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  1. Hm...that was a little cool, I guess, but...well, read on. This is what I have to say about this Call Of Duty installment so far. (And an important message about COD in general that I feel I should say. Warning: Incoming wall of text. Contains my opinions, and may not be 100% accurate.) While this trailer for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare doesn't rely on the ass**** tactic of using a cinematic that's not even part of the game, and instead relies on the actual game-play, I'm still not sure this will be far better than Call Of Duty: Ghosts. It might be a little better, as it seems the texture quality and character animations were actually improved (looks about as good as Just Cause 2 on PC at High Settings), I'm concerned that the kill-streaks presented here might be overpowered and too rewarding. I really think they should put in a way to balance the more destructive kill-streaks by allowing something like...oh, I don't know, counter-streaks or something? A way to take down players who are using the insane kill-streaks or the possibly overpowered perks (assuming the Specialist Class comes back). Although I will say the art style is very nice, and the weapon decals are impressive. I'm glad they didn't reuse assets from Modern Warfare 3 or Call Of Duty Ghosts, but, if the PC port is as fundamentally broken as Ghosts or even worse than Ghosts, then I can't find myself to buy it. And even if it's not a bad port; no FOV slider means it will give me a lot of eye strain and a massive headache from even playing it, and therefore it means I can't play it or recommend it on Steam. Please consider how your mentality and eyes work before you purchase any upcoming Call Of Duty on PC. And before you say "This game is actually a lot better on consoles" or "COD is meant for consoles" or anything like that, consider this: If this COD (Advanced Warfare), like the last one (Ghosts), is broken on PC, then it will be broken on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, considering both of these consoles have x86 64-Bit architectures, or basically Windows PC 64-Bit architecture. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of COD: Ghosts was pretty much broken as well (in my opinion). Although, COD: Ghosts played best on the PS4 to an extent, it was still prone to crashes, screen tearing, and random freezing. And about COD being "meant for consoles"; I think that statement is biased. First Person Shooters, by origin and by nature, are supposed to be meant for PC. The very first Call Of Duty was released originally for PC, and did great on it. So the statement of COD being meant for consoles is factually incorrect (opinion). A more accurate statement would be COD is meant to work on every platform it's released for. The fact that COD has been racist and very nasty to the people who play FPS on Steam (with one or two exceptions) is absolutely disgraceful for a company as big as Infinity Ward and an even bigger company as Activision. TL;DR version: I'd like to end my statements with a note to COD fans: I'm sorry, I don't hate COD, I loved Black Ops and COD4: Modern Warfare's multiplayer and Black Ops 2's Zombie mode, but I severely disliked MW2, MW3, and Ghosts. All gave me headaches/earaches, even on consoles. And if this is as bad as Ghosts, then I will dislike it. (Opinions, not facts.) If you buy this game instead of other multiplayer focused First Person Shooters, I will respect your decision, but I can't join you if it's unplayable for me.
  2. Hi. I guess I'm an Otaku. I've been doing anime critique as of late, and I feel there's a lot of underrated anime and manga out there that's trumped by overrated nonsensical anime, such as Naruto or Inuyasha. I don't hate these, especially the ones I just mentioned, but I'm objective and am not the biggest fan of them. Anyway, thanks for making this topic, fellow otaku. My name is Power Salute Delta. Power to you, with a salute.