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    Buenos Aires
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    River Plate fan and supporter of Manchester United. Study Public Accounting (UBA). Guesser great. People do not change. Two decades.
  1. PS4! PSN id: qwerty-1610 Playing: Destiny, PvZ, The Last of Us, FIFA 15, GTA V, Bloodborne Future: -- Don't send blank invitations please I'll keep updating my post.
  2. Have PSN Plus My id is: qwerty-1610
  3. hahahaha you are the best Joe!
  4. The Last of Us.
  5. I care about trophies but it depends on the game really.
  6. The worst game was Need for Speed The Run, incredible short story, very liniar, without free roam and the onlne was broken! The best game was Heavy Rain, it was an amazing story, very emotional, you have to make crucial decision all along the game that decided the fate of your son, etc.
  7. 1) Charizard 2) Blastoise 3) Mewtwo 4) Typhlosion 5) Walrein
  8. Welcome!
  9. I have CTR for PS3 and it would be cool if they can make some kind of remake with actual graphics.
  10. Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII are the best.
  11. I remember it but didn't have a PS3 in that time so it didn't affect me luckly.
  12. Me! Still have it connected to my LCD. Sometimes I play to remember old times. Also I have a good time with it.
  13. I'm going to wait a couple of years to buy my PS4. Every new system have problems so I will wait a little.
  14. Have The Last of Us if you want to play online add me as a friend. My PSN ID is qwerty-1610.
  15. I wait 6 FUC**** YEARS FOR THIS GAME. Yes I'm excited.