new cars, new car specs, more tunning parts and new ones, improvement on the game's optimization) But how does Ubisoft want this game to be ''successful'' ? Ah yes. Don't make the car packs free because it ain't sufficient how much money people spend on Crew Credits. And here we're talkin' about lots of cash which could've been used to make the game better. Remaking the whole story would be excellent since the story is simply mediocre. But nop, they consider the current one is so good it doesn't need a change. I wonder. Why the hell does such a massive company deny customer satisfaction for some reason? Ah yes, because Gimme money. Wake upUbisoft , people are horribly disappointed by your lack of offering customer satisfaction the way a massive company should ! And a bloody expansion that should make people somehow feel like playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit or Need for Speed Rivals will not make you any better. Maybe you should've read my message from some time ago. Oh wait, you didn't because I doubt you listen to customers. All you do is to offer us what YOU want. Give surveys for The Crew more often. Some people surely have lots of recommendations. And don't ever say that ''graphic and weather improvements'' count as DLC. I had not forgot what you told me last time. Oooh no, that was really unforgivable. Graphic improvements are NOT DLC'S. They're free updates. The Car Packs should've been free. But oh... those cost money, don't they? Even if you win milions of dollars. I'm a customer who plays your game, explores it in detail like a game tester and comes up with ideas. These ideas would make the game a much more fun experience. -The story should receive a complete remake. -More tunning options and car specs should be added. (Koenigsegg Agera's Circuit Spec to be Koenigsegg One:1 is so obvious. Just like Zonda F becomin' Zonda R when one adds Circuit spec) Bumpers, hoods, mirros, body kits (new), roof scoops (new), spinners (new), more stickers, etc. -Improvement of the physics. I have 145 hours in the game and the physics need to be improved. NEVER MIX ''REALISTIC'' PHYSICS WITH ARCADE PHYSICS. Because this is exactly what we have here. Make it more arcade so it can be fun to play and it's a score. -Improvement of the in-game optimization and graphics (yes, more graphical improvements). -Rebalancing cars. Koenigsegg Agera R is supposed to be the powerhouse of this game but it's one of the most mediocre Performance Spec cars? No. Unacceptable. If you decide to make it what it really is, and add the Circuit spec change mentioned above, that would be fantastic. -More surveys for customer feedback. You have a game under your wing, keep improvin' on it! Don't add more, improve more ! You keep improving Rainbow Six Siege but not The Crew? More ideas may come in time, from fans. Have a good day. '' Not to mention that at my first ''message'' for 'em I found out that Ubisoft (get ready for this) consider that the improvement of graphics and weather count as DLC. I'm not even joking. They said it. Since then, I didn't forget this. Nor I will probably forgive. Confusin' DLC (like... you know... something you download? ) with patches/ improvements is quite an insult. Especially from Ubisoft, which is one of the biggest gaming companies to date... But honestly, even their latest decisions have been very questionable. Now that I put that out of the way, let's talk about the game itself. Now I'm sure there are people here which don't really like The Crew or just see it as a disappointment. Well for me it's not at all a disappointment. As I said, 149 hours in it and I keep playing. This game is actually good. It looks really good, the variety of cars is good (can still be better, agree? ) the driving is fine and it's quite a joy when you play it with friends. So why ain't more people playing it? Well there are some reasons and I hope I will point 'em below. -The rubberbanding A.I. Yes, I encountered it too and at some times it was incredibly frustrating. But I didn't let that ruin my liking for the game. In fact it became hilarious at times to do Highway Child and suddently see a Mercedez passing me just to end up off-road . It's clear here that it needs improvement, which maybe it'll be given in the upcoming expansion