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  1. If you're in the creator, you should be good!
  2. Huh. Odd. Well, they do have some issues that still need ironing out. I'll browse around their forums and see what I can uncover
  3. Click the shards below that say Enter xD
  4. If a second chapter is in the making, I would like to suggest starting it in Uno. (My friends and I may have gotten a little too invested on that server already to switch to Edan)
  5. I'll be sure to get a character over to Eden if I have not yet.
  6. And yep. It got greenlit. Yay...
  7. Anyone who still needs convincing, don't be a broom.
  8. Bright side: If you get it and die within the first two hours, you still qualify for a Steam refund. Poor video game logic being overcome by economic policies. Thanks, Steam!
  9. After a month or two of gameplay, the community will actually boil down to nothing but elitists and trolls, having literally killed everyone off. Sadly, I see this getting greenlit.
  10. So I ran into an article about this game and I have to say, it's a pretty shitty concept for a $10 game. "One Life" is a post-apocalyptic first person online shooter that seems to be feeding off of one's desire to have power over other players. When you die, the game locks your steam account out from ever playing it again. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534994203 That's just...a bad mechanic.
  11. Currently, they've integrated twitch subs, got a mod from the guys over at technic which allows modpacks to have a built in Discord chat within Minecraft. I'm curious to see what comes next after their in-game overlay is released.
  12. Hm. That might be something worth getting in contact with them about. Though it may also have to be a discussion between InvisionPower and Discord, unless Discord makes a widget that operates like that.
  13. The app works on PC, Mac, web browser clients, Android and Apple devices. I use PC client, primarily, but switch to the web client at work and the phone app when on the go. It's pretty handy.
  14. Greetings, Angry Army! I have come today to tell you guys about a new chat system called Discord Discord is an all-in-one text chat built specifically for gamers. Its services are 100% free and the dev team is actively updating it every two weeks to a month. Its first release was back in May. My friends and I happened to come across it and we wound up moving our base of operations over to it instead of Skype. I even wound up pulling my friends who used teamspeak for its voice channels and lower resource usage. The screenshot here shows off its layout What Discord offers: Free server setup. Type a name and it's ready to go. You can immediately set up channels and set roles after that Browser client with no registration required to try! Low CPU, bandwith and latency IP and DDoS protection Image/video embedding when you paste links. No more blind link clicking! (last update seems to also let you play YouTube videos) Individual volume control Modern text chat with separate voice channels Permissions. They recently added role separation in lists as well as colors representing those roles. More on the way! (we should be seeing an in-game overlay within the next few updates) "Completely free? Okay, what's the catch?" No catch. They plan to sell themes, sound packs and bits that don't relate to the service, itself. They promised their service will be absolutely free. "Okay, how much did they offer to pay you?" Nothing, honestly. I just really like this program. I haven't used Skype or TeamSpeak ever since I got it installed and I want to help grow its popularity. So, I sow my seeds in forums and let it grow from there! I wound up getting 60 people from the Divinity forums (as well as a couple Larian staff) to join my Divinity Discord server. They like it.
  15. So after playing a week of the alpha, I have to say it's the most well-polished alpha I've ever played. I like the dual wielding capability of tools, blocks and weapons. Gameplay is fun. Needs improvement, but it's great for the stage it's in. My only problems being adventures are all public, jump attacks are overpowered in PvP, and crafting takes a lot of resources. They've got me onboard as a dedicated player for when the game actually goes open beta or full release, either way. Their business model seems to be a breath of fresh air. I've heard from employees that they're still debating on monetization options and that they're against pay to win and aggressive microtransactions. Cosmetics is a high possibility on the choices. They have my hopes up! Let's see if they screw this up or not!