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  1. gotta say i checked it out the number of skills you can get is awesome when it comes out will make sure to back it
  2. I found HR to be fun and i liked the back story for the MC Adam i can only hope we can see more of him in future games the only problem i found with HR was once you finished everything there was no way to go back to a certain place for example chinatown
  3. its cool mate but its funny cause if this was the reverse Microsoft would be all out jerking themselves not to mention all this time Microsofts been telling everyone the PS4 isn't that more powerful then the xbox one so much PR Bullshit down the drain
  4. The Xbox one is now the Xbox720 cuase its been stated by Microsoft that it will run 720p native while the PS4 is 1080p native any thoughts on this also http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-06-its-less-to-do-with-the-specs-and-more-to-do-with-what-you-do-with-those-specs Can't believe they used this as their excuse "smh"