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    PC Games. Xbox 360. PS2. I mostly enjoy playing boardgames and Magic the gathering with my buddies.

    Really enjoy RTS games not much of a shooter gamer.
  1. star citizen

    Hiya! Yeah I wouldn't mind playing a bit. I am not sure how the grouping works I have played a bit of 3.0 I haven't had any bad issues with it I just mainly been enjoying what I can but in small doses. Maybe we can do some swarms to keep ourselves sharp.
  2. Does this mean no Black & White 3?
  3. FINALLY!! after many years of watching Joes videos on youtube for about 5 years or so I made an account on this site..maybe a year ago. Now I finally made my first post. I came here to see if Joe has any plans on talking about Star Citizen I know about a few years ago he made a video where he pledged to the game but then that was about it. Am hoping to see if any new information comes up of him checking out Star Citizen. Also hoping to find other who are apart of AJSA who plays Star Citizen so maybe we can play some time. Cheers and blue skys!
  4. Hello so awhile back I watched a live stream while Angry joe and Mega4manda were playing they were playing a game where that was kinda like Diablo but it seemed like a scroller type game where you have heroes and fought other monsters in a open world it was birds eye view I cant remember the name of it. But they were trying to find a cave for a mission. Its bugging me I cant find the name of the game I think it was also a kickstarter and player funded. Any help would be appreciated.