Calling all Units. (maybe) -The ridiculously funny and poor physics. So many times I just hit the back of a car and I actually continue movin' on or sometimes when they actually work I get my car crashed. Or the best of 'em all, when I accidentally hit a rock and get thrown high in the sky like I'm headin' to space. Was quite funny especially when I was playing with friends. -The weak story. Well.... let's admit it now. There are not many racing games with good story. Well except Need for Speed Most Wanted (old one) But honestly, most racing game ''stories'' are cheesy. This one did try to be more serious but there was barely any focus on it. If Ubisoft and Ivory Tower would think 'bout remaking it so it can actually be a blast of a story ohoho this game would be so much better. -The underwhelming cop chases. It's so... shockingly easy to escape from cops even when you have 5 stars. Barely a challenge. I miss those times when I was feelin' the adrenaline pumping when I was gettin' chased by cops in N.F.S Most Wanted and Carbon. Ah, good times. Now yes, my experience was affected by the issues mentioned above. But for some reason not too much. And the reasons for why it actually deserves to still be played is due to the looks, the radio music, (I enjoy listening to ambiental music while driving. And it has that) getting cars and driving around the gargantuan map. and yes especially the map. It's clear that there was a lot of work put into the map. It feels so good to drive in Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or even drive around the snowy mountains in a Raid car. The view is just marvelous. Skills ain't that great but they're useful when you need parts for your cars. Maybe we'll get better Skills to do in time. As a game for fun though, it's fun. Especially when played with friends. But even so it could've been so much better if more work was put into the A.I, physics (I drive good to avoid them physics messing me up) story and more customization options for your ride it would've been really worth buyin' even at a price of 60 euros. A 9 or even 10 game. But for now, I'll actually give it a 7. It's great. And would become even greater if Ubisoft would actually start listenin' to fans instead of doing what they prefer. Here's a salamander.
  6. I've been thinking. For quite some time. I compared actually 3 games here. Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005, Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012. Now I'm asking myself: ''How could I give that game, a 7 out of 10? Well simple. I was blind. After playing Most Wanted 2005 again, I can say that Most Wanted 2012, has barely any reason to exist. Why? BECAUSE IT'S NOT A REMAKE OF THE BEST NEED FOR SPEED IN THE SERIES, IT'S A CLONE OF BURNOUT PARADISE. M.W 2012 really deserves to be a free game. Yes, this is what's supposed to be. It doesn't deserve 8 out of 10, 9 out of 10, 7 out of 10, scores that critics gave. And we all know why. First of all, the lack of a competent, at least cheesy story. All you know is: ''Hey, you're a new driver in Fairhaven, join us in becoming the ''most wanted'' racer.'' Most Wanted 2005 had a story that actually gave us a great reason to play it. 15 blacklist racers ready to be eradicated by you after your car got sabotaged and stolen. And each member of the Blacklist has a list of things you need to do before you can race them to become the best. What does the 2012 game give us? Ah yes, a list of 10 ''cars'' you have to get speedpoints for, so you can then beat 'em and trash them up so you can get 'em. BORING. What purpose do I have to get speedpoints if I get that car for almost nothing? Not to mention that it's a real chore to get speedpoints by doing specific races for a car. 12k points a race, and you can also get your car better. And some S.P by breaking billboards like in B.P. I guess. The tunning in M.W 2012? What tunning? You get a ''part'' for a car after doing one of those lame races only to improve your performance. Why didn't Criterion include more advanced tunning? Like decals? Rims? Body kits? Spoilers? Anything. Ah wait, you actually get decals for specific cars WHICH YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO BUY. Want the iconic Nissan Skyline from Underground? Too bad, you have to buy