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  1. Pro rated refund? Do you by chance pay XBL in increments greater than 1 month, like ever 6 months for example? That might explain why it doesn't say the whole thing, since it might take away from the refund for every full month used. Would make sense for anyone who doesn't do 1 month.
  2. The picture I showed says you get a refund of $9.99 which is what a month of Xbox Live costs.
  3. So when I get Xbox Live, I like to disable auto renewal some time before it renews, because I don't always want to have xbox the next month. Today I was going to do that and noticed that the second option, instant end of subscription, gives you a full refund of what you paid for the month. You could even get the refund the day before it's to expire according to this. So my question is, is this a one time thing or can you do it every time? I would assume it's a one time thing but I've never tried it so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. If it isn't a one time thing this seems extremely easy to abuse.
  4. I imagine this was the threat she got:
  5. I would suggest you go for the PC version if you can; it is definitely worth the extra $8-$10. Minecraft on consoles just simply has too many restrictions compared to on the PC. I will try to make a PC vs Xbox table down here. PC: •Always will be ahead of console in updates •You can play any version of minecraft on PC. - This also means you don't have to upgrade if you don't want to or if you just prefer a previous version, or with the Minecraft launcher you can switch between versions. •You can make and use any skin you like •You can find new players on servers •You can use any texture pack you want without paying and other players don't need same texture pack •In recent updates it seems that now you can even have new models for objects as well - so mesh packs • Commands - You can type commands in and do basically anything you like. •In game chat - I know you said XB1 will be keyboard compatible but I doubt they will have the chat •You can download other's worlds and saves •Game doesn't take forever to load or save - in fact its autosave. •Extending on my first point, new things are always made on the PC and then they decide to move that to console so its impossible for them to ever be ahead of PC ♦ MODS MODS MODS MODS!!!!!! - You can't not do anything with mods! •Infinite Worlds! - XB1 may be some number of times bigger than 360 minecraft but it will never have the power to do this. •You don't have to pay to play online - Xbox live is required to play online •New update doesn't mean you have to abandon your world - On consoles once you discover all of your map there are is nothing more to spawn in other words when there's an update many things won't be able to spawn. Example: When the Jungle update came to 360 I needed a new world because I had alread seen my entire map. •Player limit is much much higher •Servers can be open 24/7 for players to join and leave at will •Will never be obsolete - although XBOne won't become 'obsolete' any time soon, it kinda happened already to 360. Edit: I just remembered that they're doing an upgrade sorta thing where you only have to pay $5 I think. That's pretty cool but it kinda reassures the fact that 360 is being left behind. Xbox 360- Xbox One •Lower Price •Easier to play with your friends •Every world acts as a tiny server (though when you leave it closes) •Xbox mics are able to be used (though I think you can use things such as teamspeak for PC) •Easier to build with controller or TV screen is better than PC screen (put them together since they are mostly based on opinion) •A single player world can just as easily be a multiplayer world I can't think of any more so just take a look at that , in my opinion its worth it to get PC version instead of Minecraft 360: Shiny Edition
  6. So when I was watching a Angry Joe video and it was lagging I had the idea for this. Post funny screenshots of Angry Joe at random points in a video, I'll start it off. " D: " " Gimme dem big ass titty " " My body is ready "
  7. ... Its so hard to be a lizard...
  8. I just like the basic Mayo and Ham Grilled cheese also does it for me. Oddly I always drink milk with such things....
  9. Your picture makes it so much funnier ^-^ I am surprised how many people hate Skyrim, I myself had never played it predecessors but I absolutely loved it and I've been trying to get it from my friend the last couple of days. For me I'd have to say Halo. I played 3 and I didn't know the story at all and I didn't really like the aliens, also the way Master Chief is put on a pedestal and oh how many gamertags Ive seen saying halo345643565893345 or masterchi3f343879785 really fueled my hate for it. I have the Halo 3 multiplayer disk but I never play it. I agree with the AC critiques but I really want ACIV :3
  10. I always play a stealthy character and play with bows a lot yet oddly enough I never pick a race that has those traits. I think I should fix this this time around and play as the Aldemeri Dominion and as a Wood Elf. on a side note, I was so disappointed with the Beta testing, it took me 2 days to download only to find out the when the game launched I only got a black screen with music. Many say this is part of beta testing but this bug was there since the last beta test time and was never fixed.
  11. Well I know English and Spanish and at my school for foreign languages they have spanish and french so I might pick up french if I don't take the lazy route of spanish.
  12. Oh yeah, now I remember why I sided with the Stormcloaks... Yeah, I have no Idea how I missed it either xD my character was a Brenton so maybe thats why my character got no racist remarks. I noticed the elves in windhelm but it never occured to me how Ulfric was in charge of windhelm, I now derp in agony. Hopefully i havent completed the fetch quest for the stormcloaks so I can join the Imperials. Also, when I left Helgen I followed the Stormcloak guy because the other guy had just tried to behead me and as a result the stormcloak guy had sorta brainwashed me with propaganda on the way to Riverwood I believe.
  13. Wow, I am amazed, I never in my playthroughs noticed the stormcloaks were racist at all! I thought the stormcloaks were the usual liberators/the good guys and the Imperials were the stuck up tight butt bad guys. I mean, I passed the stormcloak storyline, how did I miss this important story? Is it in some book or journal? My whole Skyrim life has been a lie... eh whatever, I'm not exactly the 'hero', I mean, I assassinated the emperor and restored the thieves guild, and attempted to kill braith.
  14. Hey, it was free! I'd rather have it than not, if not for the clothes and weapons than for the cars.
  15. ==IDEA_== -Xbox 360 / Xbox ONE How about something a bit more involved; Whenever you're on GTAO and on a full server there is a small chance of a scripted event happening. There are many possibilities, maybe Trevor/Micheal's Weed dream is triggered and Killer Clowns and Aliens spawn until everyone gets a total of (lets say) 1000 kills. It could be unexplained or lester can send some cheesy message of how the factories had burned weed and the whole city was high, idk. Or maybe there's a sudden message from Lester (to everyone) saying someone has planted 8 bombs around the city and you only have 2 minutes to defuse them all. Should be easy considering you have 16 players. If time runs out everyone dies and respawns in their homes/garages/hospital. Or a big ? appears on everyones map and a special mission is triggered if everyone goes there, this might be hard to start considering how often people go AFK but thats why its speshul. There will be 8 special targets, each nicely guarded. Once you kill them all you need to find the Boss inside of a building(that you can enter) there will be no blip on the minimap so you have to you know, actually find him. He'll be going towards the basement/parkinglot where he has a high chance to get into a car and you have to chase him down to somewhere where you'll have the final stand, or he'll be going for the roof/helipad where he can get into a helicopter and you have to follow him to where you'll have the final stand. at the "final stand" there is tons of cover and many enemies littered about protecting the place this boss is hiding out. After you kill all the enemies and locate the boss everyone can vote whether to feed him to the sharks or drop him out of an airplane. This will of course have a hefty RP boost and lotsa $. ...Im getting way too into this... ==IDEA_== -Xbox 360 / Xbox ONE Going off of bdoug78's brilliant idea, how about going to jail when cops kill you and you have over 3 stars? A real jail where you'd supposedly serve your time, but of course you'd be able to sneak out, cause a riot, bribe a cop, kill your way out, get your creepy uncle lester to bail you out, steal police uniform, pay for someone to replace you, etc. Of course the Bail/Bribe would be much higher for 4 stars and 5 stars. This would be totally awesome and I'd like if they added this even in a miniscule way, even the RDR jail is better than no jail.