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  1. Vote with your wallet. But I'm still getting phantom pain, Hideo Kojima would want us to play his last Metal Gear game. After that never purchase anything from Konami ever again. I wished i could get back all the hours i put in Destiny.
  2. I love street fighter. I'm really looking forward to SF5.
  3. There are 2 methods, watch a boss strategy video or have a friend join your game to participate in the boss fight and learn from the other player. If you need help i don't mind lending a hand. Just look to the left for my PSN name.
  4. Definitely getting Shadow Warrior 2. I loved the last game.
  5. I'm aware Koji Igarashi's upcoming game bloodstained a spiritual successer to castlevania. I look forward to playing it. I wonder if Hideo Kojima will follow in this this trend that seems be going on in the industry right now, we'll see. But were does that leave Silent Hill?
  6. KONAMI has released a statement that the company is pursuing to only release all future games on mobile. This means if gamers now wish to play any future Silent Hill, MGS and Castlevania you have to play it on your Iphone or an Android device. It saddens me to say this is the future of KONAMI. The last KONAMI game to be released on consoles is MGS Phantom pain and the last game i'll buy from that company. RIP KONAMI for you are dead to me. Please share your most happy memory playing your favorite KONAMI game.
  7. CD projekt is one of my favorite video game developers. Thay are really passionate about their games. You can tell when you play any of the games in the witcher series. I look forward to all their future endeavors.
  8. Fallout 4 and Doom will most likely be presented at the E3 Bethesda press conference. There's maybe a chance that Skyrim remastered will be announced. I can only hope.
  9. I would like to add that the button to switch to two handing a weapon has been moved to L1. Most are familiar with that button being triangle for the Souls series. The triangle button is dedicated to healing in Bloodborne. You don't want to waste blood vials....you really don't want to waste them. just something to note. Happy hunting.
  10. I have one friend that's getting Bloodborne and i would love to have some AJSA members to join me in jolly cooperation. Just add me on PSN and we'll hunt together in the night.
  11. I use my PS4's browser and yes the Sony operater told me to go to a public library and this is not the first time they told me to do this. Regardless i still can't play Resident evil revelations 2 after paying $25.00, it's shame. I was looking forward to playing it.
  12. The issue isn't that it didn't pre-download it's that i'm not able to download it from my game library. It's there but it won't download, i can't manually download the game, it gives me a error every time i try. So i called Sony about the issue they said alot of people are having the same problem. I was told to go to PlayStation store on a PC or a smart phone wich i don't have then to sign in and download my game library but i couldn't so they told me to use my local public library's computer. I live 20 miles from my library and i have no car. I will do almost anything for my love of video games but i will not walk that far. So i wait, that's all can do.
  13. Everybody can't afford a PC and a smart phone. This is a Capcom issue that they need to fix. Sure i could go to a library but i don't have enough time. This is not fair to the consumer, they should be held accountable and should not get a pass.
  14. Capcom screwed me and screwed you two if you pre-ordered resident evil revelations 2. Capcom should have known how to execute a digital pre-order by now. How many of Capcom's fans got smacked in the face for pre-ordering resident evil revelations 2? Too many! Now you have to jump through hoops to download it. Well i say no, i won't. I'll wait for Capcom to fix and so help me they will fix it even if they have to drive to every customer's home with a USB with an update and stick in their PS4.They will fix it! Please share your opinion on the topic.
  15. It's way to early to make any predictions. We have to wait and see were this all goes.