it. Want the legendary BMW M3 GTR? TOO BAD, BUY IT. And they don't even look like the cars in the older games! Only the M3 GTR looks close to the Most Wanted / Carbon version. Really? These iconic cars even look rushed. The Skyline looks nothing like the one we remember. The 350 Z from Underground 2 looks even less than the original. Why even bother make us buy them? Because fuck you, gimme money. The city of Fairhaven is pretty much a joke. Fine, call it a nice playground, but one without a SOUL. Even the A.I is cheap. Especially on police cars. They range from incompetent to unfair! Heat 1 to 3 is easy, but after those levels it turns into a shitstorm. Roadblock after roadblock after roadblock, with no hiding spots, pursuit breakers to help you get rid of 'em and tons of police cars after you. Bullshit. Enough said. The driving is more like Hot Pursuit 2010. Drift during corners and that's it. It doesn't bring back the old Most Wanted arcade driving. If you slam in a roadblock with SUV's, you get wrecked. Fine, the driving is ok. But only if it wasn't a ''Most Wanted remake''. The roster of cars is.. ok, I guess. We got the new Lamborghini Gallardo, we got Porsche, we got Mclaren, Marussia, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, good cars. One does not really appreciate 'em if you can't tune them for your own liking however. ''But Paz, Hot Pursuit 2010 didn't have tunning either! Why bother with it so much?'' The old Hot Pursuits didn't have tunning either. Hot Pursuit 2010 follows the old H.P's legacy perfect. That is the best example of a true remake, not this joke of a ''Most Wanted remake''. Wanna tune your lovely Bugatti? Too bad, you can only do performance. Wanna tune your Marussia B2? Too bad, performance only. Multiplayer? Oh, open-world multiplayer? Who gives a damn if it gets boring so quick? You do a list of races, you do those races, get speedpoints, that's it. With a bit of fun element that dies really quick. Especially since Autolog sometimes disconnects you for fuck knows what reason. This game should've been called Need for Speed Fairhaven or something. But not Most Wanted. This is not a remake as it was supposed to be. The game can look fantastic and play nice, but pointless if it doesn't follow the original. And this is the best case. What we have here is a Burnout remake, Need for Speed version, with new and older cars, some available in-game some others to be purchased with real money (who the fuck, wants to get cars with in-game money? What's wrong with the new gaming industry? Seriously) where some iconic cars barely look like the originals. (except maybe, the BMW M3 GTR) This fucking game, would've been a decent Need for Speed game if it wasn't a ''remake'' of an old classic we all love. The final rating for Need for Speed ''Most Wanted'' 2012 is a 3 out of 10. A terrible ''remake'', and a simple copy-paste Burnout with some Need for Speed elements here and there. If you want to play Burnout Paradise, go play it. Want to play Need for Speed just like this one's gameplay? Go play Hot Pursuit 2010. If you still wanna play this shit, hope you got it for free. And don't even dare, buy any of the car ''packs'' the game has to offer. Wait until maybe E.A decide to give them all for free. This game is dead for me, and I'm sure it's for others too. I'm talking about the fans of the original who got horribly disappointed or angered by this. If Criterion and E.A wanted to remake Most Wanted 2005, they should've just gave us the original, with more realistic pursuit breaker physics (and maybe some new ones), more cars in the roster, a slightly improved story, an even bigger Blacklist, some truely amazing graphics and even better police chases. Not this joke. It should've been voted as one of the Worst games of 2012, not one of the best racers.
  7. I think 8 matches too. Since the story is not as deep as it was expected. It's just decent, that's it. Gets points however for the lovely gameplay, the upgrades you have in your arsenal and the gorgeously detailed city of Prague which you explore. It will probably hit 4th spot in Joe's Best Games of 2016 fo' sure. Now let's see what Mafia 3 and Battlefield 1 have to offer. I have a not so good feeling 'bout Battlefield 1 for some reason. What if it will disappoint?
