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  1. First of all I must say the the title of this topic is not entirely correct. I sorted these leaders by date of death, NOT date of birth. Why? Because dates of birth are harder to find than dates of death. When I make a single player game I like to match my leader with other historic leaders that lived in the same time frame or just as close as possible. 1213 B.C. - Ramesses II/Egyptian814 B.C. - Dido/Carthaginian*627 B.C. - Ashurbanipal/Assyrian562 B.C. - Nebuchadnezzar II/Babylonian486 B.C. - Darius I/Persian323 B.C. - Alexander/Greek14 A.D. - Augustus Ceasar/Roman61 A.D. - Boudicca/Celtic453 A.D. - Atilla/Hunnic548 A.D. - Theodora/Byzantine683 A.D. - Pacal/Mayan705 A.D. - Wu Zetian/Chinese809 A.D. - Harun al-Rashid/Arabian986 A.D. - Harald Bluetooth/Danish1205 A.D. - Enrico Dandolo/Venetian1227 A.D. - Genghis Khan/Mongolian1298 A.D. - Ramkhamhaeng/Siamese1364 A.D. - Gajah Mada/Indonesian1370 A.D. - Casimir III/Polish1450 A.D. - Sejong/Korean1451 A.D. - Hiawatha/Iroquois*1469 A.D. - Montezuma I/Aztec1471 A.D. - Pachacuti/Incan1504 A.D. - Isabella/Spanish1538 A.D. - Askia/Songhai1566 A.D. - Suleiman I/Ottoman1582 A.D. - Oda Nobunaga/Japanese1584 A.D. - William I/Dutch1603 A.D. - Elizabeth I/English1603 A.D. - Ahmad al-Mansur/Moroccan1632 A.D. - Gustavus Adolphus/Swedish1780 A.D. - Maria Theresa/Austrian1796 A.D. - Catherine/Russian1799 A.D. - Washington/American1816 A.D. - Maria I/Portuguese1819 A.D. - Kamehameha/Polynesian1821 A.D. - Napoleon/French1828 A.D. - Shaka/Zulu1884 A.D. - Pocatello/Shoshone1891 A.D. - Pedro II/Brazilian1898 A.D. - Bismarck/German1948 A.D. - Gandhi/Indian1975 A.D. - Haile Selassie/Ethiopian - Most of these dates are from the Civ wiki page and i did not bother to double check everything (sorry).- No birth or death dates are known for both Dido of Carthage and Hiawatha of the Iroquois, the dates I used are just estimates (by historians not by me ) Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on any dates and i'll update them asap.
  2. I actually started playing it again recently, i'm playing as Spain atm. I always use the ultimate AI mod and played the third age mod quite a bit. I tried out the westeros mod but didn't really love it.
  3. Medieval 2 with ultimate AI mod (the AI in this game isn't very smart, even on very hard) or one of the other amazing mods created for this game. Shogun 2 is an incredible game and the unique mechanics are great, but nothing beast the hundreds of hours I've spent playing Medieval 2 and its mods.
  4. I bought Civ 5 last week and i'm having a blast with it. I remember playing Civ 1 on my dad's atari ST on a floppy disk when was little, I rarely pre-order games but when i'm this exited for a game I sometimes can't contain myself. I haven't pre-ordered yet but i think i'll cave within a month. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (or a game by its graphics) but i like how neat and tidy everything looks. I find myself reluctant to build farms in Civ 5 just because i don't like how they look
  5. Welcome to the army fellow recruit, and a fantastic weekend to you too.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm recruit Kromdar from the Netherlands, 20 years old, a psychology student and actually hard to anger. My first gaming experience was Disney's animated storybook: 'Winnie the Pooh and the honey tree' when i was 3 years old. My most recent addition to my game collection is Civ 5. I've never been part of an active gaming community before. I own over a 100 video games and hope to find new friends to play them with (namely the tagged games, but feel free to ask me if a own a certain game/ want to play it with you). I'm an experienced gamer yet not very skilled one. Something i'm proud of: Being a psychology student. Something i'm less proud of: Never having taken my girlfriend of 3 years on a vacation.