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  1. Still no email with a beta key. Suuuuuuuck. If anybody applied for a second or spare key hit me up Idd love to get on an kick ass with everybody. I played allot of PS2 on PC. Dose anything transfer over from your PC account? Because I have a Character in each class with allot of upgrades. I doubt it but it would be awesome if we could transfer characters
  2. Total Annihilation for the old school Supreme Commander for a older game but most polished with mods Planetary Annihilation if its on sale for cheep Love these games. A great trilogy of just mass an army and kill. No unit caps. keep building as long as your computer can handle it lol Rise of nations is my all time fav though. A combo of AOE, Generals, Empire, Civ. etc. build fast. expand empire. take out other empires. great units. end game can get insane. Everybody looses if you cause a nuclear apocalypse rendering the world uninhabitable lol
  3. PSN: lolokeys GTA:V Destiny Assassins Creed Black Flag WarThunder Watchdogs Might get a month of PSnow just to play twisted metal because I sold my ps3 before it came out ADD ME
  4. i got the game like a month ago. add me i want to make a character for each class so i can help level up with you if you want. PSN: lolokeys
  5. So I just picked up a PS4 for a bit over 200 bucks an picked up GTAV. Already beat GTAV on 360 just wanted to play it with the new FPS mode an such. I want to pick up another game or two can anybody give me suggestions? I here destiny is a grind fest. Already have Battlefield 4 on PC. Any killer apps? Thinking of Last of Us but cant find any other games that jump out at me yet.
  6. not true. everybody is entitled to an opinion but i love the gta games because for the most part almost all of them have great storys, interesting characters and they always push the compitition to work alittle harder to make there games better. I got in on 360 and played through the campaign twice and like three other times playing it wile trying new tactics an such. you dont see the game the way i see it an that sucks because you would enjoy it but im sure you got some games that tickle your fancy so keep playing them and enjoy.
  7. I watched every cut scene in Metal Gear Solid 4 I only enjoyed the first level of Half life 2 I was an early adopter for Infestation [WarZ] and played over 200 hours in pre alpha... you think that game is bad now Warcraft and Diablo are over rated I haven't pirated a game in over 5 years Every Mario on NES sucked and the N64 was garbage lol but i love at least 30% of the games mentioned by everybody but i dont need to defend them. we are all gamers and we can all have ones we love and hate.
  8. I want to play the crew, love far cry 1,2,3 & blood dragon (4 looks fun but more of an expansion like blood dragon as mentioned above), older assassins creeds, anno, the last driver game... an a bunch of games. but i cant stand all the huge publishers pushing all the DLC crap. Watchdogs, Farcry 4 and The Crew had trailers advertising DLC before the games came out... WTF Im not buying any Ubisoft tell they are dirt cheep or i get a gift of something. we pay for the games. if we dont buy them then hopefully they get the picture like microsoft did the the xbox one and stop pissing on the loyal fans. so yes im down with boycotting Ubisoft, destany, forza, call of duty, battlefield... list goes on... I dont want to support this abuse of customers. Rockstar Fk'd up with the GTAV online so they release small free content every month it seems, still free guns, cars, missions, etc... but they have 2 (i think) story full fledged expansions that will cost like $15 each. Dice used to give you free map packs then they released the vietnam expansion for pretty cheep that was a full new games pretty much.. and it was cheep. ugh i need to stop ranting. <3 Support the companys you enjoy lol
  9. I only have the sim bin classic fia racing games, grid autosport and wreckfest on steam i wish Driver San Francisco would go on sale. that game is allot of fun with the multiplayer. have the ADK crew take over the online team demolition derby on wreckfest!!!
  10. Supreme Commander, Rise of Nations & Command & Conquer are my top 3 RTS of all time. Add me an ill play sometime
  11. @thorwang try Race 07+ expansions. you can get all of them dirt cheep and they are great simulation GT racing games i need to find people to play some racing with on steam soon
  12. agree'd but i dont know how many racing fans we have
  13. I have 6 TF2 keys, cards, and steam gifts for X-3 Terran & Guns of Icarus if anybodys interested. make offers i have an extensive list of games im looking for lol also have a battlefield 3 account i think
  14. I'm a huge fan of motor sport both IRL and simulated. I've tried autocross and hope to get back into it because their are not any tracks on Oahu. Anybody Play Wreckfest? a cross between Test drive Eve of Destruction and Flatout. Great demolition derby / late model car beat em up racer with impressive soft body damage system in steam greenlight. I love Test drive Unlimited "racing around on the same island where i live but with hardly any traffic is amazing. I love Grid, GTR & all SimBin older Need for Speed... blah blah blah. Just wanted to see if I can get the ARMY to join me on some online racing. Do a hostile takeover on the demolition derber servers of Wreckfest! Any games I should get? Anybody want to add me an race sometime? Feel free to discuss
  15. try rise of nations. get it on sale or on the trade forums for like 5 bucks. its a classic but one of the best RTS's of all time. its up there with WC3, AOE, CIV and total annihilation