  8. Accidentally pressed enter while I was going to do the review. My sincere apologies.
  9. Spooky spooky! BOO! Gotcha. Now that we got that out of the way, who still remembers this game? Wooptedoo, I still do. And probably you too. Back in 2003 when it first came out, people were, pretty creeped out. And I gotta say, Nosferatu Wrath of Malachi is one of the scariest Survival Horror games out there. Let me tell you why. Graphics For a 2003 game, Nosferatu looks good. This game really brings the hibbie-gibbies down one's spine only by it's looks. The monsters you encounter during your lovely castle tour are in my opinion some of the creepiest-looking. Vampires, ghouls, posessed gypsies, hellhounds, even demon gargoyles. But what scared me the most, are those Shadow Vampires. These floating shadows terrified me when I encountered them. And the castle itself is, I gotta say one hell of a maze. But hey, it's a castle. So of course it's creepy. Castles are always creepy. Sound No doubt about the sound. It gives the ''castle tour'' such a dark and terrifying atmosphere you sometimes get jumpscared even by a random instrumental screech. The in-game music reminds one of the old years. I would say, 1900 or something. Somewhere there. Transylvania could never sound scarier than this. The sounds of the enemies in-game are also fuel for one's fears. Especially the screech of the smaller vampires you encounter, the zombie-like sounds of posessed gypsies and ghouls or the terrifying roar of the shadow vampires. Story Well a horror game ain't a horror game without a bit of story. Nosferatu's story is 'bout James Patterson, son of a poor but proud aristocratic family, travelling to Castle Malachi, Transylvania to his sister's wedding. As soon as they arrive there however they are greeted by the entrance door nailed with crucifixes. Trying to find out, James discovers that his future brother-in-law is a vampire and plans to sacrifice Rebecca and the rest of the family to revive the ancient vampire Malachi. James must save the rest of the family who are now lost in the depths of the castle and rush to his sister's rescue before it's too late. The story is simple, on the subject and it didn't need some overexaggerated details and presentation. As you advance in the story you discover that there's no possible way to save Rebecca. You can save the others, but Rebecca will be the only member to die. After watching your sister perish, you engage in a nice battle with The Count who dies after being exposed to the sun. And, as quick as it sounds, you now move to the battle with the awakened Lord Malachi. After his defeat, James is seen as a hero and the story ends. Gameplay Gameplay is of course First Person Shooter/ Hack 'n Slash (if we include the Cane Sword). As you advance through the story and save family members you will be rewarded with new weapons. For example if you save Sir Andrew or aunt Emelie you'll be rewarded with the Revolver, save Aunt Sophie and you'll be given a key so you can advance further, and crazy ones like a machinegun from saving your grandpa Frank Patterson. Not all weapons work on some creatures however. For example Shadow Vampires require you to strike them with light from a charged Crucifix or splash them with holy water from the chalice. Boss fights with vampires are, as I would say, exactly how a vampire should get killed. After the fight you'll find them back in their coffin in a regenerative state and in order to permanently kill 'em, you have to stake 'em in the heart. During the game there are also encyclopedias hidden around areas that show info about the creatures you encounter. There are things that kinda got me confused however, like a Zombie dying from 1 stake to the heart (which should actually be something like a bullet to the brain) while a Desmodiij (aka lesser vampire) dies from 2 stakes to the heart. A little more thinking was needed here, but even without it the game is an enjoyable experience. Another thing here is the random location generation of family members. If you die and respawn at the spot where you first found 'em, you'll have to look in another spot because we presume they ran like chicken. Also be careful at your stamina, as it drains if you walk too much or use the cane sword like a spammer. So great care to not run out of stamina or you're in trouble. Verdict For a 2003 game, Nosferatu Wrath of Malachi still deserves a revisit or more. It's one of the gems of the Horror genre, at least in my opinion. Yes, it could be scarier if you didn't have so many weapons at use, but even without them the game's chills are enough to make you move slow in the castle's hallways and stairs, ready for unexpected danger around a corner. The game deserves an 8 out of 10.
  10. So what score would Deus-Ex Mankind Divided deserve? I say an 8 or 9.
  11. Mno no no no no. Arkham Knight has a damn good story, exceptional graphics, sound. I would put it 3rd best. After City and Asylum. Still surprised Joe didn't do a review for Arkham Origins back in 2013. I think it would've got a 5.
  12. How did I get to play this thing 1 and a half times? Well... fuck if I know. But honestly, by rethinking everything this game has to offer, I can clearely say that Batman Arkham Origins is the weakest game of the entire serie. Without a doubt.
  13. Dunno if I should consider this review serious or a very poor joke. It ain't the worst game of 2016 anyway. Pronto. It's just disappointing for what was promised and what was offered. That's it. This sort of overreaction is just meh. Worst Game of 2016 will be either Ghostbusters, Umbrella Corps (Wanna collect DNA samples?) or a game I saw gettin' ''tested'' by Jim Sterling, called The God's Chain. But no bloody way No Man's Sky is a bad game. It's just disappointing. At least in it's current state. It will get more content as time goes by and fixes. That ain't a problem at all. Have a good day.
