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  1. I wasn't a fan of the campaign. Not enough blue team missions. Halsey and Cortana do a complete 180 in character from the previous game. Apparently there was a comic to explain the events between Halo 4 and 5 but 343 didn't feel the need to include a cutscene to sum up those particular plot points. I care for Buck. I care very little for the rest of his team. AI's all being influenced/going rogue.... Alright skynet. Entire game felt more of a build up to Halo 6 then it felt having its own story within the game. Also someone needs to yell at the marketing team for every single CGI/Live action trailer. Those do not resemble the final game at all. Also go play ODST!! I actually like it but that is a sin for a great majority of halo followers
  2. NC-17 then no one that actually cares about it can see it. Then it will disappear from existence which is what any sane person would want.
  3. No dino love on console Hopefully this does spur on a dino crisis remake/reboot
  4. Either.. 1. State of Decay with coop or 2. A tactical shooter with a full coop campaign, character customization, gunsmith, some form of terrorist hunt variant for more coop action, and actual dedicated servers for multiplayer. (How is that rainbow six siege looking again?) 3. Some other of my game ideas but half of them I haven't even written down
  5. Solaire is my sun bro for life. Dark Souls 2... Probably Benhart because he has one of the coolest looking swords
  6. I think him and delrith pretty much wiped their hands clean of the series. They haven't touched the game or even tried the Dark Below so its a pretty safe bet to say they aren't going to touch this one. Bungie is learning though, with their updates and everything it seems they are listening. If the game just wasn't shown and hyped up to what it could have been then it would have saved some face day 1.
  7. Or they could be the final straw... Oh god please don't mess up atleast 2/3 of those games. Also I work at a theater so I'm not at all excited about some of the new movies coming out lol...... *Looks at avengers release date and grabs whiskey* :'(
  8. It's not your fault. 2014 has had a lot of people loose trust in the gaming industry. The start of this year has been 50/50 or atleast so and so. So far. I'm 20 something (vagueness right ) and I have a very cynical view on everything I see. 3-4 years back is when every E3 I see, including this upcoming one, I have a cup of salt ready. It's not your fault or mine. The industry is bringing it on themselves. Honestly it might be a bit of a good thing because you may overhype a game for yourself and it will fall flat for your expectations and ruin the experience a little bit.
  9. Ah the good old "look at all these pretty graphics and cool things going in a trailer but none of it is gameplay". Judgment shall be made when the game actually shows itself. More people are growing more sensible (more not all unfortunately..) and are not being fooled by pre rendered shenanigans anymore.
  10. Its literally a coin toss between the two. Fight could end either way very easily. All depends on who probably makes the first fatal mistake
  11. I kinda want to see what they do with campaign (story and gameplay wise) since trayarch is the only one to make strides in that section. Multiplayer... well we know what that'll be. My friend really wanted WaW2 but I told him it was a 3 year cycle and this was pretty much already practically done when the websites were finally talking about gamers wanting WW2 again
  12. battlefront I am not sure on and will probably pass up. R6 Siege I have voiced plenty of times I am skeptical about (even though I want a new R6 to play). Particularly that we still have zero information on coop and story and my own personal standards I am going to hold it too which may lead to me being even more disappointed in it. Of course it could turn out awesome for all anyone knows but Ubisoft isn't in a position to be winning things by name only anymore.
  13. Unfortunately I am not. The wallet says no and this sunbro has gone through the torture once before. Not sure if I could do it again. Luckily I also got my game time in before they nerfed my precious sunbro lightning a whiiiiiillllllllle back.
  14. Doesn't matter how they are gonna pull it off. Or actually I could already tell. Its going to be found footage horror movie which can be pulled off very easily consider most of the game is staring at camera screens. So it will be cheap as hell to make with a huge profit margin and because it will be pg13 and every teenager will go see it because its five nights at Freddy's. The story doesn't actually need to be there, there's barely a story in the game so they have complete freedom to do what they want. As much as I don't want anymore of these kind of "horror" films. For what I stated I am surprised Hollywood didn't try to do one right after the first one. I think chris stuckman (may have misspelled his last name) He does a bit on the "problem with horror movies" and he runs down the numbers of most of the found footage genre and the money they get back is just astronomical for what I consider to be bad/lame/dumb films
  15. I was excited but now just straight skeptical. Reasons, heavy focus on the multiplayer aspect (which actually looks fun) and we have no information on the single player and coop sections which are what people are really going to play the crap out of. The multiplayer also shows that you pick people to play as which makes me concerned about the customization in game or rather the lack of customization. If it's only in multiplayer than ok, as long as I get to customize the fuck out of my character for single player/coop. In short the huge emphasis on the multiplayer makes me think that ubisoft thinks that is what will win people over and keep them playing as opposed to what people still play over at vegas 1 and 2 till this day. Also with lack of information I fear many steps back are going to take place from previous titles in certain aspects.