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  1. My fave loadout: The Blutsauger AKA The Bloodsucker The Quick Fix The Bone®Saw I use this loadout when I'm playing with a bunch of shitheads and I just want to keep them alive at that point.
  2. Hello people. Call me Porthos. I am also known as Pheenix if you're in the Guild Wars 2 circle. A little about me. Main class: Medic. Secondary classes: Engineer, Soldier Medigun of choice: Stock. (But Quick Fix is favorite though) Game mode of choice: Payload (Control points coming in at close second) Side of the Atlantic I play on: EU Hours spent in TF2 at the moment: 250 (not much. I know) Type of games: Pubs (dint try out any competitive yet) Let's hope we get along and go server cleaning.
  3. Congratulations Yodo and [[insert williamshatnerkhan.wmv]].
  4. So we all probably know what happens when you get a random group of pubbies and go running a dungeon path without any prior experience. Everyone leaves, calling you a noob or everyone wipes during a boss battle and they leave anyway. Not happening here. We did CoE P3 and the TA Aetherblade path and during the whole run, one left because he was tired and the other dced midway, came back, tried to play, got dced again and then messaged me telling he was sorry. Not always you get awesome people like them. http://imgur.com/a/MwtAC
  5. Really? The Warrior class is considered one of if not the "easy button" of the game.
  6. Thieves and Mesmers are just hard classes to play since you will be staring at your downed/death screen in a blink if you slip even one step.
  7. As long as its this type of Disney song, I don't mind
  8. Indeed it does.
  9. I already have it muted anyway. Pop, which is like 90% of the tracks that are playing on it, ruined my mood once and I don't want it to happen another time.
  10. It's been a wonderful run, sir. You can leave it to us to bear the helm. -- PheenixWing. Vet of Angry Army EU.
  11. Oh and here is the review I wrote for Firefall a month back or so. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/22219-reviews-for-unturned-and-firefall/#entry242114
  12. Are you serious? Firefall is a huge grindfest. It's somewhat better but there really less zones and literally no end game content. Also, Dragonfly is decent but I feel Assault is OP in terms of sheer firepower.
  13. I'm guessing that the server is NA based? Edit: Lol the PlayWithSix launcher is having problems booting up.
  14. Now the reviews themselves are too big to be written down here and contain too much hypertext, picture content etc so I will just link them to where I've posted them. Once again, they are really big so I suggest you grab a drink or two before you get down to reading them. Unturned Review: http://www.pixelgab.com/2014/08/plagiarism-or-genius-the-tale-of-unturned/ Firefall Review: http://www.pixelgab.com/2014/08/an-apocalypse-gone-wrong-a-firefall-review/
  15. So we had our first guild mission today. We decided to split into 2 groups and take one each guy down. How did it go? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being utter failure and 10 being fucking awesome, I would rate it a 20. Well, after we did it, we regrouped back and had a small(?) photoshoot before heading out into WvW. I personally kept my finger off of the PrtScrn button until the opportune moment but somebody (coughOkitocough) didn't. Never the less, to commemorate our first guild mission and its huge success, here are the pics. http://imgur.com/a/4XX2t -- Okito's album http://imgur.com/a/BIPqM -- My humble album Scratch one for the Angry Army!