  14. LOOONG TIME NO SEE FOLKS. Finally having the chance to do a review after a long time (well, if it even matters) .Since 2015 has some huge potential in gaming, I decided to start with, Dying Light. Yea, Saints Row Gat Out of Hell is out too, but I may review it later. Let's first see what this highly anticipated survival horror game has to offer. A story about survival and investigation After a virus outbreak in Harran puts the city in quarantine. People infected by the virus are mostly regular zombies during the day, while at night, they go through grotesque mutations that literally transform them, into bloodthirsty predators that kill everything on sight. G.R.E freelancer operative Kyle Crane is sent into this quarantine zone in search of Rais, the brutal leader of the bandits. Angry over the loss of his brother, Rais stole a file, codenamed Tempest., which contains a incomplete synthesis of a possible cure for the virus. With the file in his hands, Rais uses it as a bargaining chip against the GRE. Kyle, now a Runner, tries to win Rais' trust,but also to get Antizin, a medicine that is crucial to keep the survivors from transforming into the terrifying zombies everyone fears. Including Kyle himself, who got bitten. This story will keep you for maybe, more than 30 hours on your seat. I found the story fascinating and engaging. That's why it receives a 9. Parkour. Stay high, or fall dead That's right. Parkour is the game's bread and butter. While also your main way to move through the city, Parkour is also the game's main fun element. It's very well done, and it improves as you jump more and more. This is for sure the parkour that Brink tried to implement into. Which failed horribly. Dying Light, is literally parkour perfection. You will have so much fun running around, climbing, jumping from building to building, and more. While we concluded the fun of the parkour, let's also talk about the exploration, and battle mechanics. You'll be trying to search for different weapons that'll help you fight the hordes of zombies. Along materials for crafting, consumables to stay alive, and even to lure off (firecrackers) or annihilate zombies (molotov cocktails). Weapons also have their own durability, that slowly drops down with each hit landed to a zombie. (not the balls. But the head). Once you've made minced meat out of a dozen of zombie's brains, your weapon will break, meaning that you have to use another one. If you don't, offer 'em a kick then return when you have a new weapon. Also, exploration is important because you need to find safe zones. Also, Kyle has a special Night Sense that will help you explore more. That will also help you, avoid the terrors of the night. Verdict for gameplay, 9. Day walker. Night Stalker. -Night Stalker, DotA 2 As the game's name suggests, you really have to look constantly at your clock. Because once it's dark, you have to run for your life, or struggle to stay alive if you have a gun. Zombies go through grotesque transformations, becoming faster, stronger, and as agile as you are. The main example, is the Volatile. All you can do while you're spotted by one, is to try your best to run away from them. Don't forget to use the UV Light, as it stuns them for a moment. Giving you a chance to escape. Be sure you are close to a safe zone. And remember: "Avoid the night. Or die in fright. " For the atmosphere, 8.5. The graphics.The looks.The acting Yes, Dying Light is an absolutely gorgeous-looking game. It's beautifully detailed. Even on Medium levels. The lip syncing is well done. The dialogue also. The actors did a very fine job. Kyle being voiced by Roger Craig Smith. Who also voiced Ezio from Assassin's Creed. Now more about the graphics, I didn't find any bug or glitch. This shows the quality. Techland clearely worked a lot on this game. I was very satisfied. I think this is already the first game of the year that will surely be amongst the Big Ones. Graphic and voice act wise, 9.5 Wait.We have multiplayer Let's not forget. The game has multiplayer too. 4-player co-op for you and 3 friends. Sweet! Also, a second mode called Be The Zombie. Where a player can take the role of a special zombie called Night Hunter. Which will literally scare the hell out of anyone foolish enough to venture into the night. 8 . It could maybe use more modes. I really am curious how PvP would be. The Verdict So far, Dying Light is the first game that came out flawlessly. Techland delivered us, in my opinion, an excellent game with an interesting story, fun gameplay and excellent atmosphere. My final verdict for Dying Light, is a 8.8 Now, this is only my personal opinion. If you guys think it deserves more or less, it's probably about personal taste too. Next review will be for Evolve.
