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  1. What was the first game console you got for me it was the Nintendo 64
  2. This form is to talk about a fighintg game called Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle For those who do not know about the game, a Japanese fighting game that is based of the manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Here is a link to show you what it look like. Although its still in Japan rumor has it that it will be released in the states in 2014
  3. Im having some trouble with Uplay latley every time I try and open it, it crashes imedatly and I can play any Ubisoft game because of it. Can any give me suggestion on how to fix this
  4. Does any1 still play Super Monday Night Combat
  5. What is the worst game that you have evered played in your life For me its Fable III
  6. Is anyone gonna get the game South Park:Stick of Truths when it (ever) comes out
  7. What is your weapon of choice in FPS games
  8. What is best RPG game setting Sci-fi or fantasy
  9. Ignore this post I put it in the wrong section by mistake to see the post go here http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/5551-jojos-bizarre-adventure-all-star-battle/
  10. What Specimen do you hate the most in the game Killing Floor and why For me its the crawlers because they fast and sometimes hard to aim at if your trying to get a headshot
  11. Which is a better gamming platform Steam or Origin For me its Steam, cause they always put any games on sale at anytime