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  1. Wait dogmeat can do that that's kinda stupid. I never ended up using him so I never tried it.
  2. Hey guys so i know how to do this pretty easily. and its a non cheating way to get open master locks with ease. (I'm just trying to get off the ground but more importantly help out anyone who really wants to try this gun) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErnOutBd-QM&feature=youtu.be ​
  3. i would like to help i made a few videos but it was a long time ago i could make way better ones now. i also would love to do voice overs as voice acting is really fun for me and i would just like to help out. ( WARNING old video it has profanity) (i also didn't do any voice work in this) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65mR39EQrPU
  4. i mean its not like it was making money off of it or anything. it probably cost them way more money to make a big deal over it than to just let it be.
  5. Warning high use of profanity!! A few of my friends got on battlefield with me and we decided to just mess around and I made it a video . http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3rZTdxU1gx8
  6. that's also the best/ most appropriate pic I've seen this year
  7. no unity is free unless your game makes over 10,000 dollars which i do not believe my app will make and if it does then im more than happy to pay haha
  8. uh i think we passed that point
  9. you've got a good point
  10. that would be really cool looks like an awesome game
  11. i have none im learning all it now. i was primarily going to do games for the phone so i downloaded the unity engine. for this and a few other apps like this i was going to have to learn it from scratch. i figured if it took a year it wasn't so bad because im doing it for free. as long as its not broke and they don't mind it taking so long. (if their are any training videos or anything you know of that could help me out i would really appreciate it)
  12. See I'm not sure what wp 8.1 is yet (very new to this). But I could use any help I could get if they let me do it. Also I'm very new to programming as well so any help would be really amazing. I'll keep you posted on whether this idea gets green lit or not humorousone
  13. right now im really hoping the ajsa lets me do a forum app for them for free of course. but after that my focus would be games.
  14. that is a really good idea. and i cant think of a better way to show my love for this community. ill message a council member and see if i can get this rolling.
  15. Hey guys I've been thinking for a while now about making an app for android. like one of those addicting ones you play on your free time. i was just wondering if you guys had any ideas id love to hear them. Or if you have advise for me id love to hear it too. As for a studio name i was thinking something along the lines of Time Runner Studio. (just please keep in mind this will be my first project and i am very new to this)