  15. While smokin' a cigarette and gettin' refreshed with an apple I suddently started thinking about this game. Yup, sounds weird right? But welp, as I said, I will indeed be reviewin' older games when I have nothing to do. So let's see how is this game in my eyes, compared to what's this game in Joe's eyes. Duke Nukem Forever, is a direct sequel to Duke Nukem 3D ,the childhood game for many of you. After 12 years since the aliens were defeated, Duke became the main savior and icon for the entire planet. (and the dream-man of every single babe. Huehue). The aliens though, return once again, attacking Earth and seeking revenge on Duke himself for litereally humiliating 'em. Now it's up for him to teach the aliens a lesson, once and for all. Duke Nukem Forever has some okay-ish graphics if we stay to think for a minute. They ain't bad. The developers( 4 freaking developing teams) tried their best to make the game look decent. Even with their low budget for the game. Yea, it's more of a 2004-2005 game. Not 2011. But they tried at least to make this game look fine. But let's not look just at the graphics. Let's see the gameplay. I sort of hate this part. Since it's pretty much average. It's Halo-like. Instead of a regular health bar, as in previous games, Duky has a Ego bar, which regenerates when in a safe spot, or can be increased by doin' different stuff. Like admiring yourself in the mirror, playing mini-games(which are..meh), lift weights, or slap wall-boobs(because regular boobs are way too mainstream) and more stuff. And, of course, the disappointing 2-weapon limit. Come on, where's the freaking Duke arsenal of destruction and chaos? I want that one. I want to use all of Duke's weapons. Not just 2 of 'em. I don't want to have just Devastators and a pistol, or shotgun, or rocket launcher or whatever. I want the entire Duke arsenal of destruction and rampage. And, really? 1 beer, and Duke gets shit-faced. Best idea for beer makin' him more resistent. How about we all drink 1 beer, get shit-faced, and try to crack a wall with our head? What should I say about the levels. Some are pretty fun, others are really boring or don't have reason to exist in this game. For example, the toy car driving. Come on man, really. Those aren't Dukish. Real Duke stuff is to kill aliens, fuck around with stuff (no, not playin' with shit) and bein' a badass. Still, I liked the monster truck drive in the desert. It was pretty fun. Exceeept, that the truck itself should've had unlimited gas. Lame try for something realistic? Probably. And, "I hate Valve puzzles" . The levels where I had to do puzzles were boring. As Joe said: "That's not Duke! Duke would never do that, Duke would say: -Man FUCK YOUR PUZZLES." But the turret sections were pretty fun. What can I say. Any other way to destroy a gigantic mothership? Except bazookas? Now, Duke himself. He was sort of funny at some parts, but he was pretty lame and insulting at most parts. We all know this classic one: "Power armor is for pussies". Obvious reference to Master Chief. Although even Halo Combat Evolved is better than D.N.F. Sadly. Yea, I can imagine that after 12 years he got older and presumibly more mature. But come on.. I still wanted that badass Duke. But, the game itself wasn't really boring. Despite many thing could use more work, they at least tried. This game is not a really bad game. Yea, sure, it's supposed to be 2011-like but it's more of a 2004-like, but come on. It's Duke Nukem. We all love Duke. However, the judgement time is here. If this game would've been released in 2004, I would've gave it,a 7 out of 10. But it's from 2011. Although it should get a 4, I actually give it a 5 out of 10. It's not Meh, it's more of an Average game. It was pretty fun. But not fun enough to impress me more. It's true what Joe said though. The developers should've completely re-developed the game. Throw out all the content, and give Duke the treatment he needed. Although it managed to keep up a bit to an average level. Now, if there will be a new Duke Nukem game in the future, I hope it will have a more interesting story, and Duke will return more badass than ever. This, of course, if there will be one. My next review will be for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Meanwhile, I'll probably post my first impression on Evolve. It will probably take me some time to finish CoD A.W for the review, since I have no idea how long can it be. So see you soon guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3vXZJCfb_8