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Everything posted by FirelanderX

  1. http://store.steampowered.com/app/259800/ Article: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-01-why-total-war-rome-2-blood-and-gore-is-dlc You have to pay $3 dollars to add blood to your game. What a ripoff! I honestly don't know why on earth Sega thought this was a good idea.
  2. Let's see what you chose for your desktop background. The reason I chose this image was because I loved Bastion, so I can't wait for the next game form Supergiantgames.
  3. Chua Esper Scientist I tend to play the oddball races in MMOs, and the Chua seem to be the most interesting race personality-wise. Esper because healer/dps classes are the ones I tend to gravitate towards (also Psi-Blade looks awesome). Scientist path because I love puzzles and lore.
  4. I would love to play Counter Strike Global Offensive again. It's so much fun and rewarding, and I can see the angry army playing it both competitively and casually.
  5. Any of the major choices in The Walking Dead.
  6. There comes a time where a game you love does not get the recognition it deserves. One of the games I felt like needed more attention was Lost Odyssey for the 360. This was the first JRPG that I have played through twice, and I enjoyed even more on my second playthrough. The game also had an amazing soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu. What are some games you enjoyed that you feel did not get the love it deserves?
  7. The extended cut fixed some of the issues I had with the ending, but I can not muster the strength for a second playthrough. I have gotten all the achievements and DLC for the first two games, but I have lost all interest in playing Mass Effect 3.
  8. Battlefield 4 is really good, but only if you plan on playing multiplayer. Origins is alright, you may want to wait on a sale for that one.
  9. Total Biscuit
  10. Lee Everett http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120405053509/walkingdead/images/7/7f/Lee_Everett1.jpg If you played The Walking Dead, you should know why. Probably the best black protagonist in the history of video games.
  11. In a fight, Superman would most definitely win. But I have to go with Batman, simply because he is more relatable.
  12. Beyond Good and Evil has a really fantastic soundtrack: And who can forgot Donkey Kong Country? Edit: Say what you want about the game, but I feel like this piece needs some recognition:
  13. I totally agree. Such a massive improvement over the first game. My second choice would have to be System Shock 2, such a masterpiece of a game.
  14. Toxic behavior is the reason why I stay away from MOBA-style games. If you screw up once, your team falls apart and everyone gets pissed off. I know there are some devs trying to improve behavior, but it is nearly impossible to change people.
  15. I bought all Season 1 episodes the day they were released. The Walking Dead was my personal GOTY last year, and I am absolutely stoked for Season 2. I am hoping it surpasses the hype.
  16. Halo 3 for me. My friends and I use to play that game religiously, whether it be forge, multiplayer, or campaign.
  17. This is all we have so far: http://kotaku.com/our-first-teasing-glimpses-of-the-next-mass-effect-1460435623
  18. I am going to go with [AJSA]. More games support the brackets, and the tag itself is simple but effective.
  19. I usually only buy DLC if it is for a game I absolutely loved. For example, games like Enslaved, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Borderlands 2. In the case of Borderlands 2, I have to say the season pass was well worth it for Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep alone.
  20. Telltale's Games The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us has solidified my opinion that video games are the best way to tell personal stories. The amount of investment you have in the characters is more enhanced than in any other format.
  21. 1. I treat female gamers as just regular gamers. I honestly do not make a big deal whether they are female, and I usually talk about the game or whatever topic is curenntly going on. 2. I have played UNO with a female friend before. If anyone has played UNO back in the day, you know people just love to show their "stuff" while on camera. Needless to say, I saw a lot of male genitalia while playing with her... 3. I have a couple of female friends on my friends list. We mostly play GTA V or whatever game is hot at the moment.
  22. I am to poor to get BF 4 at the moment. I would totally be down with a BF 3 server.
  23. Just a heads up, this game will make you rage hardcore. Though the satisfaction you get from completing a level is well worth the pain. My pick for a game is Hotline Miami. It is a top-down action game where you viciously murder rooms of goons using a variety of weapons. The soundtrack is exhilarating, and the story is interesting. I really don't want to spoil more, just try it out if you have not played it yet!
  24. Halo 4, In my opinion, was a massive letdown compared to the previous installments to the franchise. The campaign clocked in around 6-7 hours, on Legendary, and the final boss boiled down to a QTE. The whole time I played the game, I felt like something was off gameplay-wise. The multiplayer was not as fun as Halo 3, and I was not a fan of the CoD style loadouts and killstreaks. I am not saying Halo 4 is a bad game, but I fell like the game lacks the elements that made the previous games so much fun. I will still probably get the next Halo, as I loved Halo 1-3, but I am concerned for the future of the franchise.
  25. I actually play on both equally. Usually depends on what game is out, or if a game I really want to play is on sale. When it comes to shooters, I play the PC version if I can. But for games like Castlevania Lords of Shadow, I prefer to use a controller. It is also dependent on what my friends are playing on.